Learn Dance Online

learndanceonlineIf you’re like many people who love the world of dance, you’ve likely stood around your bedroom when no one was around and tried to bust a move or two. Thanks to dance becoming more popular and available with TV shows like “So You Think You Can Dance,” America’s Best Dance Crew, and Dancing with the Stars dance is accessible to a wide audience. While it may be accessible to watch and for pure entertainment, mimicking the moves if you have the desire is much harder than it looks. As adults it can be difficult to get into dance classes whether we’re beginners or picking up an old hobby.

Thankfully, just as TV has made dance trendy again, the internet also has your back. If you’ve been dancing in your kitchen, or have a famed move that you like throw out as a crowd-pleaser at weddings, who says you can’t sharpen your skills by learning how to dance online. Making a commitment to practicing at home before you step into a studio could help you feel more confident and ready to dance in a group setting. On the flip side, maybe you’re already a dancer and you’re just too busy, traveling, working or handling other life-duties that fitting in a class at a dance studio is too difficult. Whatever the reason, there’s a huge resource of online dance classes that can keep you up to speed. You can try out different dance genres, learn combinations from some of your favorite teachers and discover new up and comers all in the comfort of your living room. Thank you, internet.

We’ve compiled a hefty list of dance-lovers outlets, so put on your dancing shoes, pick out a good outfit and get moving.


The massive online dance resource and network, is backed by the Queen of Pop, dancer and multitalented superstar Madonna. The YouTube channel alone at 8million subscribers, now imagine a million of them indulging in all things dance related in their living room, just like you are. Pretty amazing. From the DanceOn website, “DanceOn was selected as part of YouTube’s $100 million original content initiative and established itself as one of the top 10 premium YouTube channels. From reality competitions to docu-series, from scripted shows to user-generated content, DanceOn creates engaging programming, reaching a network of over 15 million users across our social channels.” Within the DanceOn network you can also connect with other amazing YouTube channels showing off choreography, class combinations and the most current dance trends in the world of dance.

Utilize YouTube

Thanks to YouTube, teachers around the world are taking videos of their choreography and sharing it with you. The most common type of video you’ll find online will be taken from a classroom setting, where a teacher films groups of students performing pieces of their choreography. Depending on what type of dance you’re looking to learn, you can search for a specific style; tango, salsa, hip-hop, jazz, ballet. You can also look for a specific move that you’re looking to perfect; pirouette turns, grand jete, basic waltz steps, breakdance moves, and so on.

A few amazing choreographers and helpful YouTube Channels you can peruse are listed below:

  • Ballroom dancing for beginners
  • Do the Tango
  • Addicted 2 Salsa
  • Dance Plug
  • Learn to Dance TV
  • HowCast
  • VideoJug

Choreographers to Watch

If you’re addicted to So You Think You Can Dance and love the celebrity choreographer aspect of the show, you can easily go down the rabbit hole watching dance videos on their YouTube Channels. Watch some of the choreography celebrity dance instructors are sharing around the world. While So You Think You Can Dance is one of the larger outlets for choreographers to show their faces, there’s an incredible amount of dance teacher and artists that we’ve uncovered that have a YouTube fame all their own, without the shows. Once you stumble into a pod of any of these YouTube channels, you’ll be able to see very clear groups and pockets of dance communities, styles and following. Try picking up some choreography on your own, patiently of course, or simply take in what the current wave of dance is out there doing. There are niches all their own in the YouTube world, go on and take a look!

  • Brian Friedman
  • David Moore TV
  • Kyle Hanagami
  • Brian Puspos
  • Bobby Newberry
  • Miguel Zarate
  • Ian Eastwood
  • Sonya Tayeh

YouTube Dance Communities

Not only are there individuals worth watching on YouTube, there’s also entire communities of content that stay up to do date. The best way to learn anything is to study as much about the subject as possible. The more you know, the better chances you have of success. You can watch fantastic and candid interviews with dance teachers, choreographers and dancers that inspire you and also see what’s happening in various part of the dance world with competitions, entertainment, commercials, tours and so forth. Check out some of these dance related YouTube channels that are full of incredible resources and information

  • More Than Moves TV
  • Boogie Zone
  • World of Dance Network
  • Dance Plug Network (they also have online classes and dance combinations that are shot clearly and easy to learn!)
  • Tendu Tv
  • My Dance TV
  • Dance Channel TV
  • DS2DIO
  • Urban Dance Camp

Start Dancing

You’ve likely lost yourself in a YouTube abyss. There’s a wealth of knowledge and people uploading new and exciting content on a daily basis, you could stay dancing for a very long time. Sometimes, however, it can be a little challenging (especially for beginners) to teach themselves choreography purely from watching YouTube. If you’re a seasoned dancer and have been learning quickly and in a classroom setting for a long time, picking up choreography from YouTube when you’re on the go, is no big deal. If you’re a newbie to learning how to dance you may just want to use the YouTube pages as inspiration to get your body up and moving. While it’s highly suggested for proper form, skill and instruction to take class with a teacher in-person, if you’re dancing for the pure joy of dancing or brushing up before stepping into a class because you’ve gotten a little rusty, there are several websites that help novice dancers dust off their dancing shoes again. We’ve compiled a list for you to explore:

  • Dance to This: Is a community of free dance videos that are user-generated and submitted, as well as original. Whether you’re looking for Bollywood, breakdancing or Hip-Hop the genres of dance are wide and match different skill levels.
  • iDance.Net: For people looking for more classes like swing dancing, ballroom, partnering, Lindy Hop, etc. This may be the spot for you. While you will pay a fee, the videos are clear and easy to learn.
  • DanceTV: It’s always good to go back to the classic forms of dance. While what we see on TV is generally very trendy, knowing things like the waltz, the East Coast Swing or simply, how to dance with someone of the opposite sex is incredibly useful. Next time you attend a wedding, you’ll likely agree. Check out some of the basic, classic steps here.
  • Free Belly Dance Classes: Everyone likes when they hear the word free and bellly dancing is a fun, unique way of movement that is definitely worth exploring in your dance journey.
  • BallroomDancers: For really basic and useful tips for ballroom dancing, this is the go-to site. Everything from foot positions, alignment, glossary of terms, posture help, and directional movements, this is the hub for beginner ballroom dancers.
  • DancePlug: If you’ve dance before, or simply want to pick up a couple moves DancePlug has the variety you’re looking for. You can take a class, or learn something you want to bust out on your next night out.
  • BollywoodTrainer: For those of you looking to try the Indian style of dancing that’s been made popular by Bollywood, these videos are informative and super fun.

As you can see, the abundance of resources for dance videos and learning how to dance online is truly endless. Start exploring and be willing to try some things in the comfort of your own home that you maybe wouldn’t have in a group setting. From there, take your dancing shoes and get into a class, you can do it!