Medium Sized Dogs that Don’t Shed

Medium Sized Dogs that Don’t ShedAmong dog owners, medium sized dogs that don’t shed are quite popular. This group includes many working dogs with histories of assisting around the farm or house. These days, they help their owners keep things neat and clean with their coats that hardly shed.

There are various fur styles for coats of medium-sized dogs, ranging from curly to straight. This holds true for those even within one breed. And remember, shedding isn’t the only thing you should consider when choosing a dog. You should also think about energy level and exercise requirements, barking habits, food needs, and more. Here is a great new course about how to plan for success when getting a new pet.

Looking for a new family pet? Here is a great article that tells you which dogs make great family pets.Without further ado, here are some medium-sized dogs you should consider if you’re looking for a pet that doesn’t shed.


This rugged little dog is covered with silky, long hair that hardly sheds. The coat is profuse and varies from corded to curly or wavy. The Havanese breed has a double coat with a soft under and outer coat. Some puppies are born with short coats, due to genes that are recessive.  For easier care, you can clip their hair short. When long, you will need to thoroughly comb or brush their hair for a minimum of two times a week.  Dead hair will need to be removed by brushing as there is hardly any shedding that happens. Allergy sufferers will love this attractive breed that looks like a Papillon but does not shed as much.


This breed originated in Europe and in German, its name means ‘little lion.’ This is a medium sized dog that is great for people with allergies, as they don’t shed very much. You can prevent the formation of tangles by brushing and combing their coat regularly. This is so that you can brush out the dead hair. Lowchens love a daily walk and lots of playing. A fenced-in large yard would be perfect for the good romps they truly enjoy. On a side note, here is a course you might love about how to train your dog for an even more enjoyable family pet.

Maltese Lion Dog

Developed in Italy, the Maltese Lion Dog is said to have some Poodle and Mini-Spaniel blood. For their long coats, gentle brushing and combing is needed daily as their skin is sensitive. You can also give this dog a regular bath. Many owners try and keep their hair out of their eyes by tying their top hair into a small ponytail. This is a great dog for those who suffer allergies as they hardly shed.

Lhasa Apso

A loving, loyal and devoted dog, the Lhasa Apso is also full of energy. Intelligent and lively, this breed makes a great pet. Obedient to their owners, they respond quite well to motivational training. This breed is playful and acts like a puppy even until the age of three. Sometimes, this breed thinks it is the leader of the pack, with the pack being their owners. A firm hand and training while still a puppy may be all they need to practice great behavior. They can be scared of toddlers and love to hide and run from them. A challenge to train, you will love the fact that this medium dog has a big personality. The best part is that you will hardly find any shed fur in your home.

Tibetan Terrier

You won’t get the temperament of a terrier with this one, as it is not really a terrier. Rather, this childlike, delightful dog is its own breed. Medium sized and playful, you will love having this breed as a pet around the house. Every few months, you will need to cut his coat short and brush it once in a while. You will hardly find any fur in your home as this breed hardly sheds.

Australian Terrier

This medium-sized dog breed is adaptable, energetic, feisty and tough. Equipped with the courage of larger dogs, you will his protective, curious and alert temperament. Quick to bark, they can be bossy but is intelligent enough to respond to training in obedience schools. You could begin by checking out this obedience training course. They are born jumpers and diggers and for this reason, will need a bath once in a while. However, they are low maintenance in the sense that they hardly shed.

Hairless Khala Medio

This hairless breed of dogs is great for owners that prefer no hair rather than minimal hair in their homes. This medium sized dog is also known as the pottery type or the short-legged Hairless Khala. Its long-legged counterpart is called the Hairless Khala Grande. This breed is graceful and powerful regardless of its medium stature. It is very coordinated, moves with agility and gives the impression of a sight hound.  Since they have no hair, only an occasional nail clipping and bath are required for this breed.


Affenpinschers are fun-loving, plucky and peppy. Their name means ‘monkey dog’ in German and it is every bit as playful and active as the name implies. A medium dog with a huge personality, this breed hardly sheds. You will want to bathe them regularly especially when they enjoy an outdoor romp, as they are quite energetic and have a tendency pick up loose leaves and debris on their coats every chance they get.

American Water Spaniel

This medium-sized dog makes an excellent watch dog and is quite trainable, protective, energetic, obedient and friendly. Developed as a hunting dog, the American Water Spaniel has great hair texture that will require daily brushing to keep it from mats. The good news is that they hardly shed.

Standard Poodle

Standard Poodles are cheerful, enjoyable, noble and graceful. This dog is quite intelligent and highly trainable. If you happen to have children living at home, you will love the fact that this dog is good with kids as well. The standard poodle will need to be regularly bathed and their coats clipped. This is especially true since they hardly shed and so their hair tends to get very thick and matted when left untrimmed.

Irish Water Spaniel

This medium dog is a joy to have around. Clever, obedient and happy, this dog is both naughty and nice and loves a good hunt, especially when it comes to the neighborhood birds. Even with a double coat, this dog does not shed very much especially when you give this pet its monthly hair trimming. The wavy and sometimes very curly hair is usually black in color and their coats protect them in the cold months.

Redbone Coonhound

The Redbone Coonhound is a medium-sized dog that is agile and has a deep red, rich coat. This breed adapts easily to every type of terrain and loves hunting activities, which they were bred for. Unlike other hound coats, the glossy short coat of this breed requires little maintenance and only occasional brushing.

American Staffordshire Terrier

This breed is a cross between a terrier and a bulldog and is a canine hybrid referred to sometimes as a bull terrier or a pit bull. This dog breed has a strong, muscular body, is head strong and powerful. They make loving and warm pets and hardly shed.  This makes the breed low-maintenance and a pleasure to have around your space.

Irish Terrier

Extremely easy to groom, the Irish Terrier is also fearless. When you keep their red hair short, they only need occasional brushing no matter how thick their coats get. Use a fine toothed comb or a stiff bristle brush to get through their thick double coats. They need to be bathed rarely and should be hand-stripped once a year.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Born with black fur that turn out blue gray when they are fully grown, the medium-sized Kerry Blue Terriers require minimal brushing. You will love the fact that they hardly shed especially if their fur is trimmed short each month. Bred for their hunting prowess which is quite stealthy, you will love all the attention you get from having a dog with such an unusual color!

Standard Schnauzer

This bearded breed makes a great medium-sized, non-shedding dog. Not only is the Standard Schnauzer a great family dog and companion, this breed is quite low maintenance. During training, it is important to be firm. Use a short-wire brush for grooming to keep the undercoat loose fur from getting matted and trapped.


The Whippet is the only hound that is part of this group. Used as a racing dog for hundreds of years, the Whippet is quite speedy. They need daily exercise and are highly athletic, which is a result of having been bred to run incredibly fast. With their short coats that hardly shed, this dog hardly needs any grooming. They make great house dogs and companions as long as they get to run daily.

Portuguese Water Dog

If you love swimming, you will love having this dog for a swimming companion! With their webbed toes and waterproof fur, these dogs have gorgeous white, brown or black fur that is usually curly. While they really do need frequent grooming or brushing to maintain their coats, this breed is highly obedient and affectionate. They love pleasing their owners, which makes grooming them truly a pleasure.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

Terriers of this type have a distinctive appearance with light brown wheat-colored fur that is super soft. Compared to all the mini-terriers, the soft-coated Wheaten Terrier has a larger stature. Raised for hundreds of years for helping out on a farm, these dogs adapt easily and have loads of energy. Their single coat can be touchable and soft when left mid-length, but to keep it free of mats, frequent brushing is necessary.  You will love the fact that you will never need a tissue when you get the sniffles from a fur allergy, as this dog hardly sheds. On the other hand, you could train your pet to get a tissue using this course, which will truly delight your family and friends.