Makeup Artist Resume: Apply For Your Dream Job Today!

makeup artist resumeOften times, before a person gets to know you, they get to know your makeup: the type of eye shadow you have on your lids, the amount and color of foundation that you wear, and the color lipstick that you chose.  This is true also with resumes.  Before employers get to know you and really talk to you, they get to know you through a piece of paper.  As such, you are going to want to make sure that that piece of paper you submit to them is going to demonstrate the best possible you that you can on paper.  But what if you are writing a resume to be a makeup artist?  Chances are, you are creative individual willing to think outside the box with the ability to see the beauty in the mundane.  If you are considering applying for a job as a makeup artist and planning to submit your resume — here is your chance to put those creative skills to work while writing up your resume!  We are going to give you an outline of what you should focus on putting on that special piece of paper, and in no time, you will have a line of faces waiting for you to beautify them!

The Essentials

No matter what job you are going for, there are specific things that are essential to incorporate into every resume.  The key to writing a resume for a makeup artist, then, is to tailor the resume that will highlight their skills in makeup.  Here are some essential things that you will need on your resume:

Contact Information: How will your employer be able to contact you if they do not know how to reach you?  Sure Facebook is a great way to “find” people, but an employer is definitely not going to use that tactic.  Be sure to include your mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number under your name.  Here is a tip: do not use a cutesy e-mail address that you have had since high school.  Make sure that you create a professional one before you start applying for jobs.

Keywords: When you are applying to a specific job, you better know the job description well.  Why?  You will need to incorporate the job description into your resume.  You can do this within your mission statement, under your skill list, or in your qualifications.  For instance, if the job is looking for a “talented and creative makeup artist”, you can list one of your skills as “being highly skilled in producing creative makeup looks for any occasion or season.”

Objective:  Tailor your job objective towards sounding like the position you are applying for so that you can assure the company that your goals and objectives are going to be in line with what they need.

Qualifications: Employers are going to know what you can do best, and in turn, what you will be able to do for them.  Your qualifications should have a selling point.  For instance, that you have “five years of industry experience with runway makeup”, or, that you have “deep understanding of angles, lighting, and quality for makeup application.”  Also make sure that these qualifications are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Training and Experience:  It is especially important for makeup artists to list the training that they have had.  Not a lot of schooling is required for a makeup artist, and therefore, the training and experiences that they receive are highly valuable in giving them a good foundation for their work.  Maybe you have directed a team of makeup artists during a production or show, or helped develop certain looks for a summer runway show — make sure to include all of these on your resume!

Brushing Up

If you are thinking of applying for a job as a makeup artist, but are realizing that you might need to brush up on your skills and experience, we have a few tips for you right here:

  • Makeup School:  There is usually no educational requirements for becoming a makeup artist, so it might be helpful to enroll in a vocational school for makeup or take some makeup classes at a local college to learn more about the industry.  You can also use this to better hone in on a specific makeup field that you would like to work in, such as: bridal, theater, or fashion makeup.
  • Practice, practice, practice!: This goes without saying for any job that you want to apply for.  Practice the skills that you are going to need to succeed in the industry.  For makeup, this will entail practicing makeup looks and application on people — recruit anyone interested!
  • Follow Trends: Like fashion, makeup often depends on trend and what is popular at the moment.  As a makeup artist, it is important to follow makeup trends by searching online and reading fashion magazines.
  • Experiment: There are so, so many types of makeup looks and brands out there.  Be open to experimenting with different types of looks, colors, and textures when applying makeup.  Be creative because it will help to set you apart (just do not go too crazy)!

Tips On Standing Out

Every makeup artist is going to try to set themselves apart from the crowd.  Here are some tips on how to do that yourself as well:

  • Create a portfolio:  Take photographs of your work and the makeup looks that you have styled.  Print them out and put them in a neat and organized portfolio that will look professional.  This will be helpful if employers, or any potential hirers ask for samples of your work.  Show, don’t tell!
  • Certificates:  Be sure to include any professional certifications that you may have or memberships with any makeup industry associations that will up your knowledge.

Start Applying!

The makeup industry is a fun and exciting field to be a part of.  There is no need to continue dreaming of a career in the makeup industry.  Use these tips, as well as other resources found at, and start tailoring your resume to apply for your dream job as a makeup artist today!