The Magician Tarot: Benefitting From A Fool’s Luck

magician tarotWhile a Tarot spread is, naturally, a series of cards (in which each card influences the interpretation of the others), there is still plenty we can say about individual cards, especially when they’re as interesting as the Magician card. The Magician card signifies a time when change is not only approaching, but when you have the power to use change to your own advantage. As this is something the vast majority of people desire, it is a highly coveted and dangerously interesting card.

Below we’ll look at the card itself – its elements, meanings, etc. – and then we’ll what the presence of the Magician does to your spread. Even if you’re just a beginner, you can master Tarot reading with this course on how to become a professional Tarot reader from scratch.

The Magician Card

  • Lemniscate

While every Tarot deck will have its own interpretation of how to present the Magician, there are several qualities that should be consistent in every deck. The first thing you will notice about the Magician is the halo-like symbol above his head; this is actually a lemniscate, or infinity symbol. Something you will not notice immediately is the snake tied around his waist, as if being used for a belt. The snake is eating its tail; another symbol of infinity. The Magician’s number also happens to be one, which is the number of beginnings (as opposed to ends). So, needless to say, the Magician has time on his side.

  • Elements

The Magician also holds a scepter or staff in his right hand that his points towards the sky; his left hand points to the Earth. This is commonly interpreted as the Magician’s ability to harness the powers of the universe and bring them to an Earthly or sensual level of understanding. In front of the Magician is a table with several objects on it; these are the four suits of the Tarot deck (sword, cup, pentacle and walking stick), ultimately representing earth, air, fire and water (alchemist elements), which correspond to the mind, heart, body and soul. If you’re new to Tarot and unfamiliar with these meanings, check out this quick and easy Tarot lesson.

  • Garb

Finally, we have the Magician’s clothing. The white of his robe is not normally an endearing feature; it  represents the purity but also the inexperience of the Fool card. Interestingly, this is balanced by the red of his cloak, representative of experience and knowledge. We see this same dichotomy in the flowers on the ground; white lilies, red roses.

Magician As Cheerleader

  • Go For It

The Magician is an encouraging card, no doubt about it. It symbolizes that the time has come when you can create a new life or new aspect of life for yourself. There are two parts to this equation. The first is that circumstance is on your side; if you have been waiting for the right moment or the right setting, then that will soon be awarded to you. The second is power and energy; if you have lacked either in the past, you will find your supply to be more than sufficient when the moment presents itself.

  • Got You Covered

Because the Magician has control over all four suits, and in turn the mind, heart, body and soul, he has all the bases covered. In other words, it is very unlikely that you will be blindsided by something unexpected, or that the Magician card will fall short if your circumstance is one suit and not the other. Of course, you can avoid this by harnessing magic yourself with this blog post on how to become a magician.

  • Believe In Yourself

But the most fundamental and important aspect of the Magician card is that it revitalizes your will to accomplish something. Lack of desire will no longer be an issue; neither will lack of skill. A natural sense of optimism and determination will manifest themselves in you at the proper moment.

The Realistic Approach

While interpretations have been developed for all aspects of life – work, family, love, health, etc. – these are perhaps too detailed and, therefore, unrealistic. More important is the Magician’s place in the card spread, for which there are three primary positions: past, present and future. Where a particular card is drawn is extremely important.

  • Past: 

In the past position, the Magician may wax nostalgic. In other words, you may be longing for a time when the Magician’s powers were on your side. Or, more favorably, you may still be reaping the rewards of this past experience.

  • Present: 

In the present situation, it might be time to take in your surroundings and see where you can’t making something happen quickly. The present position is an act-now card. It basically means the conditions are right and the rest is up to you. If you’ve been waiting for the signal to go, this is it.

  • Future: 

This is perhaps the most desired position for the Magician. It indicates that you have earned what you are about to receive, that if you continue on your current path you will find your desires answered through your own power. You will not have achieved anything by short-cut; you earned the position you have always wanted.

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With Other Cards

The best cards to accompany the Magician are the Fool, Temperance and the Three of Wands. The Fool indicated that you will have almost dumb luck; Temperance signifies that you will be generous to helping friends, but that some of the Magician’s powers will not make their way back to you; the Three of Wands acts as a magnifier of the Magician’s omens.

The Sun and Moon cards are not always welcomed. While the Sun boosts your energy, it also brings out your selfish side. The Moon is even worse, foreshadowing a blindness to anything but self-preservation and a steep price to pay for whatever you earn.


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