Manual Excel 2013 – Where to Find Instructions and Help

Buying Office 2013 and Excel 2013 online means no manual or software boxes or CD’s, but just because you don’t receive the documentation in the box, doesn’t mean Excel has no manual. In fact I prefer the new online help menus and manuals far more because a lot of them offer online videos and tutorials that you can follow when you need to learn how to do something specific in Excel. If you want to take an online course to improve your Excel skills in general, then join over two thousands students who have enrolled in the Microsoft Excel 2013 Beginners/Intermediate Training course and learn basic and advanced techniques to improve your Excel 2013 skills. The course offers over 58 lectures that will teach you data entry, cell formatting, working with worksheets and how the ribbon interface works. You will learn valuable tips for mouse and touch screens and the course will teach you time saving tips to use in your worksheets. You will learn to work with SkyDrive and how to share your work with others. The course contains a number of bonus exercise files to help ensure that you can apply the lessons taught in your own worksheets.

Manual Excel 2013 – Take the Tour

A lot of seasoned Excel users often choose to skip the tour or introduction and just jump into Excel, but as an advanced user, I can tell you that taking the tour is well worth while even if you’ve used Excel for ages. The tour will introduce you to the new features in Excel as well as teaching you how to get the most out of your Excel 2013 and the time spent to take the tour will be well worth it.

To take the tour when Excel starts up, select the “Take the Tour” option from the new startup screen:


The tour uses example worksheets that show you how to take advantage of some of the top shortcuts in Excel 2013.

The tour also contains step-by-step instructions on how to create data, analyze data or create charts and if you’re interested in a particular topic, you can choose to learn more online about that particular topic.

The Excel 2013 tour is really an Excel 2013 manual in disguise and is, in my opinion, way better than any manuals you received in the past.

Join over four thousand students who are learning to harness the power of Excel by enrolling in the Microsoft Excel 2013 Training Tutorial course. This course offers 226 lectures and 18 hours of video content designed to cover almost every aspect of Excel 2013 from beginner concepts to advanced functions and features. The course includes three classroom instruction manuals to allow students to follow along with lessons and videos. The course will help beginners get acquainted with Excel. It teaches students all about how to create formulas and also includes lessons on 3D formulas. You will learn to audit worksheets, create charts, create pivot tables and much, much more. The course will also teach you to use the security features offered in Excel to keep your worksheets private and secure.

Manual Excel 2013 – The Getting Started Center

If you want to get up to speed with the new Excel 2013 or if you are new to Excel, then the Excel Getting Started Center is a great place to find information you would normally have found in the Excel manual.

Once you’ve gone through the tour tips, you will have an option to click the link to the Getting started center:


The center offers Excel video tutorials aimed at both the beginner and advanced user and the center is a great way to learn how to accomplish various tasks in Excel 2013. You can also search the center for Excel topics and then select the lessons and videos you want to watch.

If you want to improve your Excel 2013 skills, then join over twenty three thousand students who have found success with Microsoft Excel 2013 Course Beginners/ Intermediate Training. This course contains 107 lessons that will have you using Excel like a professional in no time at all. The course covers topics from beginners’ advice to advanced techniques and the Excel video tutorials make it really easy to learn all the tips and tricks that will improve your Excel experience.

Manual Excel 2013 – Getting Help

You can find the new help button at the end of your Excel ribbon. Click the question mark to access the help files and online help offered by Excel 2013.

The help menu has a new layout which makes using the menu really easy to find information, tutorials and videos on the topics you need help with in Excel 2013. You can use the search bar to search for information, learn about the new features offered in Excel 2013, learn keyboard shortcuts to speed up your Excel work time and learn Excel basics. The help menu even offers tips for tablets and touchscreen use.


The disadvantage of the help file is that most of the information is available online so you need to be connected to take full advantage of the videos and tutorials offered by Microsoft.

The help menu is the most comprehensive Excel manual you can find and the great news is that the information and videos included in the help section are generally the most up to date information and techniques.

Take an Online Excel Course Now

Online courses are a great way to learn how to get the most out of your applications. Video tutorials, and access to lectures online 24/7 make these kinds of courses really suitable for those who have limited time but who want to learn to harness the power of Excel.

If you are looking for a great Excel 2013 online course, the Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced Online Excel Training Course  contains 128 lessons and 10 hours of video content and tutorials to make sure you are able to take your Excel skills to the next level.