Marketing Coordinator: Salary and Duties

marketing coordinator salaryA Marketing Coordinator Salary depends on the experience, education level, capability, talent of the individual, location and more. In 2013 the average annual salary for a sales and marketing coordinator was $61,000 per year to start while the average American earns $48,872 annually. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, mid-level marketing coordinators make an average of $171,230 – well above the industry standard!

Marketing coordinators must obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in public relations and marketing, business or similar applicable degrees. Many employers want to see at least two years of work experience in a sales, public relations or marketing job. Rarely, talented individuals without degrees or who are lacking experience are given the opportunity to prove their worth to a company and land jobs that way. If formal marketing classes can help open doors to a new dream career as a marketing coordinator, sign up for this Marketing Course through Udemy.


Marketing coordinators must have a strong foundational knowledge of business and project management skills, artistic talent, an analytical mind, charismatic communication skills, sales skills and computer knowledge. They must be multi-taskers who are very detail oriented and work well under high stress conditions.

Though job descriptions and duties vary by company, marketing coordinators assist commercial sales and marketing teams to with in-house, incoming and outbound communications, goals setting and account fulfillment. Coordinators work under the direction of account executives to ensure everyone on the team has what they need to do their jobs well. They take care of administrative duties and sales support duties for commercial account executives.

Start at the Bottom

Careers in marketing and sales begin at entry level positions and slowly build through a series of achievement and experienced based promotions. Without previous experience in sales and marketing, submitting an application for this position is futile. Instead, gain experience in a low-level sales job. In time the qualifications and experience needed to fulfill the coordinator job description will be earned.

When applying for a marketing coordinator position, ask about the possibility of career advancement in the future. Because marketing is a highly competitive career field, it pays to keep up-to-date on the latest strategies, studies and tactics.

Most companies will offer coordinators the opportunity to educate themselves in sales and slowly move into a much higher-paying commercial sales position. The more willing applicants are to learn by their own accord, the more likely employers will be to recognize ambition. Impress the boss and perfect your project management skills.

Bonus Income Potential

Sales jobs often present additional opportunities to earn bonuses, tips and other sources of extra income.

Manager Support

Unless the company is a large corporation, two or more departments may share a “floating” sales coordinator. In situations such as this, account executives will be required by their managers to turn all sales figures over to the coordinator, who compiles them into a sales report. These reports are reviewed at weekly sales meetings.

Department managers sometimes require sales coordinators to update customer’s contact information in company databases. Database management skills a very important to a marketing coordinator’s job. If database navigation and management is a mystery, take an SQL Database for Beginners course from Udemy.

Contract Fulfillment

Execution of contracts, otherwise known as account fulfillment, is a vital area of marketing coordination. Sales executives are usually best at making sales, not delivering what they’re selling. When a salesperson is pulled away from their job to do fulfillment, they lose time and money. The company is better off delegating these duties to the coordinating assistant.

Coordinators are therefore responsible for the management of contract execution. Duties includes ensuring the customer has all of the goods and services promised in their contract. It is the coordinator’s job to keep a close eye on customer contracts and notify the appropriate account executive when they are needed.

This job demands an excellent sense of timing, superb organizational skills, the ability to handle several accounts and sales people at once and high levels of patience and determination. It’s not for the faint of heart or those who get overwhelmed easily. There is a good reason this relatively low-level job pays so well. It’s not easy!

Keeping Sales Reps Well Supplied

Whether it’s business cards, brochures, contract copies or promotional materials, it’s often a marketing coordinator’s job to make sure the account executive has the required working materials and supplies at all times. Knowing when to order promotional products and how much takes time to learn, but is very important to the success of the sales person.

Website Maintenance and Social Media Duties

A website is often a company’s first marketing tool to reach potential customers. Websites and social media accounts should be error free, regularly updated, and accurate and optimized for sales. Account executives or sales representatives will write marketing content and marketing coordinators must do the publishing and maintenance. Website traffic reports are compiled by the coordinator and included in weekly sales and marketing reports.

Promotion Events Planning and Execution

Sales people are often sent to events to represent the company, network and generate leads. The marketing coordinator is the person who handles all the details. Preparing presentation materials, writing and answering emails, report writing and budget tracking are all part of the job. Shipping and tracking materials to events, pre-event promotions and post-event follow ups and more keep marketing coordinators on their toes.

What Does the Future Hold?

Our current economy is, of course, sluggish and downtrodden. It is improving though. Marketing and sales jobs are expected to grow by up to 14 percent by 2024. While this industry isn’t growing as quickly as a few others, it’s still a secure career path. The wages are excellent and the job is something anyone could be proud to hold.

Spy on the Competition

Keeping an eye on what the competition is doing is a great way to gain and maintain a lead over them. Marketing coordinators scour records, newspapers and more in order to compile informative reports on competitors. Market research skills are very useful for this type of work.

Pursuing an education in marketing is a great plan for those who can handle the work. Begin learning about the secrets of marketing and how to influence customer spending.