modern logosIn the 21st century, it is not hard to be modern.  We have the most innovative, up to date, and instant tools at our finger tips, and our technology is better than ever.  That is why when it comes to logos, companies and businesses want to incorporate the best and most streamlined images and words to tell a story about their brand, product, or company.  To achieve this, they need to create modern logos.

If you are looking for ways or ideas as to how to create a modern logo for your company, let’s go over some popular logo trends of 2014 for some modern logo inspiration.

Modern Logo Trends for 2014

Here are some design trend reports to note in 2014.

Modern Logo Trend Report

Let’s take a look at the 2014 logo trend report from that surveyed about 212,000 logos from their website that were submitted from logo designers from all across the world.  After carefully studying the submissions, here are some things that they found prevalent amount today’s modern logos.

Mono Crest:  A mono crest uses a mono-weight line to create a crest or series of combination makes using typography and illustration.  Three types of mono strains were popular, including the mono script, mono icons, and mono crest. This single line is a popular icon for designers and simple when it comes to illustration work.  Because the lines are so simple and defined, a mono crest can represent a type of stripping away of heaviness or excesses to reveal an inner structure.

Letter Stacks:  Instead of using hyphens, commas, or a horizontal type of structure for their logos, designers are resorting to stacking.  Letter stacks is a good way to break up words between consonants and keep the public reading.  It is a compact solution that really stands out, whether it is on an ad or a t-shirt.  Although the font is important, the arrangement is typically what designers are most concerned about.  The upper case letters should be arranged like building blocks and they are generally all in upper case.

Hand Type:  Hand type logos are ones that are “hand drawn”.  These have become popular in the illustration word and moved on to popularity when it comes to logos.  Instead of using digital fonts that people are getting tired of, designers are turning to more handcrafted messages to make their logos appear more personalized and direct with consumers.

Flat Facets:  Instead of 3D facets, flat facets have made an appearance in this year’s logo trend.  Some types of facets have included: facet fields, crystals, type facets, and flat facets.  When they first appeared, facets were an attempt to create 3D objects with intersecting planes.  With flat facets, the same idea is implied, except that the design is dimensionally flat.

Trans Menagerie:  Trans Menagerie is the idea to create beast or animal logo design by using transparent layers.  This requires a handful of different geometric shapes that come out looking clean and simplistic.  The layers all appear very clear and detailed, and a lot of the “modern” appeals to these designs rely on the overlapping color.

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Waves:  If you use the internet, there is a good chance that you use Wi-Fi.  Because of this, waves are a big trend in the technology world and have been trademarked already by many popular logos.  Designers and illustrators know that when consumers see these wave lines, they can –rest assured- be aware that they can connect and power up.  Thus, it has become a symbol for connectivity and interaction.

Pompoms:  Not to be confused with other types of cheer-leading pompoms, pompoms are part of the logo design trend as to imply a common intersection or reaching a certain pivotal point.  Pompom logos must follow some rules, however, such as: being highly organized, incorporating transparent segments, and incorporating specific colors (for instance, rainbow).  Pompoms can be applied to both 2D and 3D logos.

Weaving:  Weaving or knit logos are a way to overlap or intersect sequences to imply strength and community.  Knits are very intricate as well, and weaving demonstrates intricacies of a brand or company that might not be apparent on the surface to customers.

Dual Impact:  By contrasting or intersecting two different colors or shapes against each other, you can look to create an effect that is successful in grabbing and keeping people’s attention.

Negative Space:  Because a logo design space is small and limited, negative space might seem like an unpopular option.  However, by taking out the white space inside of a black shape, for instance, you can make a very heavy and complex logo look more simple and elegant.

Tips for Modern Logo Design

Now that you are aware of the logo trends out on the market today, let’s go over five helpful tips that you need to keep in mind when designing a modern logo.

  1. Make sure that your logo can be used over a variety of different media outlets.  For instance, your logo should be easily view-able over: print, in a high-resolution, on a website, on a banner, on business cards, and even on T-shirts.
  2. Your modern logo should be easy to understand for everyone, and therefore, be memorable.  Recognizable logos are simple and have mnemonic value.
  3. You logo should be able to answer the questions of “why”, “who”, and “what”.  Consumers are going to want to know the answers to these questions, and not necessarily what a company does, but what it can do for them.
  4. A good modern logo should easily be displayed in black and white.  By knowing this before you begin your design process, you will have a better chance of creating a design that is simple and innovative at the same time.
  5. Your logo should be impressive and be able to seduce your target audience by ensuring that you can provide them with trust and power in your brand or product.

Create a Modern and Trendy Logo

The goal of a logo is to make people want to know more about a company’s product or brand by immediately connecting them with the product’s vision.  To get started with designing your own modern logo, enroll in this beginner’s logo design course taught by an experienced graphic designer in the illustration field.

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