Market Your Udemy Course on YouTube (6 Easy Steps)

phil_thumbnailWhy is it a good idea to include YouTube as part of your Udemy course promotion strategy?

1.  Get discovered by people desperate to learn from you. If someone conducts a search for “How to become a comedian,” if you’re one of the few people with a YouTube video titled “How to Become a Comedian,” then you may show up as one of the first search results on Google.

2.  Keep the leads comin’ months and years from now. Your arsenal of marketing strategies consists of: 1) Ad Hoc Strategies: one-time announcements or blasts that you send every few months and 2) Long-term Strategies: intended to capture the long tail of students who search for your course-related topics on a daily basis.

An example of an Ad Hoc Strategy: An Ad Hoc campaign is a one-time promotion that is a quick win compared to a slow build. An example would be sending out a 75% off promotional code to your email list that is redeemable only for that weekend.

An example of a Long-Term Strategy is today’s tip: Using YouTube to Market Your Udemy Course. This is a strategy that keeps giving. When you upload videos regularly, your chances of being discovered by target students grows exponentially.

Let’s jump into how to do this in 6 easy steps.

Step 1: Upload course-related videos to your YouTube channel.

(Don’t have a channel yet? Here’s how to create one.) For starters, upload your course promo video from your Udemy sales page. You can see that Udemy instructor Phil Ebiner uploaded the trailer for his Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro course.


Step 2: Title the video using keywords related to your course topic.

If someone is searching for “How to become a comedian,” and you upload your Udemy course promo video titled, “How to Become a Comedian,” then it is likely that your course will appear prominently in Google search results. It is also likely that the person searching would benefit from your course. Not sure what your potential students are searching for? Try Google’s Keyword Tool.

Step 3: Include a link to your Udemy course in the first line of the video description.

When someone finishes watching your tip, include a link to your course so they can visit your sales page on Udemy. They already indicated that they’re interested in learning more about the topic when they searched for it in the first place.

Step 4: Rinse & Repeat—Upload videos containing tips or content related to your Udemy course on a regular basis.

Udemy instructor Jeremy Shuback teaches the Photoshop CS6 Crash Course and created a series of videos explaining various aspects of Photoshop. The videos are about 5 minutes long and include titles, such as:  “How to Use the Lasso Tool in Photoshop,” “How to use the Marquee Tool in Photoshop,” etc.

What are some questions or keyword phrases your target students search for? Create a list of questions and/or keyword phrases your target students search for, and start creating short videos addressing them. Then, link to your Udemy course in the descriptions.


Step 5: Create Content Playlists.

(Not sure how? Watch this video on how to create a YouTube Playlist.) Jeremy Shuback has several Playlists on his YouTube channel—each containing videos related to a specific subtopic of learning Photoshop. Remember to take inventory on the topics your target students are searching for and create content and Playlists based on their desires.


Step 6: See how other Udemy instructors are using YouTube to drive target students to their courses.

Here are a few Udemy instructors who have channels where they share content related to their courses. They set a great example and should provide lots of inspiration and direction for you to do the same!

Jeremy Shuback – Jeremy Shuback

Phil Ebiner – Video School Online

Deltina Hay – Deltina U

Huw Collingbourne – Huw Collingbourne

Steve Alcorn – Steve Alcorn

If you know of other Udemy instructors we should check out, feel free to leave a link to their YouTube channels in the comments. If/when you create your channel, please let us know in the comments, as well, so we can show you some love!