Learn Guitar Online: A Fun, Comprehensive, and Personalized Approach

learnguitaronline (1)If you have a guitar and the desire to play, there is no reason you shouldn’t start today. Guitar lessons can be expensive, and you might not get the flexibility you want to work at your own pace and on the skills you want to know. So why not get started today online? You can start right away with a course that can give you all the essential skills you need to know without the frustration many players encounter.

Here are some tips for you as you begin learning guitar online:

Get a formal introduction

Once you pick up the guitar, it can be difficult to know how to get started. There seems to be a lot to learn, and you’re not sure if there is a right way to do that or an order in which you should take things on.

This is where a basic introduction to the instrument can come in handy. You will want to take some basic instruction from someone who has had experience developing players and knows how to get you on the right track. You should be encouraged to know that you can get a great start with this free introductory course on guitar taught by an experienced instructor.

Know your goals

You don’t need to have everything figured out as soon as you jump in, but at the same time, it can help to have some idea of how far you want to get with your playing and what kind of playing you will ultimately want to be doing. If you want to master the instrument, you will need to take a different approach than someone who just wants to get a few licks down and play with friends.

Know your style

Do you want to play rock and roll specifically? Is jazz more your sound? There are advantages to learning a specific style, as the approaches to the instrument can be radically different. If you want to play jazz guitar like Wes Montgomery, you’re probably not going to want to learn basics in the style of Jimi Hendrix.

There are online courses to get you started with a specific style. For instance, take a look at this course on beginning rock guitar.

Know your smartphone

Whether you have an Android, iOS, or Windows phone, you have some tools available to you on the cheap, even free in some instances. You will want to download a metronome app, a guitar tuner app, and possibly a sound recorder. whether you have a smartphone or not, of course, you can always pick up dedicated tools for these functions at the local music store.

Know how you sound

Even in one-on-one guitar lessons, your teacher is likely to recommend recording your practice sessions. It is very important that you hear how you really sound. Your recording doesn’t have to be fancy. You can use the sound recorder on your smartphone, mp3 device, or your old answering machine! Anything with a playback button. Make sure when you record that you are playing along with your metronome.

Getting used to recording multiple tracks, however, can get you some advantages over the most basic recordings. You can layer rhythm and lead guitar parts to get a better idea of how well you are sticking to rhythms hitting the right notes.  It might be easier than you think to get started on multi-track recording. Try out a course on record engineering and mixing.

Know how to get feedback

There are some great tools for getting feedback from others. If you have never been on Soundcloud, you might set up an account and start to explore what is there. This online platform that combines music sharing with social networking is hugely popular, and professional musicians are very active on it. If you make some connections and share some examples of your playing, you shouldn’t have trouble getting constructive input to help you progress as a player.

Soundcloud has a couple additional features that are worth mentioning here. With their mobile app, you can record directly to a mobile device and post your recording to the platform. This is a great option that takes out the hassle. In addition, Soundcloud provides listeners the ability to comment on exact places in a track, based on time. This can greatly ease communications when discussing your playing.

Know your basics

Make sure you have a lot of fun while you are learning to play. But  don’t forget to balance that  with focused exercises and practices that will make you a better player. There is plenty of content online that will help you build certain skills or learn techniques, but you will do best to make sure that what you are undertaking fits an overall gameplan. Otherwise you might overlook important steps and eventually find yourself hitting a wall with your playing. So getting the fundamentals down is crucial.  Consider an online course like this step-by-step guitar system that will take you through all the fundamentals from beginner to advanced.

Know how to play with other musicians

Don’t play an endless solo. You will want to meet and play with other musicians. You probably already know some people who play instruments, so try to set up some time to get together with them and play.

Even online, you can get a great experience playing with others. There are some people who Jam online in real time. If you have a pretty good internet connection and soundcard, this might be an option for you. You can also jam virtually by sharing recordings with others and building on them.  This can be a great experience that will help with collaborative song writing, if that is a goal for you. Just remember that if you want to improve at playing in a group in real time, you will need to find opportunities to play with others in real time.

Have a great time with the guitar! It is a world of fun. Getting a start with online guitar education has the potential to enhance your experience and taking you to the next level.