Leg Exercises At Home: No Gym Equipment Required!

leg exercises at homeWorking out at home is convenient for most individuals for a variety of reasons. First of all, studies show that the average American spends a minimum of 51 minutes a day commuting.  Imagine that within those 51 minutes of experiencing possible road rage to work and the gym, you could have gotten a great workout? Instead, you are sitting in your car, barely moving enough to burn off a percentile of lunch. Not to mention, you can fit in exercise to meet your schedule when working out at home. You cannot always predict unforeseen events, but when they happen, you can work around them. Also, you feel less self conscious. For the most part, if you understand how important it is to get regular exercise, you will never miss a workout again.

This exciting online course will help you get fit for life by teaching you the science of exercise. Have you ever walked into a crowded gym and felt as if you were getting hyper-analyzed by fitness models and just wanted to hide in the bathroom? Well, you never have to worry about that feeling at home. You can wear what you want without the pressure of trying to compete with gym dwellers. Furthermore, you can be more motivated because you do not have to make the extra effort to drive to the gym. Let’s focus on leg exercises. Why? Because your legs hold your largest muscles, which means that when you work on your legs, you are raising your metabolism and burning calories all over your body.  If you want to learn some of the best and most effective leg exercises at home, read on to fine out more.

Having defined legs can really benefit and are essential to your overall fitness goals. The shape of your lower body helps to balance your entire shape. With a persistent regimen of steady leg exercises, you can see results in four to eight weeks. If you have cellulite, your best defense is to get rid of extra fat on your thighs. Because when you firm your thigh muscles, you you reduce the amount of fat collected, thereby reducing the amount that can break through and cause cellulite.

Squat With a Ball

For this exercise you would use a Pilates ball to give your body some extra tension. Place an exercise ball against the wall, and lean on it with the curve of your back. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure your shoulders are level and your hips are square. Bend your knees between five and 10 inches. Hold your position for about three seconds, and then stand back up. You can start with five repetitions, and then work your way up to 12 or more. Rest for 30 seconds between each set. This exercise works your whole thigh, most especially your inner thigh. Moreover, you have to be careful with how you move your body. This unique course will teach you exactly how to perform a squat, properly.


Lunges help to give your thighs and your rear a toned definition. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and place your hands on your hips. Take a large step forward, and bend downwards a few inches. Your back leg should be at a right angle. Then, use your leg muscles to lift you up to standing position. Start with two sets of 10 on each side. You can work your way up to three sets of 30 on each side.

Dumbbell Balancing Act

This leg exercise is a bit more complicated, but it can give you fast results. Start by placing a dumbbell in your right hand, and place your left hand on your hip. Lift your left foot behind you, so that it is close to the height level of your hips. Lean forward and bring your right arm forward. Do a bicep curl, and then place your toe back on the floor for a few seconds. So, as you lift one leg behind you; you are doing a bicep curl with the opposite arm. Repeat for 10 reps, and then switch sides.


This is a move made popular by ballet dancers and for good reason! Have you seen their legs? To get a similar shape, place your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Turn your toes outward. Lower your body about six inches. Place both hands in front of you for balance, and then lift up. Do 10 reps, and work your way up to 30. This exercise works your outer thighs, hips and rear.

Plyometric Squat

This exercise might be more advanced, so proceed with caution. However, it will give your body and your legs an instant burst of energy! Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down, and bend your knees to 90 degrees. Quickly jump up, and then return to your squat position. Use your muscles to help you manage a soft landing. Make sure your weight is back over your heels. Do one set of eight reps, and work your way up to three sets.

Scissor Kicks

Place a met on the floor, and lie on your back. Keep your arms at your sides. Now, extend your legs, and lift them 45 degrees off of the floor. Keeps your toes pointed. Cross your right thigh over the left, and then cross the left thigh over the right. Repeat this motion 30 times. This exercise will help slim your thighs while shaping your hip flexors. Part of working out is completing a makeover that is more than just physical. With this helpful online course, you can easily complete that total body transformation without dieting!

Exercise Band Leg Circles

Lie on your back, and rest and extend your right leg. Wrap the exercise band around the arch of your foot, and lift it towards the ceiling. Hold the other end of the band with your left hand. Extend your left arm, so that it is at shoulder level. Circle your left foot counterclockwise, making sure you lower that leg so that it almost touches the floor, and then comes back up. Do four large circles, and then repeat with your right leg.

Reach and Toe Squat

Engage your abs, and set yourself into a chair pose. This is as if you are sitting in an invisible chair. Touch your inner knees and ankles together. Also, your hips should be lowered to a half squat. Now, reach dumbbells over your head with both arms. Stand on the balls of your feet, and lift your rear four inches, and then lower. Continue to lift and lower within the four inch range for between eight to twelve reps.

Chair Kicks

This is a fun exercise that most anyone can do. Sit on a chair, and grip the sides with your hands. Place your feet flat on the floor. Lift your right leg until it is parallel to the floor with your toe pointed. Hold for five seconds, and then release. Repeat this with your left leg. Imagine you are making kicks with your legs. With each left, squeeze your leg muscles to get even more toning benefits out of this exercise. You can even do this exercise while watching TV!

Pillow Squeeze

Sit on a chair, and hold its sides with your hands. Place your feet flat on the floor. Place a pillow in between the narrowest part of your thighs. Exhale, and squeeze the pillow with your thighs. Concentrate on using every thigh muscle to perform this action. Try to keep the squeezing motion going for 30 seconds, and then relax. Repeat this four times.

Pick Up Squat

This is another variation of the tried and true squat. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Lift your chest, and bend your knees 90 degrees as you place your dumbbells on the floor. Stand up straight, and then quickly squat down again to pick up your dumbbells. Repeat for 1 minute, and then rest for 30 seconds.

Performing leg exercises at home will give you the definition you seek while giving you time and convenience. In addition, you get to save on those gym membership costs! For more options, check out these fitness ball exercises. Since all of these workouts can be done on your schedule, what are you waiting for?