Media Success Story:

In July 3DTi_ICON_12014,, a provider of online production-based training programs in Autodesk Software, started launching Udemy courses to extend the reach of their programs. In October, they put out this press release to announce the creation of their courses.

Press releases are a great tool for announcing new courses and course milestones (such as high enrollment and student success stories) to the media. We asked about the process for distributing their press release and the outcomes they have seen thus far.

Why did you decide to put out a press release when you launched your Udemy course?

We were excited about the opportunity to partner with Udemy and we wanted to share that news. Also, the press release was an additional way to reach people in the 3D field, to teach them valuable content while making them aware of career opportunities in the 3D field.

How did you distribute your press release?

We used Outmarket, a wire news distribution service. We also posted the release on our website, and shared the release via our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

What was the reach of your release?

More than 280 media outlets published the press release, resulting in more than 85,000 people reading the release title, and more than 2,000 reading the full press release.

How did the press release help you achieve your goals for your courses and business overall?

We saw a spike in people signing up for Udemy courses after the release was distributed, and a spike in traffic to Already three students who have taken the Udemy courses have gone on to enroll in our more extensive programs offered on our website.

What would you do differently next time?

In the future we would want to include some student success stories. We may do a press release in the future that includes success stories.

Do you have any advice for other organizations launching Udemy courses and thinking of doing press?

Use a wire service to maximize your reach. It was great partnering with Udemy and getting Udemy’s support throughout the process of creating, launching, and promoting our courses.

+++ is the leading provider of short-term production-based training programs in Autodesk Software. For more information, visit and view their Udemy courses here.’s courses have nearly 4,000 enrollments to date since launch in July.

Thinking about doing media outreach but not sure where to start? Check out Udemy’s Teach Press Kit for guidance. The Kit includes a press release template you can use when drafting your press release.

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