It’s an exciting time to be in learning and development (L&D) where disruption and innovation are the name of the game. Today’s L&D professionals are forced to rethink how they approach workplace learning and constantly think out of the box when it comes to nurturing talent. And it’s not just new technologies that are changing the way people learn and teach, but it’s also novel ideas, breakthroughs in neuroscience research, and innovative approaches to learning.

However, we know that it can also be a little overwhelming to stay up to date on all the new information out there. To help you stay on top of all the great L&D news out there, I’ve curated some of the most thought-provoking reads I’ve come across recently. Our L&D roundup highlights the top 5 most innovative L&D ideas and trends to take a look at.


1. Great Businesses Scale Their Learning, Not Just Their Operations


John Hagel III and John Seely Brown, The Harvard Business Review

Why we picked this for you:

You’ve heard about scalable efficiency for large organizations–it used to be the key driver of growth for big companies. Hagel and Brown suggest a new paradigm called “scalable learning.” The idea is institutions that learn faster will be the ones that thrive and grow in our accelerating era of change.

Key takeaways:

How do you scale learning?


2. Contextual learning to replace traditional learning


Tess Taylor, HRDive

Why we picked this for you:

Contextual learning that’s in the moment of need, on-demand, and on the job is gaining ground as a far more effective way to learn than the old rigid classroom model.

Key takeaway:

Studies show that classroom learning can take several months to take hold and requires lots of practice, while learners using live on-demand learning embedded in their workflow learn quickly and actually save themselves a few hours per week applying what they just learned.


3. Hiring for potential performance, not past experience


Lauren Dixon, Talent Economy

Why we picked this for you:

This idea turns hiring upside down by ignoring the resume of accumulated experiences. Instead, it’s about hiring for potential and growing people.

Key takeaways:


4. Mobile learning, gamification and social media are top three trends driving L&D


Global Cloud-based Software Training Market 2017-2025 Report by Technavio

Why we picked this for you:

Innovation is happening in the L&D space, but what are the top three trends you should be paying attention to?

Key Takeaways:

Technavio, a global technology research and advisory company, released a recent study that highlights 3 trends driving the cloud-based training software market in 2017 and beyond:

Increased demand for personalized learning experiences was also high on the list. Learning is moving away from the classroom and in its place are new tools like social media and smartphones.


5. The disruption of digital learning: 10 things we have learned


Josh Bersin Blog

Why we picked this for you:

Josh Bersin at Bersin by Deloitte helps you navigate the new “digital learning” landscape by highlighting the trends and technologies that are shaping L&D today.

Key Takeaways:

What are these 10 trends?

Stay tuned for our next L&D round-up!

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