What does the return to work look like? There’s no single answer to when, where, or how companies head back to the office. But it’s unrealistic to expect we can simply bounce back to what working life was like before the pandemic. 

This month, HR and L&D leaders are putting a lot of thought into how to best support employees no matter where they’re working. Here are the highlights from the latest HR and L&D news and views.

Get ready for the “Great Resignation” 

Large numbers of employees who stayed at the same job throughout the pandemic may be getting ready to hand in their notice. What can employers do to prepare? Offer flexible work arrangements and invest in training your managers for a start. Get more practical tips on retaining your workforce from Fast Company.  

Remove the anxiety from the return to work 

As companies prepare to welcome workers back to the office, employees are feeling a range of emotions. Cara Brennan Allamano, Udemy’s SVP of People, Places, and Learning, offers tips to ease the transition back to work, like focusing on upskilling and providing ongoing support and resources. Check out her article on Forbes for the whole story. 

The state of learning and development in 2021

Good news: 62% of HR professionals say skills-based training directly addresses skills gaps, and 58% say it improves employee retention. But there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to learning and development. New research reveals how different organizations are investing in training. Head to SHRM for the details.  

Tomorrow’s forecast: Clearly cloudy

Cloud technology offers vast potential for innovative business solutions. And the more your employees understand the cloud, the faster your organization can reap these benefits. There are several steps that will develop “cloud fluency” among both technical and non-technical employees. Get the full story on HR Dive

Prepare for a post-pandemic Renaissance 

There might be some silver lining to the disturbance caused by the pandemic. People are feeling more of a sense of connection and community. And they’re taking time to focus on learning and mental health. Check out David Brooks’ article in the New York Times to read more. 

Set your organization up for success — no matter what’s next

Employees have mixed feelings about returning to the office. Some can’t wait for the team togetherness and casual chatter around the watercooler. Others feel anxious about adding the stress and time of commuting back into their lives. Change can be difficult for everyone, so consider how you’ll collect input and communicate any updates to your team. This transitional phase is the perfect time to brush up on essential soft skills like managing stress and being a great leader.

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