The pandemic hasn’t just transformed the way we work. It’s also caused many employees to rethink their current roles and even their overall careers. A recent Fast Company survey found that 52% of polled Americans are considering changing their jobs this year. And 44% of workers have a plan in place to make the switch. 

Employers must now prepare for returning to work and setting employees up for success in the hybrid workplace. This month’s HR and L&D news focus on this next phase of work. 

Preview of learning industry news May 2021

How ready are you for the hybrid workplace? 

The hybrid workplace (with some employees working from home and some onsite at the office) is likely to be the next step for many organizations. But what will that look like, and how can you get it right? These five principles to guide decision-making when building a hybrid workplace are an excellent place to start. CMSWire has the full story.  

News and views from Unilever CHRO Leena Nair 

Whether it’s returning to work, prioritizing mental health, or creating opportunities for women in the workplace, Unilever’s CHRO Leena Nair has an informed and thoughtful take on the topic. Discover some of Nair’s biggest challenges and learnings from her career and how she sees HR transforming in the future. Read the full interview on TIME

Performance management + upskilling = the key to success

Investing in learning & development is linked to business outcomes like revenue growth. And a new partnership between Betterworks and Udemy connects employees’ objectives and key results (OKRs) with learning progress. Explore the details of the partnership along with other L&D trends on Forbes.

Is it time to ditch degree requirements?

Is a four-year college degree a necessary requirement? Business leaders such as Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier say it isn’t, at least for many roles. Dropping degree requirements can also create opportunities for people from underrepresented backgrounds. Head to the Wall Street Journal to learn more.

Employers now prize interpersonal skills 

New data from McKinsey reveals the skills employers are prioritizing in response to the pandemic. In addition to leadership, critical thinking, and project management, 39% of respondents said they’re prioritizing empathy and other interpersonal skills. Get the full story on Business Insider

A worst-case scenario for hybrid work

What are all the ways that hybrid work could fail? This premortem exercise imagines seven likely scenarios (like favoring co-located employees and ignoring the value of relationships) and how to avoid them. Head to Atlassian to ensure you’re ready for anything.

Prepare your organization for whatever’s next

There’s a lot of uncertainty about the next phase of work. So companies are looking for ways to keep employees engaged, motivated, and ready to take on the next challenge. You can make a positive impact by helping employees develop critical interpersonal skills like change agility and a growth mindset

Udemy is here to help prepare your workforce for whatever’s next. Get in touch to discuss best practices for training your workforce.