Lovers Tarot: How To Uncover the Card’s Romantic Symbolism

lovers tarotFew cards in the traditional tarot deck quite capture the same strength of emotion conjured up by “The Lovers”. It’s hard not to get swept off your feet by the images of passion and connection it puts in your head. In that way, it rivals the oft-understood death card, which you can read about in-depth in this blog post. Unlike the death card, however, the lovers are a little easier to interpret as a complete newbie – but the card still presents numerous possibilities that only a seasoned veteran will truly understand.

While we’re going to shed some light on the many aspects of the Lovers card’s but if you’re looking for a more complete breakdown of the entire deck, this course offers a really great explanation of card meanings and other tarot basics.


The Lovers depicts Adam and Eve facing each other in a bright and fertile valley. Behind Eve is the tree from their famous story and from it hang five fruit, symbolizing our senses. The snake coiled through its branches represents temptation. The fire of passion and the zodiac signs are embodied in the burning tree seen near Adam. The angel Raphael flies above them, wings outstretched, and symbolizes divinity. He’s also the angel associated with air, which ties to the Lovers because of it’s symbolization of communication.


Whether the Lovers tarot is laid down in an upright or a reversed position – from the reader’s perspective – can have a huge impact on it’s meaning, depending on who you ask. You can learn more about the effects of tarot card positioning with the amazing course available here.

  • Upright

One of several things that the lovers card represents is choice – usually very large and important ones. The decision will be a tough one to make with real and lasting consequences on a major scale. Make sure you take the time to really analyze any pressing issues you’re having and take the time to take the correct path.

Another significant aspect of the lovers card’s message deals with building the same values that could be tested by such a choice. You could be learning a new way of thinking or set of beliefs. Perhaps you’re developing a new outlook on life and changing old philosophies.

The biggest symbolism of the lovers card is connection. It can be interpreted as any strong relationship that involves a large amount of trust and harmony. The card can represent not only mutual sexual attraction but something even deeper and more rewarding.

  • Upside Down

One the flip side, the lovers card in the reverse position could indicate a less than perfect romantic relationship. It represents an unbalanced pairing, with one part being more invested and deeply involved in the union then their lover. Or it may indicated other problems in a once blossoming bond and mean the relationship is in danger as the two of you potentially grow apart. Either situation can obviously cause problems, but a complete breakup can still be avoided.

The disconnect called to attention by the downright Lovers card could also be within yourself and represent an inner battle. Something is deeply bothering you and creating turmoil. Perhaps you’re being too hard on yourself over a bad decision and need to reflect on the things you believe and hold important.

It’s critical not to shift the responsibility from yourself to others, however. This could be another issue brought attention to by the Lovers tarot. You have to accept your mistakes and either correct or learn from them. Avoid placing the blame on people or things where it doesn’t belong.

Relating to Life

We’ve just read a general overview of the card’s meanings, as well as how those same interpretations can change drastically depending on its positioning. Now we need to pinpoint where the Lovers are likely to manifest themselves in our daily lives. Here’s what to look out for in you or your client’s career, relationships, and well-being.

  • Work & Finances

It’s possible that the tough choice represented by the Lovers card can be a product of your professional life. As suggested, make sure that you weigh all possibilities carefully here before making your decision. Look at the whole picture and realize things may not be what they seem – a situation that appears bad could turn out in your favor.

Also, be wary of letting your love life interfere with your work space. This can take the form of an interoffice relationship or turning a blind eye to your finances after being swept off your feet in the heat of a passionate romance.

  • Love

Speaking of relationships, the Lovers tarot in relation to your love life should be pretty self-explanatory. This indicates a heavy duty romance, whether it’s newly established or simply rekindling old flames. The pairing will likely move quickly in a serious direction to the delight of both parties. You’ll be wishing for this happiness to never fade.

  • Health

The Lovers tarot can notify you that just the person you need to help with your health problems is on their way. This could be a healthcare professional or a more natural sort of healer that alleviates some of the difficulties you’re currently facing. Pay close attention to any mental difficulties as well and make an effort to heal your suffering from within.

More Possibilities

There you have it. Now you should be prepared to interpret the many possibilities presented by the lovers tarot card when it pops up in the more basic situations. Of course, there are even more meanings then I could possibly describe here relating to card combinations and whether the Lovers appear in your past, present, or future.

As you start to learn the background behind more and more of the tarot deck, it’s easy to get a bit sidetracked from the main goal of tarot reading – weaving the cards into a coherent story. This course takes a really great approach to learning all of the card’s meanings while keeping things in perspective. And if you’re thinking about taking things more seriously and landing some paying clients, this one will provide a crash course for professional tarot reading.