mis report formatsIf you work in Management Information Systems, you’re well aware of the fact that you are responsible for managing the flow of information through a company or organization. Various companies and organizations require different things from their Management Information Systems team. Review the importance of information technology by reading this article.

The City of Hesperia required their Management Information Systems team to create passwords, security badges, email accounts, and much more for any and all employees. However, reports for Management Information Systems will vary depending on the company or organization that you work for. If you need formats for your MIS reports, consider a few of the formats below. Learn the connection between business and MIS with an online class.

Record Personal Data of Employees

Although Human Resources will likely use this information more than MIS does, you might just end up being the one to create the forms that Human Resources will use. A form like this usually details the basic information of the employee including his or her name, employee code, department, address, personal email address, date of employment, and much of the information from their resume or application.

Information like this is also important for MIS. As said before, the City of Hesperia’s MIS department is responsible for creating all of the login information as well as security badges for employees. To do that, you will need information about the employee, and that will be kept on a personal data form. Depending on your organization, there may even be a section listing employee login information. An example of this form is below. Learn how to manage project information and communications with an online course.

Personal Data Form

As you can see, a form like this would include information that would be included in the resume as well as some of the information included on an application. This particular form has an area for including work contact details allowing the MIS department to know who has what emails or phone numbers.

Again, the form you need to create will depend on your organization. This particular form was created using Microsoft Excel 2010 and can be accessed here. Please note that you will need Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher or Google Drive to access this document. Learn Microsoft Excel easily using an online class.

Record the Daily Attendance of Employees

This particular type of form can be important for all departments of an organization. It details the number of employees present and absent as well as special cases for employee absences. There are also separate sections for listing the names of employees that are absent or falling under a special case. An example of this form is below. Learn the essentials of Excel 2010 to create your own MIS report formats with an online course.

Daily Attendance Report

You can also include an area for comments from the manager and Human Resources department. Use of Microsoft Office 365 would allow you to share these documents to give access to anyone that needs them. The ability to collaborate would also allow you and anyone else viewing the document to see changes made in real time. You can access a copy of this form here. You will need Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher or Google Drive.

Record a Candidate’s Interview Answers

As you likely remember from your own interview, an interviewer is likely going to take notes on a candidate’s answers. A form like the one below can make it easier for the interviewer to take notes, and it can easily be filed with Human Resources to create a file of likely candidates. There’s even a section listing the company’s basic requirements for the position so only one form needs to be viewed. Interview Checklist

A copy of this form can be accessed here. Like the other two, you will need Excel 2010 or higher or Google Drive.

Creating a Record for Security Staff

Records for security staff can be used for a variety of things. They can record items received or sent by the company, or they can record unauthorized access to employee computers. It all depends on your company and what is needed. Here’s an example of a security log for items sent and received.

Security Log

You will need Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher or Google Drive to access a copy of this form here.

Recording Visitors to the Company

Most companies or organizations will have visitors. These visitors can be family members dropping off lunch for employees, or they can be possible clients. Whatever the visitors you have stopping by, you might very well want to keep a log of who comes and when. This particular log pictured below lists the date, name of visitor, the time they spent, who they were coming to see, and their signature. There’s also a place for the security manager’s signature at the bottom of the page.

Visitor Log

You’re going to need Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher or Google Drive to access a copy of this form that you can find here.

Final Tips on MIS Reports

The format of your reports will depend on your company or organization. What reports you use will also depend on the company or organization. If you plan to use digital copies of these reports, consider a program that allows you to collaborate with others like Office 365 from Microsoft or Google Drive. Both programs allow changes to be seen in real time. Keep in mind that Google Drive does not have the same editing options that Office 365 does. If you need training on Google Drive, consider an online course. You can also take an online class in Office 365.

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