Logo Design Ideas: How To Build a Brand From Scratch!

logo design ideas womanBrands are everywhere in our society affecting our consumerism. Whether or not you know it (or would like to admit it), you have been affected, even coaxed, into making purchases by branding techniques. The key to a successful brand is a powerful and enticing logo. So here are some logo design ideas to get you started on your way to a big, successful brand.

First, you must understand that your logo must identify what you do, who you are, and why consumers should entrust their business to you. How do you do this? To find out about the specific meanings and combinations of word and colors that associate logos with feelings you can take a course in Introductory Logo Design, where the basics of logo manipulation are explained in detail. Now to start creating your log we must identify your business.

What Do You Do?

What is your business? You cannot just have a vague understanding. You must know exactly what you produce, what your target demographic is, and how you intend to reach your audience. This knowledge is key in creating a logo that both fits your business and appeals to your consumers. Big brands such as Target, Play-Doh, Petsmart, and McDonalds all spent extensive time designing the logos that people are so familiar with today. The Golden Arches of McDonalds are one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. Words and symbols are all it takes to develop a good logo. It is mainly based upon which words and which symbols you group together. So identify your market and begin your logo.

Who Are You?

Now that you know who your brand is targeting and what you will do to create awareness, you need to pause and ask yourself “As owner, what is my identity?” “When people look at me, what do they see?” It is hard enough to build a brand and create and identity and it is that much harder to present your own identity as you would like it to be perceived. Your intentions must be true to your person or the logo and brand will not fit. Knowing this will help you shape your logo to fit you more aptly.

Why Should Consumers Buy From You?

Finally, after creating your visual design and logo, you can now choose how to implement it. Why should people choose you over other providers? Unless you have your own niche in the market, you will have competitors all fighting for consumers. In a perfect world, the consumers would split evenly so everyone wins, but the truth is that one will take a large percentage and the remainder will struggle for the remaining consumers. Fortunately, in creating the proper logo and defining who you are and why you do what you do, you have set yourself apart. Now you must stand out and that is where logo coloring and shading become important. Design your logo with warm colors to create desire, cool colors to exude efficiency, and neutral colors to imply necessity.

When choosing a logo design program, you want a program that fits your needs. Some programs have so many pieces that it is overwhelming and takes away from the artistic aspect of design. Other programs are simply insufficient and do not have what many designers would like. A few of the better programs used by professionals or for logo design basics are:

  • Adobe Illustrator – The king of design software, Adobe is still the most used and easiest design program for professional logo designers. With an array of tools for creating designs, Adobe is the best. For videos and tutorials you can enroll in a course in Adobe Illustrator CS6. Nothing beats the best. The ability to control gradients, opacity, and complex shading techniques may make this a little intimidating for beginners, so maybe a more basic program would be best suited for someone new to design.

  • Logomaker – If you’re just after a quick and easy logo, Logomaker could be just what you need. Even those without any previous design experience can create a brand new logo in minutes using the online wizard. There’s a huge selection of artwork to build on – more than 10,000 icons and images, all created by professional designers. Add text, choose a font, play around with colors and spacing to create your own unique design. You can create and save up to six web-ready logos and download them for free. You’ll get the appropriate HTML code to copy and paste online.
  • Laughingbird – Logo Creator comes with 200 templates and even more graphic elements, which can be dropped directly onto the canvas. You do not need to draw your own logo for this logo-maker and you can download the software as a free trial. Logos are then generated and can be used for licensing and use immediately.

  • Summitsoft Logo Design Studio – With 1500 pre-designed templates, Summitsoft allows users to create designs online and print them out for use. You can then sell your designs as you wish like with Laughingbird. You also can download a free trial of the software and they help you with branding and trade marking your work.

  • LogoYes – Better suited for beginners and more simplistic designs, LogoYes is easy to use and requires no download of fees upfront. When you complete your design, you can purchase the high-resolution copies and rights for only 99 cents. Inexpensive and easy to use, LogoYes is definitely worth a shot, though you can only use one graphic per logo.

  • Sothink – You can start your own logo from scratch with Sothink, or you can edit existing logos. A Microsoft Office look-a-like, this program will help choose shading and colors to compliment your design. Definitely a tool for intermediate and beginner designers.

You do need, however, an idea on how to design your logo from start to finish. Without this knowledge, you would be stumbling around trying to make combinations from scratch without a clear path. The perfect instructional for logo design basics and how to create and unveil your logo is important for beginning designers. After you have identified your business and logo needs you can create your logo. Once you have created your logo and identified your brand you can tweak your design to reflect your brand’s identity. To learn that art you can take this course on advance logo design and brand identity.

You can learn to design your logo, build your brand and eventually launch your company with hard work and determination. The key is getting started. So, what are you waiting for?