Mexican Spaghetti – A Hot and Spicey Dish for Every Occassion

shutterstock_176994950The Italians have some real competition in the kitchen. When it comes to pasta, the Mexicans have proven that they have more Latin passion. Mexican spaghetti looks like the Italian dish but with a hot twist. How hot? That depends on the recipe you choose. A sprinkle of Chile pepper or a touch of tabasco sauce will add some spice to your spaghetti. A good helping of Chile peppers and you will have a dish that is hot, hot, hot!

When cooking Mexican food, you want to use authentic Mexican ingredients for the best results but also consider what fresh local produce is available. The healthiest approach is to cook simply in season. Fresh local chile peppers will provide a tastier sauce than imported vegetables. Although if you have a taste for superhot chile peppers, you may have to go with an imported Mexican variety.

Mexican Spaghetti Recipe

Mexican spaghetti is like pizza. There are many, many varieties to choose from. Let’s start off with a basic spaghetti recipe, and then we will give you a taste of some delicious Mexican spaghetti dishes.

You can start out with your favorite Italian cooking sauce, and then spice it up with some Mexicana ingredients. Cooking in Italian will provide you with some savory tomato sauce recipes. You will have to pick and choose your spices, though. Not all Italian spices go well with chile peppers.

Mexican spaghetti is served up in many forms. The two most common styles are traditional pasta and sauce and a casserole. Other popular versions are Mexican spaghetti served in spaghetti squash or a taco.

This article provides ideas for many styles of Mexican spaghetti. Below is a basic recipe that can be adapted to whatever version you stew up in your kitchen. Spices are discussed in the Mexican Spaghetti Ingredients section.

12 ounces of spaghetti, uncooked 1 lb lean ground beef, chicken or other meat choice 14 ounces of tomatoes, fresh or canned, diced

1 medium chile pepper, fresh or canned, diced

22 ounces of fresh or canned corn

1 medium red pepper

1 medium green pepper

1/2 cup Mexican cheese, shredded

Break the spaghetti in half or thirds and place in simmering water. Cook until tender.

If you are serving meet, cook the meat. Add the vegetables – tomatoes, Chile peppers, corn and onions. Add herbs and spices. Heat while stirring occasionally. Drain pasta and place in large bowl. Add meat. Serve the Mexican cheese on the side to sprinkle on the spaghetti.

If you are making the casserole version, follow all of the above instructions. Layer your ingredients, as desired, in a casserole and bake at medium heat in the oven.

Mexican Spaghetti Ingredients

Mexican Chile Peppers

If you are Mexican, you will know exactly which Chile peppers to put in your spaghetti. Chile peppers are classified by how hot they are – mild, medium, hot, or superhot. Milder peppers tend to be sweeter. The heat of a chile pepper is measured by the Scovilles rating – a measure of the capsaicin.

The Mexican Diablo Grande Chile Pepper has a rating of 60,000-100,000 Scovilles. That’s very hot!

If you do not usually eat hot Chile peppers consider a milder chile pepper. The most popular child pepper, the Jalapeño has a Scovilles of 2,500 – 8,000 Scovilles. The Guajillo, the most common Chile pepper in Mexico, has a similar heat rating. The sweet bell pepper, on the other hand, has a Scovilles of 0. Choose a pepper with some hotness to spice up your spaghetti and achieve the intended taste but ensure it meets your own and your family’s heat tolerance.


Corn is a staple of the Mexican diet. IT is a good complement if your spaghetti has other native Mexican ingredients such as Chile peppers and/or beans. Here is a double corn zinger. One casserole version uses cream corn and crumbled corn chips on top.


Serve up the Chile. If beans are in your spaghetti, then a more traditional Chile version should be mixed up. Whether you choose black, red or brown beans will depend on your other ingredients. Black beans, corn and a salsa-style spaghetti sauce only needs some taco chips to top it off.

Herbs and Spices

The right choice of Mexican herbs and spices can provide a savory experience that will make the Italians jealous. The most common spices are the Chile pepper powderS – Chile, cayenne and tobacco. Chile powder – Some forms of Mexican spaghetti add Chile powder, creating a more traditional Chile sauce. The tabasco and cayenne chile pepper are typically added in powder or liquid form due to their high heat rating of 30,000 to 50,000. Add Mexican spices in small pinches to taste. Cumin is a nice touch. If you do not want to mix up your own spices, buy a packet of taco seasoning.

Mexican Cheese – is the Mexican parmesan. In a casserole, sprinkle it on top before baking.

Varieties of Mexican Spaghetti

Many variations of Mexican spaghetti are being served up. To find the Mexican spaghetti for any occasion, visit this Pinterest site on Mexican spaghetti. Here a few more ideas:

  • Sauntered onions. Onions are often used in a casserole with layers of meat sauce, cheese and spaghetti.
  • Meat eaters – The chicken version is an old Mexican recipe, and you can find lots of yummy variations.
  • Vegetarians – Bring on the veggies – tomatoes, beans, red and green peppers, corn …. and do not forget the avocados. Spaghetti squash is a popular replacement for pasta. This dish can even be served up cold.

Mexican spaghetti and chiles are hearty dinners for vegetarians. Drop in on the Online Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School for some good veggie recipes.

There is a Mexican spaghetti for everyone. If you are concerned with Blood Pressure Control, there is a Mexican dish for you with low sodium, healthy oils and ‘gut friendly’ beans. If your concern is How to Navigate a Gluten Free Lifestyle, gluten free pasta is as tasty as the traditional form.

Mix up your own Mexican-style spaghetti recipe. One caution: If you are inviting Mexican friends for your spaghetti dinner, you risk insulting them if you leave out the Chile peppers.