Maternity Photo Ideas: Five Great Ideas

maternityphotoideasPregnancy is a wonderful time that people want to share with their loved ones, and one of the best ways to share it is through photographs. As you look online, you might feel overwhelmed with all the different ways that you can photograph pregnancy, and you don’t want to give your client so many choices that they can’t decide.

However, sifting through these ideas can take a lot of time that you might not have, and you have to have some way to share these photos with potential clients. This blog post will show you five great ideas for maternity photos to offer your client as well as sites to use to share these photos.

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Five Great Photo Ideas

1. Plan a “timeline” shot.

Take photos involve every step of the pregnancy–from that first test to the baby’s birth–then splice them together to create a mini timeline. You can see two great examples of that idea here and here. This kind of photo idea is great when your client wants family members to see the pregnancy progress without having to print out multiple photos, and it allows them to send out photograph postcards to family members that can’t be with them personally.

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2. Does the new baby have siblings? Include them in the shot!

A lot of expecting mothers worry about how the siblings will react to the new baby. Everyone knows that babies require a lot of love and attention, and older siblings tend to get jealous and feel neglected. One of the best ways to let them know that they’re still an important part of the family and an important part of the new baby’s life is to include them in the photo shoot. There are many ways to photograph these family shots: lining everyone up showing their bellies like the pregnant mother; show everyone’s hands on the pregnant belly; or create a math equation involving the father, siblings, and expecting mother. This will allow everyone to be a part of the pregnancy.

3. Do a silhouette photo shoot.

Maternity photos tend to include a lot of photographs of the expecting mother’s stomach, sometimes clothed and sometimes bare. If you’re looking to offer something a little different, you might consider a black and white silhouette shot of just the expecting mother alone. These kinds of photographs can give a different kind of mood, and they’re great to share.

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4. Photograph the mother alone.

Like the idea above, there are many shots involving the mother alone. One great idea is loosely tying a ribbon around the expecting mother’s pregnant stomach with a tag listing the due date. You could even make the ribbon the color of the baby’s gender, if known, or use a neutral color for unknown genders. Another idea involves balloons announcing the baby’s gender or rubber duck bath toys wearing pink or blue.

5. Do an extended family shot.

Perhaps your client has a sister or sister-in-law who is also expecting. Maybe she has a cousin who’s expecting. If your client has a tight-knit family, you can offer package deal family shots that include photographs of the two pregnant women together. These are great for babies that will have cousins or second cousins around their same age. Like the idea above, you can include balloons with the babies’ genders or tied ribbons with due dates listed.

Now that you have some ideas to offer clients, you need to find a place to set up your photography website. Here are five ideas offering everything from simplicity to customizability when thinking about where to host your site.

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Five Hosting Sites for Your Photography Website

1. Let Web do it for you. is a great web hosting site for the not-so-tech-savvy. You can start out with a free website and upgrade to a premium website with a custom domain as your business progresses. Right now, they’re offering a deal to set up your website for you for free. However, if you want to set it up yourself, offers easy tools so that you don’t have to worry about knowing HTML. also allows you to share your website with Facebook just by clicking a button so it makes it easy to share via social media.

2. Use Google Sites.

Google is a very popular web browser, and many people use GMail, Google Drive, and other Google products. If you’re familiar with Google and would rather stick with Google for everything, Google Sites is easy to use just like Google Sites also allows for the use of custom domains, but you must get the custom domain through a different site like GoDaddy.

3. Get a custom domain from GoDaddy, and use their Website Builder tools.

Instead of purchasing a custom domain from GoDaddy to host a Google Sites-built website, you can also use GoDaddy’s Website Builder, which includes a free domain. Right now, GoDaddy is offering a sale when purchasing 12-month packages. Another plus to purchasing a custom domain through GoDaddy is the ability to set up a business email address as well.

4. FatCow offers a free custom domain when purchasing their web hosting package.

Like GoDaddy above, FatCow offers a free domain when purchasing a 12-month package. They are also having a sale, and they also offer business email addresses. However, where GoDaddy puts restrictions on the number of business email addresses, disk space, and bandwidth, FatCow promises unlimited business email addresses, disk space, and bandwidth. This is a great web hosting site if you’re looking to expand quickly in the future.

5. Wix is free, easy, and offers designs specifically-geared toward photographers.

Like Google Sites, Wix doesn’t offer custom domains unless you purchase it through another website. However, where Google Sites tend to be basic in the themes offered, Wix has a theme listed as “online photos” that can be easily customized to suit your photography business’s desires.

Pregnancy is an important time for a family, and offering to photograph it might seem like more work than it’s worth. However, with these ideas in mind, you might just make it a lot easier on yourself.

If you have any maternity photo ideas or hosting sites to share, just leave a comment below.

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