Meditation Scripts: A Beginner’s Guide to Awareness

Moonlight Yoga MeditationIt can be so easy to get caught up in the motion and noise of everyday life.  Responsibilities mount up, time runs short, and before we realize it, we have not taken a moment to ourselves in a very long time.  Sometimes, we even come up with reasons why we can’t make that time for ourselves.  We think it might take too long, or it might be selfish of us.  One place you might consider turning is to guided meditation scripts.

The truth is, that the happier you are with yourself, the more you can give of yourself.  Counter intuitive as it may seem, taking time out of your schedule to allow for a quiet moment can actually boost your productivity.  If you continually feel over extended or overwhelmed with all that is expected of you, meditation might be just what you need to re-center yourself.  Never tried meditation before?  No need to be hesitant.  It is easy, energizing and an important part of your overall health.  Try some of the following meditation scripts as a starting point.

A Script For Awareness

This meditation script is ideal for those looking for a broad introduction to the concept.  The purpose of this practice is to merely enter into a meaningful meditative state, and observe its effects on you.

To begin, find a position that is comfortable, and one you can stay in for several minutes.  A supportive chair, or a comfortable mat might be ideal.  Allow yourself a moment to quiet down and settle in.  It may take a bit for your racing thoughts to subside, or for any small positional adjustments to help you rest easier.  Let these happen.  There is no “right” way to feel right now.

Once you have reached a clearer state of mind, slowly bring your focus to your breath.  Simply observe it.  Do not try to time your breaths out, or manipulate your breathing into any kind of rhythm.  This exercise is purely about witnessing yourself.  Be totally present in the moment, and think about how each breath feels. How does it affect other parts of your body?  Does your chest rise and fall? Does you spine lengthen on an inhale?  You are an onlooker, appreciating the present, and being totally engaged.

If your thoughts tend to wander during this practice, do not fret.  The concerns of the past, and future are indeed difficult things to ignore.  Should you find yourself wandering off into worries or anxieties, simply draw your attention back to your breath.  No self judgements.  Just re focus and come back to an awareness of yourself.

Having taken these moments to be with yourself, and fully exist in the present, you have already benefited greatly.  To come back from this practice, take your time.  Allow the sounds and feelings around you bring your awareness back.  When ready, continue on with your day knowing that you have bettered yourself by making time for yourself.

A Script to Overcome Obstacles

For this session, begin in the same way as before.  Find a comfortable position, let your mind and body quiet down and relax, and allow your consciousness to brighten.  Briefly allow yourself to picture the obstacle you are facing.  Perhaps it is a job interview, or a difficult exam, or even just a relationship that has gone sour.  While focusing, turn the picture of that obstacle into a mountain.

The mountain is large, and intimidating at first, but as you approach it, you begin to realize that it is not as tall as you had originally feared.  It was a matter of perspective.  Now that you can see it more clearly, you realize you can climb it after all.  Feel your breath moving in and out, and with each new breath, advance a little higher up the mountain.  Look around, and appreciate the landscape.  How does it change as you go higher?  Does the terrain become rocky or snowy at some point?  Allow yourself to proceed as cautiously as you need, but always continue moving upward.

As you approach the summit, you realize that you can see your real life obstacle at the top.  You are not afraid.  Instead you are simply observing it objectively.  As you gaze upon it, you come to the realization that it is immaterial.  You can pass right through it.  You are at the highest peak of the mountain now.  Your obstacle has dissolved, but as you passed through it, you gained the knowledge of how to conquer it.

Descend the mountain now, and enjoy the feelings that surround you.  The new confidence, the ease of movement, the lightness.  As you return to your consciousness, carry these feelings with you, and use them to overcome any real life obstacles you encounter.

A Script for the Middle of the Work Day

Meditation does not always have to be a lengthy process.  You can take advantage of its benefits anytime and anywhere you need it.  These quick fix meditations can be exactly what you need to get through a stressful work day, or to calm yourself before an important meeting or appointment.

Find a quiet (enough) place where you can be still for just a moment.  Let your body come to rest, and your breathing become calm and even.  Use this time in whatever way you find most beneficial.  Perhaps you need to simply appreciate the silence and stillness before continuing with a busy day.  Perhaps you would like to picture a calming landscape. Take time to hear all the sounds, and feel all the sensations around you.  The soft grass, the cool breeze, the sound of a waterfall.  Or perhaps picturing a bright, soothing light for a few moments will help invigorate you and boost your energy.  Taking even a small amount of time for your own well being can have benefits that last all day.

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