Makeup for Redheads – It’s All About Color

Makeup for RedheadsCosmetics have a long and interesting past, and historical records indicate that they have been used by both men and women since the first civilizations were established. Whether cosmetics were comprised of crushed egg shells, berries or charcoal, people used what they had available in order to make the most of their looks.

Makeup has evolved to give wearers a much more elegant and beautiful finished look than cosmetics from yesteryear. Redheads have suffered from a lack of sensitive skin compatible cosmetics for thousands of years. These days, it’s easy to find makeups that are gentle enough for those with fair, sensitive skin.

Interesting Facts about Redheads

Most natural redheads have brown eyes, with others likely to have hazel or green shades. Blue eyed redheads are the rarest of all combinations in the human race. Play up that fiery hair and fair skin by using makeup shades that compliment red on the color wheel. Because red hair is very powerful, avoid using bright colors on any area other than the lips. The combination can be overpowering and unflattering.

Fiery hair may be beautiful and naturally attention grabbing, but only 2-6% of the U.S. population is comprised of redheads. As a result of being a part of this rare minority, it can be difficult to find makeup shades that truly compliment redheads’ unique skin and hair color combination. Get a professional makeup artist’s advice about the best colors for individual needs or test colors before making a purchase.

The Basics

The easiest way for a redhead to improve their look with cosmetics is to know how to use them to their full potential. It’s possible to create a natural look that can be quickly and easily transformed into a glamorous look with a simple swipe of color. Placement of color makes a dramatic effect on the appearance of the face. Learn how to apply makeup like a professional in order to contour, highlight and sculpt the nose, jaw line, forehead and cheekbones. When these skills are learned, it is possible to look like a completely different person with makeup on.

Understanding the versatility of certain products is important, and can save time and money over time. For example, creamy tinted lip balms may be used as blush or eye shadow in a pinch. Make mascara stretch by adding petroleum jelly to the tube. Use white eye shadow as a highlighter, or use light green eye shadow to balance the red color in blemishes and pink based foundations to counteract a sallow completion. Makeup artists learn all about how to apply color, but they also know that blending is the most important aspect of applying makeup. Don’t forget to blend!


Prepare the skin by moisturizing and allow at least five minutes for absorption. If a full coverage foundation is to be used, prime the skin before applying. Redheads usually have very pale skin, so foundation can appear “cakey.” A great alternative is to use a tinted moisturizer with a pressed powder or loose powder finish. Concealer may be used to disguise any blemishes or flaws.


Lip color is one of the easiest ways to change the appearance of the overall makeup look. Redheads have several color options, including: peaches, pinks, deep berry shades that are redder in color than purple and even vibrant reds. It pays to discover which colors are best for individual redheads, as skin tones vary from person to person. What works for one person will not work for another.

Daytime looks should be softer and more subtle than nighttime looks. If leaving the office and headed straight to a dinner date, transform the look of the face by freshening up on powder and mascara. Then, apply a lipstick that is darker and more vibrant than used during the day. Choose the best lipstick shade for red hair and fair skin by learning about color theory for makeup application.

If the lips appear to be thin and a plumper look is desired, line the outside border of the lips with a shade that closely matches the natural lip color. Use a light, slightly reflective lipstick shade in the center of the top and bottom lips and a darker shade in the corners of the mouth.


Redheads look amazing in blues, greens, browns, off-whites and bronze shades. Any ginger haired woman can make their eyes really pop with any of those eye shadow shades. Naturally fair-skinned people should stick to using light, subtle shades in order to avoid looking washed out or unhealthy.

Accentuate the eyes by highlighting the brow bone and inner 1/3rd of the eye lid. Extend the highlight color along the inner corner of the nose to create a wide-eyed look. Redheads must be careful to use eyeliners that do not leave hard lines or are too bright. Blue, green, gold and brown liners are excellent for bringing out the shape of the eyes and making them appear to be larger. Remember that blending is the key to creating the most realistic and flattering look.

Contouring and Blush – Finishing Touches

Once eye makeup and lips have been perfected, it is time to apply the finishing touches. Contouring is the best way to change the appearance of the face. With just a few brush strokes and a good, subtle contour powder, nearly anyone can be given the illusion of high cheekbones, a defined jaw, a perfectly sculpted nose and more.

Placement of contouring powders is very important to achieving the desired results. Experimentation, practice, experience and a little formal knowledge of bone structure will allow for a more professionally sculpted appearance. Keep trying different shades and brands of cosmetics, and use neutral shades for the best results.

After applying contour powder to the jaw line, forehead and cheekbones, apply a shade of blush that closely matches the wearer’s natural blush. If this shade is unknown, pull down the bottom lip and use the shade of skin as a guideline for blush color. This will give the most natural and attractive look possible.

Experiment extensively with cosmetics, because every face is different and it takes time to learn how to make the most of individual’s facial features. With the right colors and types of makeup, redheads can be the most unabashedly attractive, eye-catching women in the room. Start experimenting now and learn which colors are best for redheads.