Meeting People Online: Pros, Cons, and How to Meet Safely

meeting people onlineWith all the modern technology around, it’s easier than ever to meet new people online. Not only can you chat with them from your computer, but there are now apps available for all major smartphones and tablets that will allow you to communicate with people online. If you’re planning to jump in to meet people, be sure to check out the pros and cons. If you’re planning to meet someone you met online in person, read below to see how to do it safely. Find success in online dating with this online class.

The Pros and Cons of Meeting Someone Online

Just like any kind of relationship, there can be pros and cons to meeting someone online. Check out this short list of pros and cons below, and decide for yourself if it’s worth it.

  • Pro: It can save you time

Whether you’re just looking for friends or a relationship, the best part about looking for people online is that you can talk to a great number of people in a short amount of time. Go to any chat room, and you’ll find plenty of people ready to talk. If you’re a man looking to get into the dating world, try an online class on dating for men.

Rather than wasting time with chit chat and introducing yourself, your screen name is already available for them to see, and most basic information is also available in your profile. You can immediately jump into a conversation with someone.

  • Pro: Filter out people you don’t want to talk to

It’s very rare when someone who’s not interested in a subject joins a chat room that’s expected to be about that subject. Siimply by joining a chat room that has a set topic allows you to find people with your common interests. The online profiles make it easy for you to find other qualities in someone you would prefer to talk to.

If you’re looking for someone to date, the profiles come in handy there too. You can easily find out the age and gender of someone along with more detailed qualities. Some online dating websites also include more detailed information like what kind of pets they prefer and their hobbies. Learn how to online date with this online course.

  • Pro: First dates are a lot easier

Chatting with someone for the first time might make your heart race a little, but the usual “first date jitters” will be less when you finally meet for the first time in person. By then, you should know enough about the person to know whether or not you’ll be able to hold a conversation with them on the date.

  • Pro: Learn more in a shorter amount of time

It’s very common for people to share more online. This is because most people feel comfortable sharing more when they have the anonymity of the internet to shield them. If you were to start a conversation with someone in public in the same way that you do online, they would likely think you were being nosy.

  • Pro: Attraction is based more on personality

It’s very rare that an online conversation begins with an exchange of photos. Because of this, you have no idea what this person looks like when you’re talking to them. If you do end up deciding to pursue a dating relationship with them, your attraction to them is based more on their personality and less on what they look like.

  • Con: There’s no way to know who it really is

Aside from meeting in person, it’s impossible to say who it is on the other line of that computer conversation. Even if they post a photo, that could just be a photo they found online. Play it safe, and avoid revealing your address or phone number to people you meet online unless you meet them in person.

  • Con: Falling for someone who lives far away

It has happened, and if it happens to you, the person you’re talking to or you are going to end up having to relocate to actually make the relationship work. Meeting in person ends up being more difficult leaving only Skype as communication. This can put strain on a relationship, and relationships from a distance only work if someone eventually travels.

  • Con: The lack of surprise fails to light the spark

Just as “first date jitters” can be seen as a bad thing, they can also be seen as a good thing. Those “first date jitters” are what can light the spark on that first date, and a lack of “first date jitters” might end up in a lost relationship. Of course, the opposite said can also be true for some people, and only you will be able to judge that for yourself.

  • Con: Losing yourself in the computer

Talking to people online can get pretty addicting. You might end up finding yourself doing nothing but sitting in front of your computer chatting with new people you meet. When that happens, you could be in danger of lessening your chances of finding someone to date.

  • Con: Online dating can be costly

Finding a free site that checks for fake profiles can be difficult, leading you to depend on online dating sites that cost money. However, if money is no option in your search for love, you may as well go for it. Many of the best online dating sites also offer helpful ways to meet in person that are included with your subscription. Check out some of the profile examples in this article if you’re interested in online dating.

How to Meet in Person Safely

Meeting someone in person can be more than just nerve-wracking. It can also be dangerous if done improperly. Use the tips below to meet people in person safely.

  • Avoid posting too much information

Whether you agree to meet in person or not, try to avoid putting up your full name, address, and phone number. Most online dating sites allow you to hide information that they need for billing or to check your identity. Be sure to hide anything that someone doesn’t need to know until you know them better.

  • Share with someone that you’re planning to meet this person

You should make sure that someone knows where you’re going and who you’re going with. Plan to meet this person in a public place, and if you can, have someone you trust go along with you. Make certain you have your own transportation to or from the location.

  • Meet more than once

Don’t let this first face-to-face interaction be the one where you share phone numbers and addresses. Give it several face-to-face interactions before you share that kind of information. Once you’ve met them in person a few times, you should be able to know whether or not they are the person they say they are.

  • Look out for red flags

If he or she does give you a phone number, call them with an unlisted number or from a public number. If they start talking sexually or asking what you’re wearing, hang up. They’re only interested in one thing.

When making plans to meet in person, don’t forget to suggest a public place. If he tries to insist on his place or yours, refuse. You should not feel comfortable meeting at his place or yours. There’s no knowing what could happen, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Also, be careful when meeting in person. How they act online might be very different from how they act in person. Be prepared, and leave if at any time you decide they are definitely not the person they acted like online.

If you have not yet exchanged phone numbers and addresses with that person, don’t do it on the first face-to-face meeting either. Getting to know someone in person takes time, even if you know a lot about them from chatting online.

Don’t drink or do any kind of recreational drugs before meeting them. You want to be level headed when you meet them. Look out for any signs from them that they might have been drinking or doing some recreational drugs. There’s no knowing what they could do, and you’ll want to leave as quickly as possible if something does happen.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable about meeting them, don’t go. Call and cancel, and either do some more chatting online with them, or terminate the relationship. You should always trust your instincts.

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