Make Your Own Dubstep: Dance To Your Own Beats!

make your own dubstepDo you love DJs like Skrillex and Nero and think to yourself, “I could really make some beats as sick as these”?  Some people merely love to listen, while some have a strong passion for creating their own beats. If you’re one of those creative ones, the idea of making your own dubstep might not be as unrealistic as you think. Making your own dubstep music is getting easier and easier with great software and tutorials available at your fingertips.

So what is dubstep? This is a form of music that is famous for its syncopated rhythm and a strong bassline. Some people describe it as a “lag” beat or a beat that has a persistent and consistent power thrust. It’s very identifiable, which means you have to do it right. This just means that you have the correct gear, structure, and ear to compose the beats correctly.  Want to know how?  Get others to bob their head to your tunes and read on to find out!

Three Steps to Dubstep

There are three easy parts into writing your own dubstep music.  They are as follows:

  1. Getting your equipment
  2. Learning to use your software properly
  3. Making your music

Let’s get you on your way to getting those beats in your brain into a song!

Getting the Equipment

Computer:  First off, you will want to make sure that the laptop or desktop you have has a fast processor with plenty of memory.  Keep in mind that you might not want to use the laptop you use for school, work, or other personal use.  Pick up an inexpensive option that you can use solely for making beats.  Here are some specs that you should consider:


  • 1.8 GHz along with an Intel Processor
  • 2-4 GB of RAM
  • OSX 10.5 or newer


  • 2GHz with a Pentium or Celeron processor
  • 2 to 4 GB of RAM
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7
  • A sound card with an ASIO driver support

Software:  Next, you will want to pick up some sort of music production software.  Do your research online to see what options are available in your price range.  Some software can be downloaded as well.  Keep in mind that the most expensive software does not mean it will make the best dubstep –you are in charge of your own creativity!  Here are some examples of popular music production software packages:

  • Fruity Loops
  • Renoise
  • Ableton Live
  • Cakewalk Sonar
  • GarageBand

Add Hardware:  To make basic dubstep beats, you only really need the software mentioned above.  However, if you intend on really perfecting and rounding out your sound, look into picking up some extra pieces of hardware that can add certain elements to your dubstep music.  For instance:

  • A basic USB microphone to record vocals or other acoustic elements.
  • A MIDI keyboard.
  • A customized dubstep sample pack to loop beats and build your track.

Research:  The best way to get your own dubstep down is to know what artists put into their dubstep music to make it sound catchy and good.  Put yourself in the culture of Electronic Dance Music, and you will get a better feel for what you need to produce.

Learning Dubstep Software

make your own dubstepHere are some things you can do to get a better feel and grasp on the software you pick up:

Play around:  The easiest way to get good at anything that you are not familiar with is simply to play around with it.  Record some tracks for fun and see what you can come up with.  Do not start by trying to make the best dubstep first, because you will likely run into problems down the road.

Find examples:  Go online and find some samples of high quality sounds that you do not mind playing around with.  You can incorporate them into your music or simply use them as examples or inspiration for how you want to make your music sound like.

Build beats:  If you have software that includes preset beats or tempos to match your song, you will not have to do this.  However, if you are working with your own samples, you will not have any preset beats, so it will be handy to know how to build your own.  Either way, it is a fun way to customize your dubstep making process.

Make a Wobble:  The wobble will be one of the important elements of your dubstep music.  If you listen to any dubstep beats, you can recognize the wobbly bass tone.  This is usually recorded using a MIDI keyboard or synth and composing the bass line.  You can do this, or you can go online and find a free synth that you like.

Add Effects:  As you get more used to your new software, you can start adding things to it, such as effects and layers to make your dubstep music stand out.  For example, adding layers, delays, distortions, and other effects will add some interesting variations.

Making Your Dubstep Music!

Time to make your song!  Here is what you will need to do:

Start with a beat:  When you are making your dubstep music, make sure you start from the bottom and build up.  This will mean starting with a subtle beat and incorporating some simple sounds into the music that will eventually build up to when the beat drops.  After the pause in the beat, the main melody, bass line, and the beat will all come into effect.

Make it memorable:  While creating your melody, be sure to be creative and make it as memorable as possible.  Before you make it, consider humming it out to yourself to see if you like it.

Break Down:  The drop in your melody is very important in dubstep music, so at the climax, it is important to break the song down so that just the beat remains along with wobbles or other effects that you desire.

Mix:  If you choose, go ahead and have a professional, or someone experienced with dubstep, mix the track.  By doing this, they will be able to maximize and compress the levels of the track for you into something that sounds like it could be on the radio!

Make Those Beats!

Music is an art, and above all, while you are making your dubstep music: remember to be creative.  Go wild, but be patient, and do not be afraid to fail.  You will probably have to give it a few go’s before you get the beat down to what you want it to be.  There are plenty of other dubstep artists out there looking to make some awesome music, so head on over to and enroll in one of these courses to perfect your dubstep music technique with the help of a professional!