Logo Design Samples: How to Design Your Own Creative Company Logo

logo design samplesYou’ve put a lot of time and effort into building up your business – now it’s time to build your brand. A logo is usually the first thing a customer sees about your business and can go a long way in showing the them what you are all about and what your company does. A good logo can take your business far and a bad one can send out the wrong impression, so it is important for you to design a logo that is memorable and that will get the point across at a glance. To get you started on some designing basics you can check out our How to Design a Logo beginner’s course. Putting in the time and effort to create the perfect logo in the beginning can help you brand your company for success. Getting it right can give your business the great start that it needs to thrive

Forming Your Ideas

Getting started can often be the hardest part; however as a new business owner there are some things that you should have already decided about your business that will help you in your logo creation. What is your mission statement and what is your angle as a company? These things can help give you an idea of what you want to present with your logo. So if your business is an all-natural tea company then your logo should present some of those ideas.

This logo is a great example of this.

Here you can see that the company, Tony’s, is a place to eat organic foods. It has a picture of a fork that has green around the end that mimics food but also the image of a tree to represent the food’s all-natural ingredients. You can see how integrated the features are for the company and its logo. Another example is with the company Smorss.

See their logo here.

You can see from their logo what it is that they do and they show you quite a lot of information without saying much. The symbol is reflective of what they promote. It is simple and succinct and let’s the customer get a feel for who they are, without having to give any long explanations.

For a more in depth discussion on creative ways to design your own logo and what you should be looking for, check out our Logo Design Process from Start to Finish course.

The Importance of Color

We don’t really think about it in our day-to-day lives, but there is some very interesting psychology at work behind the impact of colors on people and their perceptions. For instance, green represents growth and purple represents regality. The colors you choose for your logo can make or break you, just as in the example of the tea company. You could be an all-natural tea company and have a blaze neon orange logo. However, your customers might confuse you with a hunting or construction company – not really the impression that you want to give them right off the bat.

Take this logo for example.

The colors here clearly exemplify the word “firestarter”; the red, yellow, and black are clearly recognizable by customers and are associated with each other to bring to mind the word fire. The flaming “F” with the head of a burning match is a perfect example of how something simple can make a big statement, and can be used perfectly in conjunction with the use of proper color. This allows customers to make connections in their mind that will help them to remember your name. If someone was having trouble thinking of the name of this company they could use the color or the memory of a match to recall the name “Firestarter”. These tricks don’t just allow you to create a unique logo – they allow you to make it easy for the customers to remember your company, which will make it more likely for them to use your services. Taking the time to do some research into the little things like colors can pay off big time with your end result and can give you the edge that you need to create and hold your customer base.

Creativity and Simplicity

Something that is common in many of the best logos is their simplicity of design. To be clear, simplicity does not mean that a design is not creative; it just means that it is not bogged down with numerous details that can detract from the point or make a logo difficult to understand. You don’t want your logo to be so busy that your customer needs a road map just to make heads or tails of it; you want your logo to be clean and succinct so that it is easily remembered by your customers and can be recognized worldwide.

Take this logo for a company called getwired.

It is simple and creative. It combines the ideas of technology with the phrase of “getting wired” to mean drinking caffeine, and it seamlessly adds these two into one great logo. The wires make the shape of a coffee cup with the words underneath saying the name of the company, “getwired”. The customer now can put together both of these ideas and figure out what the company does. This is what you want your logo to achieve, simple creativity that is easily recognized and branded to fit your company. For some more ideas about branding and logo design try our Advance Design of Logos and Brand Identity course.

Text and Fonts

Deciding what text (if any) you want to have is also an important decision in the overall look and feel of your logo. Fonts, like colors, can give us different impressions depending on how they look. Comic Sans is a great font for a business that works with children, but might not be so good for a construction company. Similarly one of the gothic style fonts might be good for a printing company, but not so good for one that makes toys.

Check out this logo.

Here you can see how this company has utilized the script and font to be a part of the logo, not just subtext. This is a creative way to incorporate your company name into the image so that the image and your name are synonymous. Again, this is a great way to make your company recognizable and memorable to your customers. If you are not sure how you want to get started take a look at our Logo, Header and Image Basics for Online Business/Wordpress for some great tips and tricks to design logos, headers, and even sales page images.

Incorporating Ideas

Now that you have brainstormed some ideas, learned about colors and fonts, and thought about some different designs that will look great it is time to get started on actually creating the design and bringing it all together.

This logo is a great example.

Here you can see an excellent design that encompasses the use of color, font, and the main idea and direction of the company. The company Moon Balloon has a logo that uses the moon as a balloon that is also tied in with the fonts of the work. This is a perfect example of what a great logo looks like when utilizing art to portray the company that is still simple and creative. This is the kind of logo that you should strive for creating when you are thinking about your design.

Taking the time to create your own logo can save you money and gives you control over exactly the kind of image you want to create for your business. There is no wait time or expensive consultations, just the design that perfectly fits you and your company. Once you have finished with your logo design give Unique Selling Proposition Examples a read. There are excellent ways to build up your company from scratch and tips to really get in touch with the customers that you need to make selling your products in a global market within your reach. Be sure to check out this incredible vector design course which help you learn to create beautiful logos and much more.