The Moon Tarot: Saved By A Star

shutterstock_33877561While the Moon Tarot is not what I could call a disaster, it’s also not likely to be a card you eagerly anticipate receiving. But such are the risks of Tarot readings. The Moon card is incredibly interesting, regardless of its darker readings. And while it may not have the most favorable implications, it can still serve a worthy purpose, if only to help someone see the truth. Below is a more in-depth look at the Moon card itself, as well as what it means in the different spread positions and how it interacts with other cards. You can learn the core meanings of Tarot cards with this explicit Tarot course that uses storytelling to foster explanation.

The Moon Tarot

The Moon card is beautiful to look at and, like its implications, quite mysterious. First and foremost we notice the moon itself. It is not far above the horizon and is usually depicted as a full circle with a crescent shaped face in profile. This is the face of the moon and it shows a look of deep contemplation, bordering on pain. Its head is bowed towards the Earth.

  • Dog And Wolf

Directly below the moon is a winding dirt path that fades into hills in the distance. Combined with the dull light of the moon, this is meant to infer that our path is not clear and that uncertainty awaits. In the middle of the bottom of the card is a dog and wolf; the dog on the left side of the path, the wolf on the right. These represent the tame and wild parts of our mind.

  • Lobster/Crawfish

In the absolute forefront of the card is a pool of water with a lobster or crawfish crawling out of it. The pool of water is where the path begins. Typically, the lobster is half in the water, half out of it. As the pool of water is meant to indicate our developing consciousness, the lobster is mean to represent the sometimes weird, ugly thoughts that come from within us, as well as the very beginnings of certain streams of consciousness.

  • The Two Towers

On either side of the card, approximately in the middle, is a tower. The path leads between these towers, which are at the foot of the mountains in the distance. These are watchtowers which stand guard and provide direction for pathways into the sub- or unconsciousness.

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Shadows Of The Moon

  • Dim Light

The moon, which reflects the light of the sun, is a shadow symbol. The shadow is what dwells within us, which we either conceal or reveal in our consciousness. The presence of the Moon card means that your attention must be drawn to your shadow.

  • Self-Effacing

Many times, the Moon card indicates that we have been suppressing our shadow, which is not a good thing. This suppression makes the shadow darker and stronger. It can feed our fear and anxiety; it can turn our deep thoughts against us; it can use past experiences to ruin the future.

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  • Search And Destroy

The drawing of the Moon card means you must act not to avoid further damage. You must identify your fears and anxieties. You must address them. You may not even know what they are, but by entering a kind of inner-eye process, you will be able to draw them into the open.

  • Tread Carefully

Unfortunately, the Moon card is a symbol of illusion, making it difficult to successfully maneuver. You must tread carefully when examining your subconsciousness, as things may not be as you have assumed. You might be lying to yourself about how good or bad things are, or you may be basing your beliefs on misconceptions. When the Moon card presents itself, be wary of anything that is not verifiable.

The Three Positions

There are three positions any Tarot card can fill: the past, present or future:

  • The Past

The past is the best place for the Moon card to appear. It means that there is a high possibility that you recently endured a troubling shadow or illusion that may have caused your current unhappiness. The Moon may have even been what helped you recover, if you finally made a cohesive realization about your past and are now able to look back upon it as a learning experience.

  • The Present

The Moon in the present position is a cause for concern. Likely you are in the midst of your confusion or illusions. You may be losing your strength or stead-fast anchors as we speak. Risks will present themselves, as will dangerous ways to alleviate your pain. While a difficult time in your life, is it also one where you can rise to the occasion by forging your own way in the world.

  • The Future

Needless to say, the Moon is the future position is undesirable, to say the least. It essentially means you are going to have to experience what I mentioned in the past and present; all of that is head of you. But like I said in the present, it could mean a time of personal revelation is close at hand, difficult as it may be to realize. Achieve an advantage on the future with this slick course on professional mind reading.

With Other Cards

The cards you most want to see accompany the Moon are the Star card, the Sun card, and, obviously, the Strength card. Any of these cards indicate that you will succeed in shedding light on your shadow. The Wheel of Fortune is another good card to have, which signifies that your confusion is necessary for imminent enlightenment.

On the other hand, you do not want to be dealt the Magician or Devil, which mean your life is at the will of other people; naturally, these “other people” tend to be terrible influences.

The Hermit card is also a bad omen, indicating that you are isolating yourself and depriving yourself from the people and things you love. While you can’t read your own cards, you can start bringing yourself out of the gloom by helping others with this course on how to become a professional Tarot reader from scratch.