Masseuse Salary Facts for Every Aspiring Therapist

masseuse salaryA masseuse salary varies depending on the setting where it is practiced. People who are interested in helping others find great rewards from being a masseuse. Aside from the setting where it is practiced, a masseuse salary also varies according to the employer and the area, as well as whether you work as a sub-contractor, part time or full time. It also depends on your level of education and experience. Here is a course on massage and body treatments that you could benefit from for yourself or as a source of income.

Also known as a massage therapist, a masseuse specializes in manipulating the body’s soft tissues to aid in personal health and relaxation. These works are found in fields that include professional sports teams and athletic clubs. There are various types of massage and some include the use of hot and cold stones, which you can learn about in this course.

National Average

A masseuse earns about $39,780 each year or an hourly wage of $19.13. The highest 10% earn $33.01 per hour or $68,670 per year while the lowest 10% earn $8.30 per hour or $ 17, 270 per year.  The middle 50% of masseuses earned $16. 94 per hour or $35,230 per year.

Highest Paying States

The salary of a masseuse also varied according to what state they practiced in. The highest paying five states where a masseuse can work are New York, Delaware, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. In New York, for example, the yearly salary for a masseuse is $48,900 and an hourly wage of $23.51 while in Alaska, for example, a masseuse earns a yearly salary of $85,050 or an hourly average wage of $40.89.

Highest Concentration of Masseuses

The highest concentration of masseuse or therapists is in Hawaii, with Nevada in second place. In these states, the annual salaries range from $42,380 in Hawaii and $23,340 in Nevada.

Highest Paying Metro Areas

From one state to another, the salary of a masseuse varies. Therapists for massage in Bremerton, Washington; Yakima, Washington; Eugene, Oregon; Chico, California; and Anchorage, Alaska earn the highest. For example, the mean salary per hour paid to those who work in Anchorage is $86,530 per year or $41.60 per hour.

Highest Paying Fields

Depending on where they worked, the salaries of a masseuse varied. The sectors that paid the highest were outpatient care centers, social organizations, civic organizations, junior colleges, dentist offices and hospitals.  Specialty hospitals that hired masseuses provided a salary of about $55,100 per year or   $26.49 per hour.  Those who teach at junior colleges earn about $52,170 while those who teach in specialized massage schools earn a high yearly salary median of $73,020.

Getting A Raise

A masseuse that wants to raise his or her salary can work at many different establishments. A masseuse can work fifteen hours a week in one establishment to make $31,500 and get extra income from working for other clients such as making house calls. Others broaden their fields of expertise by pursuing courses on other massage techniques. Here is a course on sports massage that teaches you the techniques of massage that meet the needs of athletes. Remember, the employment setting does affect how much you are paid. For those who work in the field of health care, these tend to have the highest salaries. Usually, there is a required specialization for injuries when you work in this field. The required knowledge for treating specific conditions usually means a higher hourly wage. Typically, there are flexible starting salaries in this field as they are based on the current industry standard.  Assisted living and nursing homes also employ massage therapists and the range of salary at these establishments reach up to $37,230.


For a massage therapist or a masseuse, not every state has licensing regulations but to the ones that do, you will need to get a license before you can actually earn money. To get a license, you will need to graduate from training programs before you can work legally.


Due to the nature of the work, there may not be many opportunities for career advancement for a masseuse. Therapists can earn extra income if they teach massage therapy aside from having a day job or they can open their own business.   Those who open their own businesses and end up with a lot of clients do have higher incomes compared to therapists that work in a salon or a spa where a percentage of their fee will go to the owner of the business.  You may want to take additional courses to supplement your current course, such as becoming a physiotherapist like in this article.

Hope this helped! You can also learn other techniques of massage, such as with this course about Thai Yoga massage to broaden your range of services.