Make Money Online Now: Avoid the Scams and Get the Cash

make money online nowIt really can be discouraging trying to find a way to make money online.  Job search sites seem to be full of come-ons and offers, but something about them just doesn’t seem right.  Why would a company really pay you thousands of dollars to stuff envelopes?  Can you seriously make huge profits by selling in a pyramid scheme?  Unfortunately, many of these so called “job offers” are nothing more than a means of hooking people who are vulnerable, and taking them for a ride.  When you are in need of money (and who isn’t these days?), you may be a little more likely to go for a risky sounding proposition, in the hopes of making it work for you.  That is how scams succeed.

Luckily, there are plenty of legitimate, easy and fun ways to make money online.  There are no up front costs to you, and very little risk involved.  There are plenty of businesses out there who really do need input, feedback and honest work from people like you.  Knowing how to navigate the waters of online money making opportunities can mean the difference between having a good experience, or a terrible one.  If you take a little time to prepare, and learn what to look for, you can be assured of no scams, and no schemes. Just money for work provided.  Imagine that!  Let’s get to a list of some possibilities:

Get Paid to Buy Groceries

vegetarian meal planThere are two magic words in the world of online money making, and those words are “Market Research”.  Companies are extremely interested in who you are, what you are buying, and why.  So interested, in fact that they will pay you for that information.  Companies need this valuable intel so that they can better tailor their goods and services for their own growth and profit.  By providing them with data from your everyday shopping experiences, they can actually grow their business.

There are a few means by which you can get paid to shop.  First off, there are websites like “Checkout51” which simply want you to send them a photo of your grocery receipts.  They will have certain featured items every week, and if it turns out that you purchased one of them, they will pay you for it!  There are also services like “Inbox Dollars” or “Saving Star” which will give you money for using coupons.

As a more direct means of gathering market research, you can sign up to become a “Nielsen Homescan Family”.  You just sign up online, they send you a scanner (or you can use their smart phone app), and you scan your groceries.  Each time you do, you are earning points towards rewards, some of which can be very valuable.


Numbers Five DollarsThis is a concept so simple, it is brilliant.  Do you have a specific talent?  Are you looking to market that talent to a wide market of people looking to pay you for it?  Welcome to!  This is a website dedicated to anyone and everyone with a particular talent, and they set you up with a means of selling that talent for five dollars per transaction.  Making money through fiverr is direct, easy, and a great way to get started in the world of online money making.

If you load Fiverr’s home page, you will see several examples of other people looking to sell their talents in small, bite sized amounts.  To get an idea of what kind of services people are offering, just go and see for yourself.  Some popular angles are “I will film a believable product testimonial”, “I will provide a 30 second voice over”, “I will animate a short video”, “I will come up with five product slogans”, and “I will create a business logo”.  These are just some of the quick and painless services you are able to offer for five dollars at a time.  If you get a good reputation going on the site, you will be offered more and more jobs, and you never know when that might lead to greater success down the road.  It’s a great opportunity to put your talents out there.


Blogging can be an excellent tool for personal profit, if you know a few tips and tricks.  Coming up with interesting, or niche topics might be the way to go, because it can build a loyal audience of people who visit your site frequently, and trust your recommendations.  Then again, creating blog posts with wide, general appeal can mean more unique hits.

However you choose to approach blogging, one thing is certain, there are opportunities to make money.  Selling ad space on your blog is a popular means of making some extra income, but there are other things you can try too.  You could link up with a site like Amazon, and mention their products in your blog.  If a reader purchases that product through the link you provided, you get paid a percentage.

Very popular blogs can often spin off into print books, holiday cards, tee shirts and other merchandise.  Look at sites like “Cakewreks”, “Regretsy”, “Awkward Family Photos”, “The Bloggess”, etc.  These are all essentially comedy photo blogs that have been able to turn themselves into successful businesses.


Ebay is a powerhouse of a website, and you can absolutely get in on it, right now.  While Ebay used to be a quaint little website meant for small listings of all that stuff left over from the yard sale, it has grown into one of the top 25 websites on the entire internet.  Just let that statistic sink in for a moment.  When you have that many eyes on a website, you have a rare opportunity to make some serious money.  While the “yard sale” aspect of the site is still alive and well (especially if you are in possession of a few hard to find collectibles), there are always ample opportunities for you to become one of Ebay’s many “Power Sellers”.

Whether you want to be in the business of selling baseball cards or bingo chips, classic cars or classic road signs, Ebay has a market place for you.  There are a few intrinsic aspects of Ebay which allow for excellent money making opportunities. If you learn how to hack them ,you can really get an edge over other sellers.  Taking a little time to get familiar with the site, its policies, and how you can thrive there can lead to a full blown, at-home business.  Time to go clean out that attic and see if you can turn it into some extra cash.

Child Care

how to become a nanny

Okay, so this is not a job you can physically do online, but there are some great online sites which can help you get started.  If you are home with your kids, and you have thought that taking in another kid or two during the day can lead to some great money, you are not alone.  Websites like are set up so that parents can post jobs, caregivers can post available hours, and you can be matched up with a perfect situation.

Parents who are home with their kids are often taken out of the workforce so that they can provide full time care to their children.  What if that full time care could be turned into some extra money.  By doing what you are already doing (with the addition of a friend or two for your little ones), you can earn money.  The fact that you are already caring for children full time makes you an attractive candidate.  First aid certified?  You can make even more money that way.


The term “freelancer” can mean a number of different things, to a number of different people.  If you have experience with writing, editing, graphic design, web design, or marketing, there is someone out there who wants to put you to work.  As with any other online job opportunity, you have to be careful to avoid the people and situations looking to take advantage.  Taking an overall introductory course to freelancing is an excellent idea. Being prepared ahead of time will help you learn how to pitch jobs, find jobs, and which websites to use.  For starters, while they may look like an easy solution, it is probably best to avoid jobs posted on an online classified ad site (such as Craigslist).  There is no recourse for a situation like that.

For that reason, it is especially important to use services like, or  Those sites have systems which protect both the freelancers and the companies hiring them.  If you do work through one of those sites, it will all be documented, and if there were to be a payment dispute, the website can come to your aid.  There is a feedback system in place, and your clients can put money in escrow as a guarantee of payment before you begin working for them.  It is much safer to work under those conditions.  The fact that there are thousands of jobs available every day does not hurt either!