Marketing Director Job Description

marketingdirectorjobdescriptionTake your pick of any marketing director job description and you can find what it takes to be a marketing director, but you won’t know how to gain those skills. We’re going to take apart the marketing director job description and show you exactly where to go when you need to upgrade your skills. This way you won’t just know what skills you need, you’ll also know how to get those skills.

Key Tasks Of A Marketing Director

A marketing director has many roles. You may start your day being creative and developing a new marketing plan, transition to creating a budget with the accounting team, negotiate costs with suppliers in the afternoon, and finish your day with a business development team meeting. Each role requires a slightly different skill set in order to work with designers, lawyers, accountants, and business managers.

Marketing Plan

The marketing director is responsible for designing and implementing the annual marketing plan for a company. This requires a constant flow of new ideas and a quick marketing course can put your mind in creative mode. Depending on whether your company has been around for a long time or you’re working at a startup, you may want to spruce up your marketing plan by looking for ideas in a business marketing class or a growth hacking course. The bottom line with the marketing plan is that you must translate the business goals and strategies for your company into brand portfolio objectives and marketing strategies. You must also have some understanding of the nature of your market, production costs for marketing materials, and copyright/royalty requirements.

Marketing Budget

As a marketing director, you’ll also be in charge of planning and administering the marketing operations budget for your company. In this role, you will spend some time talking with accountants and crunching numbers in a spreadsheet. Having a little knowledge of accounting can make these conversations much easier. Additionally, some understanding of Excel can help you crunch through the number and develop a marketing budget more quickly.

Marketing Suppliers

One part of your job as a marketing director is to negotiate with media agencies and secure agreements that are beneficial to your company. This includes things like developing promotional materials, editing materials you already have, and delivering these materials using a range of mediums (television, radio, print, and online). The better you are at negotiating, the more valuable you will be to the company because you can secure the best price on the services and products your department needs.

Business Development

As a member of the business development team, your role as a marketing director will be to collaborate with attorneys and business managers on strategic planning. This includes developing client presentations, contests, promotions, and other offers. You will also work with regional offices to develop and implement client contact and prospecting systems.

Marketing Director Job Specification

Any marketing director will be required to have a college education, typically a BS/BA in Marketing. However, some related fields may be accepted as well. Additionally, you’ll need to have eight or more years of marketing experience working with small to mid-size organizations. This should include a few years as a junior director or marketing manager. If you don’t have these minimum qualifications, then you can start gathering this experience while adding to your knowledge through online courses. If you already meet these qualifications, then online courses can help your application stand out from the pack.

Experience with new media and internet advertising is something you can learn quickly from online courses, Additionally, you can work on developing your written and verbal communication skills through additional courses. However, you must already posess the hunger to learn and an ability to work well in a dynamic entrepreneurial environment with the potential for high-growth. This entrepreneurial spirit and self-starter mentality is not something that can be taught.

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