Learn Magic Tricks in 8 Easy Steps

learnmagictricksMagic can be a lot of fun, an easy way to entertain your family and friends at a casual get together or on a rainy afternoon. There are many amateur magicians out there, and also many professional ones who make their living out of magic tricks. Once you get good enough you can even make a steady income out of magic tricks and performance, performing at events, parties, corporate, functions, etc. But remember, as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t build in a day. To develop your magic skills, there are several things you want to keep in mind.

First of all, there is no school or university that will teach you magic. After all, you can’t exactly go to college and major in magic. Though this is not say that you can’t learn magic tricks. Magic tricks are essentially all about creating illusions, so you need to learn how to deceive the eyes of your audience. This is easier said than done but with some practice, patience, and dedication you can easily learn a few magic tricks, progressing your way up more to impressive feats. However, before you move onto more advanced magic tricks it is important that you master the basics and learn a few easy magic tricks. You might want to check out this great course on easy magic tricks. And of course, check out the great eight tips we’ve compiled below.

1.    Check out a good book. If you are truly interested in learning magic, a book is an excellent place to get started. You might want to check out the biographies of famous magicians to learn more about different styles of magic as well as how to master them. There are also quite a few how-to manuals out there that can be very useful as you’re just starting to learn tricks. But overall, you want to get familiar with terminology and the different types of magic.

2.    Master the basics. Learn the basics of magic tricks; get a few easy tricks under your belt. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can begin to put your own personal spin on things to develop your own personal style.

3.    Get to know other magicians. To be successful as a magician, it can be highly beneficial to join a community of magicians. You can likely find some kind of group in your own city and if not there are tons of groups and forums online. Other magicians can provide you with advice and guidance and they can oftentimes help you to learn new magic tricks.

Upon joining a group, you may even be able to find a mentor. A mentor can be a tremendous advantage, providing tips and helping you to gain new insights and learn new tricks.

4.    Learn a magic trick involving coins. Some of the most popular magic tricks involve a coin. To learn the basics, consider taking this basic card tricks with coins course. It is well worth it.

5.    Learn a magic trick involving cards. If you are an aspiring magician, you need to know your way around a deck of cards. Of course, there are some easy ways to master card tricks, while others are more complex. To get started, check out this great course on mastering the basics of card tricks.

6.    Take an acting class. We’ve already established that there are no schools or universities that will teach you magic. With that being said, certain kinds of classes can help you to become a more successful magician. In particular, you may want to look into taking acting classes. Many professional magicians find that a theatrical training can really help them get into character and better execute their tricks.

Acting classes can also help you to develop confidence and presence, both of which are crucial when performing in front of an audience. You need to have good public speaking and public presentation skills. The audience will be able to sense it if you’re nervous and this can detract from your presentation, so it is important to stay relaxed. To hone your presentation skills, you might want to check out this great course that offers tips on how to be a great presenter.

7.    Practice, practice, practice. Once you’ve gotten a few basic tricks down, start practicing. It can be highly beneficial to practice your tricks in front of the mirror. Pay attention to your own movements and how you are conducting the illusion. After all, it is essential that the trick is convincing. Practice until you can do a trick virtually automatically, without having to think.

Once you’re fairly confident in your abilities, seize every opportunity that arises for performance—birthday parties, get-togethers, holiday events, etc. Remember, practice makes perfect. And when it comes to magic, perfection is important. Your audience isn’t going to believe in the trick you are performing unless you flawlessly pull off the illusion.

8.    Start small and work your way up. Don’t expect to be making millions as soon as you get started as a magician. You need to slowly work your way up to bigger, better, higher-paying gigs. As you get going and get more important gigs you will undoubtedly make more contacts and become more established. You may even be able to start making a living by working as a magician full time.