Make Up Organizer Ideas

makeup organizer ideasGrrr…There’s nothing worse than not being able to find the tiny end of your favorite eyebrow pencil amidst a mass of cosmetics. But maybe you’re not really keen to have a bright, pastel, pink toolbox sitting on your bathroom counter. Have no fear, modern make-up mavens have a host of options available to them. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of turning makeup into your career, that toolbox could come in pretty handy.

Go Vintage

Head to the homewares section for a high-tea inspired, two tiered, cupcake stand. This elegant solution looks great on a vanity—especially if you’ve opted for some high-end makeup brands with gorgeous packaging. To store brushes or pencils, find a lovely silver bud vase or mint julep cup that you won’t mind looking at every time you have to wee. If you need something larger, consider a two-tiered plant stand from the garden store. Keep an eye out for vintage jewelry boxes or sewing baskets that might be repurposed to fit your décor and your lip gloss.

Office Works

Our favorite options for organizing your cosmetics at home are the see-through, acrylic, desktop filing drawers you find at office shops. These 8.5 by 11 drawers, keep your cosmetics neat in tidy layers, which eliminates digging. They’re also small enough to fit under a decent sized sink. The real beauty is, if you can’t store them away, they look clean and neat on top of a bathroom shelf. Desktop filing systems also come in white mesh, black plastic or aluminum, if that would suit your color scheme better. People with large cosmetic collections have even used a slim stack of drawers from IKEA. Just make sure you get something with shallow drawers or you’ll still be digging around.

Kitchen Gods

Drawer dividers are another way to keep it clean. Hit the homewares section of your favorite department store to find rectangle drawer dividers. Better yet, check to see if an elegant silverware organizer would work for you; it has the length for taller brushes and the width for pots of cream or foundation. If you want to put something in your drawer right now, grab the bottoms of jewelry boxes to keep things in line until you find a permanent solution.

Good Baggage

Keep cables and hair appliances tidy by getting each one their own case or drawstring bag. A bag with structure works best for keeping them stacked, but anything is better than the avalanche of curling irons pouring out of the cabinet. If you don’t have much storage space, consider hanging your hairdryer bag from a coat hook or towel rack. For tips on better hair, check this out.

Magneto Style

If you have a favorite box for your cosmetics that just isn’t big enough, consider gluing a steel sheet to the lid, then you can attach your products with mini magnets. Of course, this magnetic idea works for the backs of cupboards, inside of doors or at the side of cabinets, if you’re pinched for space.

While you’re considering the inside of your cabinet door, consider sticking small acrylic boxes to the inside of the door (just make sure you can still close it.) This system means that you have only one row of items in your cabinet, so you can see everything clearly. No more screaming at your brother for taking your hair wax when it was right behind the deep conditioner all along.

Tackle it with Takeaway

If you have some products that you only use occasionally, consider storing them in plastic takeaway containers. The trapezoidal shape of the takeaway packaging makes it stack brilliantly, and you can still see what’s inside. Alternatively, there’s nothing wrong with a good old shoe box. Give it a facelift with some wrapping paper if it’s going to be on display.

Good as Shoe

You can use an over-the-door shoe organizer if you still need more space. Clear plastic is handy for easy access. The only downside with this one is: everyone else can see how much you use.

Kit n’ Caboodle

If you’re looking for a portable make-up case, Caboodles has moved on from it’s 1980’s heyday and still offers a range of carrying cases. If you prefer to make your own consider using a small vintage suitcase or the metallic briefcases favored for artists’ portfolios. If you’re trying to break in to makeup artistry, consider these courses on Bridal Makeup, Runway Makeup, or Hollywood Makeup.


From a design perspective, the best way to tidy your space is to get rid of your odd containers and baskets and invest in some with unified look. All silver, all the same size, all white wire, the choices are endless but the visual payoff is big. Everything looks tidy if all the containers are the same or similar. Don’t forget: even cosmetics have use by dates. Now is a great time to get rid of all your outdated eye shadows and lotions. As the bin is filling up, think of that the next time you’re inclined to fork out big bucks for the color of the season.

Now that you have a long list of makeup organizer ideas, you can try your hand at making your own more natural cosmetics  or homemade soap. In the right packaging, your homemade soaps can also add an artisanal touch to your new bathroom décor when you put them on display. Taken all together, that’s a hard day’s work and a job well done. Your effort was worth it, because now you can take pride in your new organized bathroom, as well as take pride in yourself.