Learn Card Tricks: 4 Easy Ways Anyone Can Master!

learn card tricksHow can anyone pass up a card trick?  They are great in social settings such as parties, weddings, gatherings, or just within a circle of friends.   The best part is anyone can learn card tricks these days.  You don’t need to be a magician or possess any type of super powers to do card tricks.  All it takes is a deck of cards, knowing how to perform the trick, and lots of practicing.

Listed below are four beginner level card tricks that should be easy for anyone to learn.

Counted Out

The participant chooses a card at random and memorizes it.  Cut the deck and shuffle it.  Next, ask the participant to pick a number between 1 and 20.  Whichever number he chooses, deal out that many cards onto the table.  The last card dealt is shown, and it’s the participant’s card

How To Perform The Trick

  1.        Tell the participant to choose and memorize a card
  2.        Split the deck in half and let the participant put his card back in the deck
  3.        Use your pinky to create a gap right below the participant’s card as you close the deck
  4.        Secretly bring the participant’s card to the bottom of the deck.  Since your pinky is creating a gap already, the cards under that gap should go directly on top of the deck.  This will bring the participant’s card to  the very bottom of the deck.  This technique is known as a double undercut.
  5.        Shuffle the deck, but make sure the bottom card doesn’t get moved.
  6.        Ask the participant to give a number between 1 and 20
  7.        If the participant says “10” for example, deal 9 cards from the top of the deck.  On the 10th card, secretly deal from the bottom card and place it face down.
  8.        Have the participant flip the card over, and it should be his card.

Check Your Pulse

Shuffles the deck of cards and then have the participant choose a card at random.  Once the person remembers the card, have him place it back into the deck.  Shuffle the deck again and spread the cards on a table faced up.  Have the participant extend his hand out and make a pointing gesture.  Gently hold his wrist with your hand so you are actually checking his pulse.  After passing a few cards, you point at the exact card that he originally pulled from the deck.

How To Perform The Tricklearncardtricks

  1.        Start off by shuffling the deck.  While doing so, peek at the bottom card of the deck and memorize it.
  2.        Spread the cards face down in your hand and have the participant take one at random.  Have him memorize the card, and then split the deck into two halves at the location where the person removed his card.
  3.        After he memorized it, have him put the card back into the cut deck so that the card you memorized is directly on top of the participant’s card.  This way you can easily locate his card later.
  4.        Perform a few loose overhand shuffles.  Mainly, make sure the card you memorized is still above the participant’s card.
  5.         Next, spread the cards face up on a table from left to right so that every card is visible.
  6.        Have the participant extender his hand and point to the cards.
  7.        Explain that you will use his pulse to determine his card.  Then lightly grab his wrist and feel his pulse.
  8.        Slowly move his hand over the cards to make it look like you are actually reading his pulse.
  9.        Lastly, point to the spectator’s card.  It should be directly on the right of the card that you memorized earlier.

Laying An Egg

The participant chooses a card at random and puts it back into the deck.  After the deck is shuffled, pull out three cards from the deck and place them face down on a table.   Have the participant to touch any of the three cards and claim that whichever card he touches, is the spectator’s card.  Turn over the first card, and you’ll see it’s not the spectator’s card.  Then flip up the other two cards and ask if that’s his card.  He says none of them are.  Give the spectator the entire deck and have him search for his card.  After he looks, he cannot find the card.  Then ask him to stand up from his chair.  When he gets up, he finds that he was sitting on a card.  When you turn the card over, sure enough, it’s the spectator’s card.

How To Perform The Trick

  1.        First of all, make sure you are sitting beside the participant.  Then have him choose a card at random and memorize it.
  2.        Ask the participant to replace the card.  While doing so, use your pinky to secretly hold a division in the deck so you can move it to the top of the deck.  You can try any other method if you’d like, but the goal is to get the participant’s card to the top of the deck without anyone noticing.
  3.        Spread the cards so that only the faces are showing.  Pull three cards at random, and face them down on the table so they are out of the participant’s reach.
  4.         Tell the participant that one of those three cards is his card.
  5.         Have the participant touch one of the cards.  While you are saying this, palm the top card (spectator’s card).
  6.        While the participant is reaching for a card to touch, he should be slightly out of his seat.  When this happens, quickly slide the participant’s card underneath him.
  7.        After the first card is turned over, have him turn over the other two cards.  Pretend that you made a mistake and that these were actually not the participant’s card.
  8.        Ask the participant to find his card in the deck, which he won’t.
  9.        After he gives up looking, have him stand up and look on his chair.  When he sees the card face down, have him turn it up.

Deck Memorization

Start off shuffling the cards.  Next, fan through the cards with the faces towards yourself.  After looking through them briefly, you claim that you have memorized every card in the deck.  Then pull the top card from the deck and show it to the participant.  Without ever looking at the card, call out its value and suit.  Put that card down, and then pull the next top card from the deck.  Repeat the process until you have gone through the entire deck, or the participant believes you and tells you to stop.

How To Perform The Trick

  1.        Begin by peeking at the suit and value of the top card of the deck while shuffling.
  2.        Spread through the cards so that only you can see what they are.  Pretend that you are memorizing them.
  3.        After you’re done, tell the participant that you have memorized every card in the deck.
  4.        While holding the deck in your hand, pull the top card and show it to the participant.  Tell him the value and suit of the card.
  5.        As you are speaking to the participant about the card value and suit, you want to peek at the next top card.  To do this, use your pinky or thumb to slightly separate the top card from the rest of the deck.  Try turning your hand also so it is perpendicular to the ground to get a better view of the card.
  6.        Drop the single card from your other hand, and then pull the top card and announce its suit and value.
  7.        Keep repeating the process until you are out of cards or the participant is impressed enough to quit.

learncardtricksLearn More Tricks

If you enjoy learning card tricks, you may want to visit our Easy Magic Tricks tutorial that will teach you 21 different types of magic tricks.  Using coins to do magic tricks is also something anyone can learn, regardless of your age and skill level.  The best part about learning tricks with coins and cards is that they are easily accessible and convenient to carry around, so you can do these tricks pretty much anywhere.

There are hundreds of different types of tricks that you can learn.  You can also be creative and modify other tricks, as well as create your own.  Just keep practicing in front of a mirror or with a friend until you have everything memorized.  When you can start naturally performing the card trick, work on your presentation and delivery.  Soon enough you will be impressing all of your friends and family!