Lean Startup your team with bestseller author Eric Ries


You don’t need to be a startup to apply the lessons of lean startup within your organization. You can now find lean aficionados virtually everywhere- lean Fortune 500, lean nonprofit, lean services, even lean government.

What is lean and how is it different than old approaches to launching new products and services?

The old product launch paradigm demanded that you perfect every inch of your creation before releasing it to the market.

The lean startup methodology espoused by New York Times-bestselling author and Udemy instructor Eric Ries, proposes a different approach.

To Ries, the key to success is that every product and service needs to be constantly put to the test by the people who really matter: early customers.

By getting a beta version in customers’ hands early in the game, you can:

  • Observe real data from actual people (who aren’t your relatives ;-)) and understand their needs.

  • Run experiments to test hypotheses.

  • Learn unexpected behaviors from customers.

  • Shape your product and services to market needs.

In our ever-changing world, lean startups are no longer confined to VC-backed Silicon Valley. Virtually every company now rarely knows what their product will look like down the road or how their customer base will change. Smart teams don’t wait. They are constantly learning, testing, and finding ways to shed light on customer demand and behavior.

Ries’ Lean Startup method posits that by testing products and services early, companies can avoid the trap of costly product launches.

Watch the Udemy course: “Build. Measure. Learn. Lean Startup SXSW 2012” by Eric Ries.