The latest twist on the return to office? For many companies, tentative dates are being pushed back due to the delta variant and rising coronavirus cases. There’s still time to fine-tune your return to office or hybrid work plans. Many HR and L&D leaders plan to focus the remaining months of the year on preparing their workforce for an uncertain future. Here’s the latest news roundup from July 2021.   

How to win with hybrid work

Want to create an inclusive environment for the new world of work? Consider your approach to the hybrid setup with some employees in the office and some working remotely. “Companies need to start paying more attention to process, and, most important, people,” writes Sue Bingham. Head to Harvard Business Review for tips on creating the ideal hybrid setup.

Coach your managers to success

Stand-out individual contributors often get rewarded with promotions. But they don’t automatically have the skills that will help them succeed as a manager. Recent research from Forrester finds that helping new managers develop their coaching skills drives employee engagement and performance. Get the full story on HR Dive

New perspectives on lifelong learning

New research shows that workers are embracing reskilling and lifelong learning. Sixty-eight percent of workers said they’re open to retraining, whether their employer requires it or not. Dig into the data and findings on the Association for Talent Development blog.

The downside of internal mobility

“Great hires are often in our own internal talent pools,” writes Udemy’s Senior Vice President of People + Places Cara Brennan Allamano. But there can also be a downside to internal mobility. When internal candidates get rejected, they often lose job satisfaction and commitment to the organization. Find out what you can do to avoid this on Harvard Business Review. 

Microsoft Viva and Udemy Business make learning part of everyday work

“For companies to compete in today’s global markets and upskill employees for the future, learning must be a natural, cohesive part of everyday work and company culture,” says Greg Brown, President of Udemy Business. And with the new Microsoft Viva and Udemy Business integration, customers can centralize opportunities for learning at work. Get the full scoop at Business Wire.

Maybe youth isn’t wasted on the young after all

In case you needed some news to lift your spirits, new workplace findings are in from the World Economic Forum. Based on their survey of 11,000 young people worldwide, two-thirds of respondents believe they’ll get the job they want. Respondents also say the pandemic has bolstered their resilience. Keep the good vibes going over at the World Economic Forum.

Set your organization up for success – no matter what’s next

Whether you’re bringing employees back to the office, extending remote work indefinitely, or are somewhere in between, the coming months will require flexibility. As you solidify your policies, consider ways to help your employees develop a growth mindset and boost their change agility

Udemy is here to help prepare your workforce for whatever’s next. Get in touch to discuss best practices for training your workforce.