Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes: How to Make them Po

makeup tips for brown eyesBrown eyes is one of the most common eye colors and is also one of the most versatile in terms of makeup. Many people are unaware of the different ways to use makeup in order to make your eyes stand out. While brown eyes can look good with just about any color, there are different techniques that can be used to accentuate the color in the eye. When trying to decide which colors are best to use with your eyes you must consider, what colors look best with brown, the shade of your eyes, and the application of the makeup. It is also important to consider the other makeup that will be used, such as the eyeliner, the mascara, and the lips and cheeks.The first thing to think about is what colors look the best with brown eyes.

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Colors that Make Brown Eyes Pop!

Being such a versatile color, brown can look good with many different colors. One of the best looking colors that work best with brown eyes is purple. The good thing about purple is that, much like brown, it works well with different hair styles and skin tones. Metallic tones also work well with brown eyes, but specifically metallic that is gold, bronze, browns, and pinks. These metallic colors can make brown eyes glow and draw attention to the eye, however, metallic shades are more often used for bold looks and nightlife attire. Blues and greens also do a lot for the brown eye. While blue is sometimes hard to pull off, using a small amount in the corner of the eye can make the whites of the eye brighter while bringing out the brown. Greens work great with brown eyes, especially hazel eyes, as it brings out the green and makes the eyes glow. For those trying to go for a more natural look, neutral colors work very well with brown eyes, such as light brown shadow. It is important to keep in mind that lighter colors brighten the eyes and make them look larger, while darker colors minimize the eye and add shape.

Different Shades of Brown

There are many different shades of brown eyes, from deep dark brown to light browns and hazel. Some shades of brown eyes can work better to bring out the color in your eyes. For those with darker brown eyes, shades like deep greens, purples, and even a charcoal gray are excellent choices. Gold and bronze are also good choices for a nighttime event or a bold look. For medium shades of brown eyes, many different colors can bring out these specific eye colors, making it easier to experiment. Even so, purples, greens, and bronze are good choices for the medium shades of brown eyes. Lighter brown eyes work best with neutral colors and different shades of brown. For eyes that are hazel, use light tones with a darker liner, but avoid black as it is often too overpowering to the natural colors of the eye.

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Applying the Appropriate Makeup

Trying to make your brown eyes stand out requires more than just a focus on the eyes. You must also consider the lips and cheeks. You do not want the colors of these to overpower the shades on your eyes. This will draw attention away from the desired effect of the eye makeup, therefore it is best to use neutral colors for these areas of the face. The shade of the shadow used should include three colors that are similar in shade, one light, one medium, and one dark. When the colors have been selected for the eye makeup, it is best to apply a base coat to the eye area to smooth out the creases. This prevents the makeup from clumping up on the eyes, making it look tacky. The color of this base coat should be the same color as the skin tone, so as not to change the color of the shadows that will be applied. Once the base coat is applied, the lighter shade should be applied from the lashes and all the way up to the brow. The medium shade should be applied to the area where the eye creases when open, and then blended toward the brow. Finally, the dark shade should be applied only to the outer corner of the lid. The outcome will be a beautifully shaded eye that will display the striking colors in your eyes.

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Other Tips to Beautify Brown Eyes

As stated earlier, it is also important to consider the colors of the other makeup that will be used, not just the shadow. The eyeliner and mascara are also important staples to the look as a whole. For instance, those with dark brown eyes should choose their eyeliner based on the lighter colors in the eye. White eyeliner can also be used for brown eyes, if paired with a metallic shade of shadow. To prevent the liner from smudging, lightly apply a clear powder around the eyelid. Also, applying a dark liner to the top lid and lighter one to the lower lid can offer a distinguished look. The mascara color is also nice to change from the plain black that is often used. Colors like eggplant purple and navy blue can provide a more intense look, while a brown mascara can portray a more natural look. When applying the mascara it is beneficial to use a clear mascara first, as it thickens the lashes and allows the makeup to stay on longer. This is beneficial for all day wear. All in all, it helps to experiment with different colors to see what looks best with each set of brown eyes.

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