Makeup for Blondes: Accenting Your Hair Color

makeup for blondesFor a very long time, blonde hair was considered the ultimate standard of beauty, with bonus points included if you had blue eyes. Due to the rarity of naturally blonde hair in comparison to darker browns or blacks, the color was, and continues to be, sought after by men and women alike. Whether you are blessed with naturally light locks or choose to dye your hair blonde, there are specific makeup techniques that are unique to those with blonde hair. With great hair comes great responsibility, and this guide will teach you how to apply makeup for blondes or light colored hair.

Your Color Palette

Applying makeup is all about working with your natural coloring and accenting it to look your very best, whether you want your makeup to look dramatic and sharp, or you just want to accentuate your features. To apply makeup that will work for you, you need to be familiar with your appropriate color palette, or in other words, the family of colors and tones that will best accent your skin, eye, and hair colors. The variations between makeup colors that look best on you are often described by the names of the four seasons. It used to be quite common to hear women say, “I’m a summer,” or “I’m a winter,” when talking about their makeup colors. Though you don’t hear that as much in 2014, the guide for finding your season is still a great place to start if you’re looking to match your makeup with your blonde hair.

If your tonal season is summer, you likely have blonde or blonde-brown hair, a light and soft eye color, and a cool beige or ivory skin tone. If your tonal season is autumn, you likely have medium brown or mousy brown hair, hazel or gray eyes, and a beige skin tone. If your tonal season is winter, you likely have black or deep brown hair, brown or olive eyes, and a dark or olive skin tone. And if your tonal season is spring, you likely have golden-brown hair, bright green or blue eyes, and a porcelain or ivory skin tone. Summer calls for delicate and balanced makeup colors, avoiding any harsh contrast. Autumn calls for warm and rich colors. Winter calls for more intense makeup coloring, and spring calls for a more bright or cheerful look.

As you can see, you can have blonde hair and fit into either the summer or the spring category of tonal seasons, and occasionally into the autumn category as well. This means that depending on both the shade of your blonde hair and your eye and skin tone, you’ll want to make different makeup choices to work with your particular coloring.

Makeup Colors for Your Blonde Hair

This breakdown of makeup colors will make it easier to navigate the complications of color palettes, depending on your particular appearance:

If you have light blonde hair, a light eye color, and ivory skin, you are most likely a summer, and you will want to use the following shades of makeup:

Foundation: Cool beige or ivory colors, without many warm tones

Lip: Soft colors, especially pinks, including rose or plum shades- nothing drastic

Eye: Highlights of soft yellow, pink, or champagne, with lowlights of teal, muted purple, or grey

Cheek: A soft pink or red, but again, nothing too dramatic or harsh

If you have golden blonde hair, bright green or blue eyes, and porcelain skin, you are most likely a spring, and you’ll want to use the following shades of makeup:

Foundation: Porcelain or a clear beige color

Lip: Classic red or strawberry pink

Eye: Light greens, yellows, and oranges for highlight, with a lowlight of dark purple or deep brown

Cheek: Very light pink or very soft red

Though most blondes look best in spring or summer palettes, if you have blonde hair that is tinged with a good deal of brown or red hues, as well as grey or hazel eyes, you could fall into the autumn category. Your makeup should include the following hues if you match this description:

Foundation: Classic beige

Lip: Deep mahogany reds and browns, and occasionally peach-like oranges

Eye: Highlights of orange and lemon shades, with lowlights of gray, deep green, or bronze

Cheek: Orange and brown tones rather than traditional red or pink

If you have blonde hair, it’s pretty much an impossibility that you’re a winter. Even if you have a darker complexion or your hair is naturally very dark, dying it blonde makes it difficult for winter tones to complement your appearance.

More Specific Makeup Tips

If you aren’t sure about your tonal season, or think you may not look great in the suggested colors, here are a few more basic tips for blonde makeup. These can be especially useful if you’re not planning to get all dolled up for an event, but just want to know how to apply casual daytime makeup.

Black mascara is often taken for granted as the traditional choice for everybody, but those with blonde hair tend to look better with brown mascara, as black can be too dramatic and harsh in contrast to the lightness of their hair.

Neutral lipstick, light pink eye or beige eye color, and soft pink blush will work for almost any shade of blonde hair. Even if you have very bright eyes or an olive skin tone, light and neutral shades always complement lighter hair.

If you have platinum blonde hair, your look will be complemented by choosing cooler colors, especially when it comes to eye shadow. In the same sense, the warmer your shade of blonde, the warmer makeup colors you can use to complement the shade. Those with a more golden hair tone look better with warmer shades of red and purple. Similarly, those with cool eye colors like blue or green can rely on cooler colors for eye makeup. Those with warmer eye colors like brown or hazel will be complemented by the use of warm eye makeup colors, like deeper reds or purples.

If you have a particularly dark complexion, or you are very tan, orange shades will look great on you. If you have a more pale or pink complexion, you want to stay away from oranges and stick to more traditional soft pinks and reds.

Coral colored lipstick can brighten up your face if you have very light blonde hair and a paler skin tone. This is also true when it comes to blush, but be careful about using too much coral on both your cheeks and lips.

And, perhaps most importantly, no matter what shade of blonde your hair is, don’t go for a dramatic lip and a dramatic eye at the same time. This is a common mistake and can result in your makeup looking very clownish and overdone. If you want to use striking eye shadow colors, keep your lips colored in a neutral way, and if you want to use a bold lip color, keep your eye makeup to a casual minimum.

In conclusion, there are many different avenues for applying makeup if you have blonde hair, and they all depend on your skin tone, eye color, and the particular shade of your blonde. Whether you have a bleached, cool look or a lot of golden and honey-toned highlights, there are specific makeup choices you can make to take advantage of your blonde hair color and look your best. Once you understand which colors complement your particular shade of hair, you can explore more makeup options and play around with the look you like best.