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list of communication skillsThe invention of the internet, the iPhone, and plenty of other devices that allow us to gather information in a matter of minutes has changed the way that we communicate.  We may sometimes believe that these devices have, or are the answers for everything.  We’ve come to rely heavily on this technology to help us to resolve issues or find answers to questions that we used to have to seek out answers for.  Sometimes, we even rely on this technology more than we rely on our verbal and interpersonal communication skills when trying to interact with others.  The availability of more information directly at our fingertips also leads to more opinions, more debates, and potentially more problems.  Numerous surveys have been conducted that show a direct correlation with how well you communicate with how successful you are.  Why do you think this is?  People who communicate better, can better contain and handle this increase in opinions, be a voice of reason during a debate and can actively listen to what others are trying to say potentially helping them to come up with better solutions to problems.  You are also effectively able to communicate and demonstrate the best way to solve problems to your team members.  Therefore, reducing the risk of major issues coming up that may delay project timelines, time is money after all.  Join others wanting to learn how to effectively communicate in the 21st Century, enroll in Advanced Communication Skills and bring your skills up to date.

Here’s another way to look at it, if you can’t communicate well, how can you tell people what you want?  Communication skills allow you to clearly set boundaries and expectations with those around you.  Learn boundaries, communication and assertiveness skills is a great course that will teach you how to apply healthy boundaries and assertive communication skills in your everyday life.  Good communication also saves everyone around you time and energy.  When you are not clear, people may spend more time trying to decipher what exactly it is that you want since you weren’t able to clearly communicate it in the first place.  I relate this to getting bad driving directions.  Have you ever gotten vague directions from someone?  You know, you have we all have.  We’ve asked a friend for the best way to get to their house and they tell us to go down a few blocks after we exit the freeway.  Then, make a right at the taco stand with the yellow sign, their house is the pink one about half way down the street on the right hand side.  Try and follow those directions and odds are you’ll end up calling your friend more than once so you can make sure you’re headed the right way.

how to improve communication skills in englishThe ability to communicate has a direct correlation with how successful you are as well.  You heard that right, communication can take you further than connections, education, and ambition.  How else are you supposed to effectively problem solve and build relationships with those around you?  Here are some tips and tricks to help you communicate effectively and get to the top.

Be a Pilot

Change happens, it’s a natural process of evolution.  In order to be the best, we have to constantly evolve who we are or how we do business to meet the needs of our consumers.  Pilot plans are a great way to try out new ideas without overwhelming your staff or business processes.  Having the opportunity to be a participant in the project pilot will gives the selected representatives a chance to voice their opinions.  It also gives them a sense of ownership and a desire to see their hard work pay off.  Test an idea out first with your team to see how it is accepted and ask for feedback.  Are there things that could have been done better?  How can we improve performance, cut cost, make ourselves more effective, are all questions that should be discussed with the pilot team.

Loud and Clear

Make sure that you are loud and clear with your team about any and all expectations that you have for them and any projects that you may be working on.  Explain the desired end result to your employees and the impact that you would like the project to have on the client end.  Not taking the time to clearly identify project goals could leave your team guessing and in the worst case scenario taking a project completely off course.  Mistakes that, could ultimately cost the company and the client a lot of time and money.


listofcommunicationskillsThis one may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised by the number of people that find this simple concept so difficult.  Listen to what those around you are saying.  That means stop thinking about what you are going to say to them as soon as they stop talking.  Listen to what they are saying in its entirety, take a moment to process it, and then respond.  If you don’t understand everything that they’ve said, ask them to clarify or ask them a question that you think will help you better understand what it is that they really want.  So many arguments can be avoided and so much time saved if we all just slowed down for a moment and listened to what others were trying to say.  Learn to step back from conversations and learn how they operate enroll in How Conversation Works to become a conversation master.

Make an Impression

Before you get ahead of yourself and start trying to show off your best Sylvester Stallone impression, I don’t mean that type of impression.  I’m talking about giving those people that you are communicating with the impressions that you are genuinely happy to be talking to them.  Make them feel as though there is nothing on earth you would rather be doing.  When you give people the impression that you are excited to talk to them and make them feel as though they are important to you, they will be more likely to open up to you and have meaningful conversations.  Are you meeting someone for the first time?  How to Make a Powerful first Impression will teach you the tools that you need to use the art of connection to boost sales, heal relationships, and empower lives.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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