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Why Opt for an Online SQL Course?

learn sql onlineTo jump start your career as an SQL developer, you do not need to take a break from your present job or education. All you need is a laptop or PC or mobile device to download and browse courses, an internet connection, and registration for the online courses. The ample SQL training opportunities available online will help you master the skills and knowledge of SQL database, server, and SQL queries.

As the demand for database developers is rising in different sections of the industry, you will call the shots if you learn SQL. Most database vendors are aligning their databases with the ANSI/ISO SQL standard. So when you learn how to handle SQL databases, you’ll be prepared to move from one database to another.

The SQL language hasn’t changed much over the decades and once you understand the basics of SQL, you can keep upgrading and building your knowledge so that you can add more features and functionality to your database. By knowing SQL, as a DBA, you’ll be able to make better decisions and move poorly performing code out of the database. Through experience and practice you will soon be able to spot the problems even before they strike.

Importance of SQL

SQL or Structured Query Language is the standard language used to communicate with relational database management systems, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, and so on. It is the backbone of all relational databases and offers a flexible interface for databases of all shapes and sizes. It is used as the basis for all user and administrator interactions with the database. With SQL, you can build databases, enter data into the database, manipulate data, and query the database data. The output or results from the query are often used in analysis or to make business decisions. SQL comes in many flavors. Oracle databases utilize their proprietary PL/SQL. Microsoft SQL Server on the other hand makes use of Transact-SQL. However, all of these variations are based upon the industry standard ANSI SQL.

Career Options with SQL

Before you register for any online courses, it makes sense to determine what sort of career path you may want to pursue or in which area you are looking to upgrade your knowledge in.  A typical database management company or a company handling database application require employees with any combinations of the following job profiles – database developer, administrator, database analyst, database architect, programmer, and so on. So here are the job and career opportunities available when you are conversant with SQL:

Some people have the time and money to go to training centers and opt for classroom classes. Some are   lucky enough to get their employer to pay for their training. Even if your employer does not pay for training, it makes sense to learn or upgrade your knowledge in SQL, as SQL is being extensively used by database users, administrators, and developers all over the world.

Online Training Opportunities

You can start off by taking a basic training in SQL database. Role of databases in application programming, features of tables and relations, introduction on SQL querying are all elaborately discussed in this course. SQL Database for Beginners is another course to learn Microsoft SQL in an easy and simple way. Once you grasp the basics of database it may be a good idea to get a grasp over database design so that as a developer you do not make mistakes and learn how to properly create and normalize a relational database.

For a DBA position, it’s important to know about database server and its maintenance.  SQL Server 2008 R2 Database Maintenance Skills and SQL Server Maintenance Plans will help you learn on how to use SQL Server maintenance plans to perform common database maintenance tasks.

Learn SQL Reporting Services is the course which will guide you on report authoring, and on creating lists, reports, charts, and invoices. Practical SQL Reporting with SSRS  will give you hands on training course on Microsoft SQL server reporting services which teaches you how to create reports that can be viewed over the web.

To run SQL database applications efficiently it is important to write proper queries and courses like Introduction to SQL Training and SQL Queries 101 will give you a good working knowledge on queries, SQL coding and syntax, and how to perform different database operations on tables.


The online SQL courses will boost your confidence and while you extensively work on database programs, you will unravel ways to overcome the challenges you face while working on databases. You can be ahead in your career race and can build up a successful career if you keep yourself updated on the latest developments. An SQL certification helps to validate your knowledge and gives you better job opportunities. So if you want to add more feathers to your cap, then Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Certification Training Exam 70-461 will prepare you for the MCSA or MCSE certification exams. So as the demand for database developers swells in different industrial sectors, you will call the shots if you learn SQL and keep updating your knowledge.

Page Last Updated: May 2014

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