Law of Attraction Money: Meet Your Financial Goals

law of attraction moneyWho isn’t looking for a way to make and keep more money? Almost everyone dreams of enjoying a higher level of financial security or luxury. There are many schools of thought and philosophy associated with earning and keeping more personal wealth. Money can seem like the center of our universe; money decides nearly every aspect of our lives, including where we live, how educated we are, and what we can provide for our families and ourselves. Earning and holding onto more money can become a more achievable goal by changing the way you think about your finances. One way to change your mental relationship with money is to incorporate the law of attraction into your financial life, which will alter the way you conceptualize your financial goals.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a school of thought, specifically a component of the New Thought Movement. The New Thought Movement is a spiritual belief that God, and a divine sense of intelligence, are present in every aspect of our lives, Those who follow this movement believe that it is divine to be human, and that spirituality is inherent in all of our daily activities. Perhaps the most prominent component of the New Thought Movement is the importance placed on the way we think. According to the movement, our thoughts can manifest themselves in our behavior, and thoughts have the power to affect our lives, in both positive and negative ways.

The law of attraction is the specific name given to the belief that focusing intensely on a positive or negative set of thoughts can bring about a positive or negative outcome in reality. This idea is sometimes expressed using the phrase, “like attracts like.” Thoughts of a specific nature, whether they are overwhelmingly positive or overwhelmingly negative, will attract results of a similar nature. At its core, the law of attraction places a huge amount of importance on our expectations. An example of the law of attraction might be what goes through your head when your phone rings. You could expect a positive phone call, from someone you’d like to speak to, or you could expect a negative phone call, from someone that you’d rather ignore. The law of attraction states that your expectations and feelings about the call will have a strong effect on the way the call actually goes. If you are expecting a positive call, you will probably enjoy your time on the phone, no matter who is calling. Similarly, if you are expecting a negative call, you will probably feel bothered and spend the call wanting to hang up, despite who you’re talking to.

It is important to note that the law of attraction does not necessarily present the idea that you can change certain experiences or stop bad things from happening by thinking positively. It simply states that the power of thought is a lot stronger than we tend to give it credit for. Maintaining a positive thought process and attitude can make your daily life and interactions more positive, and more positive things will tend to happen to you. On the other hand, a negative thought process or attitude will put a damper on all that you do, and you will attract more negative people, finding yourself in more negative situations.

The Law of Attraction and Money

Since thinking more positively can create a more positive life, it logically follows that thinking more positively about money could lead to increasing your personal wealth. There are a variety of ways that the law of attraction can change your personal relationship with money.

Manifest What You Want: Manifesting what you want is an important way to increase your personal wealth, according to the law of attraction. Focused thoughts become intentions, and intentions lead to actions, which will change your financial life in a legitimate and noticeable way. Manifesting what you want requires keeping your financial goals at the forefront of your thoughts, especially when you are participating in your professional life. Whenever you are working, or making financial decisions, manifest the kind of financial situation you’d like to be in. This practice will affect your intentions and your decisions.

Keep Your Goals Focused: While manifesting what you want is important, even more important is the way you shape your goals in your mind. Committing yourself to the goal, “I want to be rich,” and keeping that simple phrase in your mind may be helpful, but it will not lead to real change the way a more focused and specific goal will. A much more effective method is to visualize specific goals. Maybe you want to save a specific amount of money; maybe you want to purchase a new house or a new car; maybe you want to commit a certain amount of your earnings to a savings account on a weekly or monthly basis. Having a very specific financial goal in mind will be far more helpful in convincing you to make positive decisions about your money. A well thought out goal will have a stronger effect on your intentions and your actions, which will begin to shape your life in a positive way.

Be Grateful: Financial goals are important, but equally important is being grateful for your current money situation, even if it is not ideal and causes you stress. Being grateful for what you have, and thinking positively about the money you currently earn, will make you feel better about finances in general, which will positively affect your intentions and actions. In order to earn more money, you have to feel proud enough of the money you have to want to hold onto it. Additionally, this school of thought suggests trying to show gratitude for those goals you are hoping to achieve, in advance. Try to feel as grateful for your goals as you will when you reach them. This kind of positivity will contribute to your ability to get to the point you want to reach.

Stay Positive: Staying positive is key, because if you allow yourself to doubt that good things will come your way, you will open yourself up to negative thinking, which will contribute to your failing to change your life financially. Believe wholeheartedly that not only are good things going to happen financially, but that you deserve those financial improvements in your life.

Be Present and Active: No matter how positively your financial thinking is, you will never advance and improve your financial life without taking action and being as present as possible in your own ventures and goals. Being present involves trying to incorporate your financial goals into all of your actions, both professionally and personally. Think of every day as a possibility to move closer to your specific financial goal. Even if your goal feels very far away at any particular moment, if you attempt to act in a way that will improve your life each day, you will eventually change your situation and achieve what you focus on.

Act Pre-emptively: This is a part of the law of attraction that may seem strange to some people. However, acting as though you have already achieved your financial goals can contribute positively to your journey to meet those goals. If you want to have saved a specific amount, imagine how you will feel and how your behavior will change once that goal is achieved. If there are any striking differences that occur to you, try to modify your behavior to more closely resemble how you feel you’ll behave when you have more money. Of course, this does not mean that you should behave like you’re wealthy in the sense that you spend money you do not have to spend. But do try to carry yourself in a way that you might if you felt more secure about money. Think about how you would talk to other people, how your confidence would change, or how much more relaxed you would be if you saved or earned the amount of money you are focused on. However you imagine yourself after you have met your goal, be that person, to the best of your ability.

More About Positive Thinking

Any combination of these methods, or even just one method that appeals to you, can slowly transform your money mentality, and lead to more positive intentions as well as more positive actions. Before you know it, you can be making wise financial decisions, getting closer to your specific monetary goals.

If you are worried about your financial situation, you could benefit from using the law of attraction to change the way you think about money. Even if you don’t see positive financial results immediately, changing the way you think about your money can change the way you spend money, how much money you earn, and the value you place on the money you have. The law of attraction can change your life in a big way; given enough time, changing the way you think can change the way you live your life.