Manifesting Law of Attraction Relationships

law of attraction relationshipsThe Law of Attraction philosophy is a wave that hit like a tsunami and caused a chain reaction that resulted in hundreds of books, movies and television specials. The easiest way to characterize it is this, “like attracts like.” If a person focuses on the negative, he or she will draw negative events. Conversely, focusing on the positive will produce positive events and allow anyone to live the life of your dreams now.

Here’s a good example of law of attraction relationships in action: if someone gets a call and expects bad news, it will be bad news. That same person expecting good news will be pleasantly rewarded. It’s a metaphysical law — if you concentrate on something long and hard enough, it just happens. So it stands to reason that if you want a certain kind of relationship, whether that falls into the category of romantic, friendship, or business, it shouldn’t take much more that putting your mind to what you want, and waiting for it to manifest. But let’s explore that further.

Cause and Effect

If you really want to get technical, cause and effect, or causality as it is known, has been around for centuries. Aristotle described four kinds of answers to “why” questions, which were a means to the end and an explanation for what cause really means.  Years later, a fellow named Thomas Troward championed the New Thought Movement, or Higher Thought. This type of thinking is based on the premise that divine thought is a force for good and sickness starts in one’s mind, and “right thinking” can have profound healing properties.

It was William Walter Atkinson who in 1906 first used the phrase “like attracts like” in his book, Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World. Atkinson went on to write, edit and publish many books in the fields of yoga, mediumship, divination, occultism and personal success.

Next was The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles. Although somewhat obscure among the literary history halls, Wallace is often quoted and his books are popular in self-help circles. The Science of Getting Rich is still in print and was the inspiration to today’s breakout hit, The Secret. The book is based on Hindu philosophies that one is all and all is one. Quite simply it’s about overcoming barriers, and keeping the eye focused on creation, not competition, to unlock the science of getting rich.

Karma is a Beast

Some people even subscribe to the belief the law of attraction is a form of karma — a principle of causality and one based upon the intent or actions of an individual influencing what happens to that person in the future. Another way to put it is what comes around goes around. One of the most historic examples of this is Romulus, who is known for killing his brother Remus.

As legend has it, Romulus was searching for an impenetrable wall around the Seven Hills of Rome. Remus, in a retaliatory move decided to penetrate an impenetrable wall by jumping over it, just to be controversial. This didn’t go over well with Romulus who killed his brother simply to prove a point. Karma won out as Romulus and some senators were down by the river when a storm broke out. Everyone ran for cover and the senators stayed with Romulus to supposedly protect him. When the storm was over the senators returned, sans Romulus. They said Mars in a chariot swept him up to the heavens to sit with God. Great story but chances are, he simply got what was coming to him.

The Secret

The best-selling book of 2006, The Secret is today’s law of attraction handbook that professes that positive thinking can create a domino effect of health, wealth and happiness. The book sold more than 19 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 46 languages. In the book and subsequent film, the secret gives you everything your heart desires. It’s simple really — we can have whatever it is we choose. Sort of like a genie in a bottle but instead of three wishes, we have unlimited wishes.

The secret proclaims that in the universe, we all work within one infinite power and guide ourselves by exactly the same laws. These laws are very precise. That’s the essence of the law of attraction, everything that’s coming into your life, you are attracting to your life. When you think about the fact that 1% of the population earns most of the money being earned, you have to believe they must know something the rest of the world does not. The book says to think of your self as a magnet. Whatever you’re putting out there is what you’re attracting back. You become and attract what you think about most. One person in the movie version of The Secret, told in documentary style with interviews, describes how to get what you want in three simple words: thoughts become things. Thoughts are said to have a frequency, which is measurable and quantifiable. The problem is that most people think about what they don’t want or don’t have, and that’s what shows up over and over again. A new car or a new house or even having the right relationship is simply a matter of thinking that you will have those things and believing it. Seems almost too good to be true, so why aren’t more people manifesting the secret and getting what they want? That’s a great question. Circumstances get in the way and take the attention off the prize.

Debt is another great example of how people lose focus. When you have so much mounting debt it’s hard to imagine even making a small dent in it. Calculating payments even makes it more discouraging. Pretty soon a person is looking at how many years it’s going to take, while making the minimum payment every month, and the whole scenario begins to feel hopeless. The hopeless feeling becomes a very solid emotion and the brain can’t think of anything but that.

Attracting the Right Relationship

Law of attraction relationships takes focus. People often can’t get past a series of one bad date after another, and therefore keep attracting that same type of loser guy or gal. When looking for happiness in the perfect mate, the first thing a person has to do is change their vibration — transform self doubt into confidence. There are the glass half full people and glass half empty ones. What’s interesting is how some people might think they are optimistic, yet the negative things that come out of their mouth would indicate otherwise. Be happy, practice it every day and wake up in the morning expecting only the best. If someone is clinically depressed that’s easier said than done, so consulting with a medical professional is the first step towards removing that black cloud that always seems to hover not far off.

Pursue a Passion

People without a purpose often find it difficult getting out of bed in the morning. When one has a passion, it naturally invigorates the soul and keeps people moving in a direction that leads to feelings of self-improvement and success. Even better, a shared passion is often the impetus for life-long love stories. Two lovers who are both interested in hiking for example, might find themselves bonding over that shared passion.

Open your Heart

It’s not easy to take a leap of faith and extend trust to another person, whether that’s in a friendship, business arrangement or in love. The temptation to revert back to old hurts and past disappointments is a tempting one. Instead, try taking a new approach and thinking about the law of attraction, like attracts like. A closed heart is only going to attract another closed heart. A hurt spirit is going to attract another hurt spirit. More of the same and that’s not progress, that’s inertia.

Visualize Your Mate

A great exercise when using law of attraction relationships to draw in the perfect person is to use creative visualization to help manifest that love. Spare no detail and have zero limitations when completing this exercise. It’s a way to use the power of the mind to create reality. Start by make a list of characteristics of the perfect mate. Athletes have been doing this for years to help them succeed. Motivational speakers have a number of programs and seminars on these same creative visualization techniques.

It’s best to go somewhere quiet and begin the list. Some starting ideas are things like; a go getter in business, kind to his or her family and people they meet, a good heart, tall, nice looking — even right down to the area of town this person lives and what their likes or dislikes are. The more detailed the list the better. This is a life partner we’re talking about and compatibility is key.

Imagining that this person is already present will help them appear. Feeling how great it is to have finally met “the one” will also help bring it into being. Drawing from personal passion when visualizing certain aspects of a relationship is also key to making it happen. For example, if someone love the ocean they should imagine a special someone walking hand-in-hand along the shore, listening to the soft sounds of the waves cresting, and feeling the breeze as it bids adieu to the sun hitting the horizon.

Keep at it

Too many people get discouraged if true love doesn’t walk through their front door the very next day. The key to transforming the visual realization into human flesh is consistency, day in and day out. Feeling the intensity of the emotions, even right down to the sound of that person’s voice and the way they smell, will help the law of attraction work its magic.

A Few Simple Steps

Making law of attraction relationships happen is pretty easy, but there are a few simple steps anyone can take to help ensure success. Making up the mind and then sticking to that, while releasing any doubt is important in the process. The second step is asking the universe. Then, it helps to write down the wants starting with gratitude that it’s already happening. Every day until that person appears, keep expecting and waiting with gleeful anticipation. Lastly, feeling like one would feel if that person has already appeared will seal the deal. Trust, be thankful and don’t stress about it if it doesn’t happen right away.

The law of attraction is a powerful force and when used correctly, can bring about long lasting love in relationships.