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learnandroidIf you are interested in mobile app development, you need to learn android. Learning android app development and programming is important for professional programmers and amateurs alike, simply because there is a lot you can achieve through an android app of your own.

According to a report by Google in September 2012, 500 million android activations have already taken place all over the world. The comScore mobiLens survey reported in January 2013 that there were 68 million Android users in US alone. Considering that the numbers are from several months ago and that Android popularity is increasing day by day, it can be safely stated that anyone looking to cover the iPhone app market should also pay equal attention to the Android market.

Google Play, the largest online store of Android apps had more than 700,000 apps in October 2012 and the number of new apps is increasing every day. Currently the number is well over 800,000 apps. From individuals creating interesting apps to earn extra income to organizations trying to reach out to their customers, everyone is making an Android app. Here is why you should do it too:

1. There Are No Licensing Fees in Android

Android is open source. It means that you are free to develop an app and deploy its prototype without spending money on licensing fees. The open source platform has easy accessibility and allows the developer a lot of freedom to work creatively. There are plenty of free Android application development courses available online. This means you can learn Android, develop an app, and launch it for free without spending anything other than your time and effort on the venture. Considering the amount of money successful android developers are making, it is a venture worthy of your time.

2. There Is an Insane Amount of Android Support Available Online

There are more than enough Android communities available online where developers exchange information and help each other out with different problems. There are plenty of online courses for Android application development for beginners. With so much support, learning material, and help, anyone with an interest in mobile app development can easily learn Android from the comfort of their own home.

Another advantage of working on an open source platform is that you can access it from anywhere as long as you have a computing device and an internet connection. You can learn Android app development on the road, on the train, while waiting in line at the theatre, and while browsing the internet at home. It will only take time and dedication on your part; every other tool you need to succeed is easily available online.

3. Android App Developers Make Thousands of Dollars per Application

In 2012 alone, Google paid $900 million to Android developers in total. The amount is expected to increase this year and is expected to continue on its upward trend in the years to come. A professional android app developer easily makes thousands of dollars on an average app. If you come up with something that becomes popular and sells really well, the possibilities are endless. Learn Android app development online and start developing, you never know if you will be the developer to come up with the next Angry Birds.

4. Android is an Ever Growing Market

A great reason for you to learn android app development and programming is that it is a growing market. The number of smartphone users all over the world is increasing rapidly, and there are only two major players in the Smartphone Industry. While learning iOS has its advantages, the type of competition you will have to face in that sector will be overwhelming especially if you are a beginner. The online Android community welcomes beginners with open arms. While there is a fair amount of healthy competition in the sector, you will get a chance to learn and gain your footing before you start competing with the more established developers.

5. The Demand for Android App Developers is High

There are several organizations and individuals out there who have ideas for android apps but do not have the necessary skills to turn those ideas into reality. The demand for android app developers is therefore at an all time high. Businesses want to reach out to their customers, individuals want to make money, brands want to increase their visibility, organizations want to increase awareness, and all of that can easily be achieved through mobile apps.

While there are plenty of iOS developers out there, there simply aren’t enough Android app developers. Needless to say there are plenty of opportunities for good Android programmers, and the sooner you start learning, the sooner you can start offering your services to the world as a professional.

6. Monetization of Free Apps Is Underway

Google is improving monetization of free apps, and that is great news for app developers all over the world. Currently, free apps are a hit-driven market and app developers do not make as much as they should. Google and Microsoft both realize this, and both giants are trying to come up with ways to improve the situation. As a beginner, you should not expect to start making big bucks right away, but if you start learning and develop your skills by the time the new monetization methods are in place, you will be in a great position to earn big and to capture a greater market share.

Android app development is not easy, but with a little dedication and with the help of all the online courses, literature, and support, you too can become a great android app developer.

If you were on the fence about learning Android, we hope this blog post helped you make the right decision. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments, we will love to hear what you have to say.

Page Last Updated: September 2013

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