large dogs that dont shedSo you are looking for a hypoallergenic, large-sized new pooch? Contrary to what you might believe, a big dog does not always have to be messy. There are some breeds of large dogs that don’t require you to buy a turbo-powered vacuum. You may not have expected to find any large dogs that don’t shed but there are many huge breeds that have a very predictable and slow-growing coat.  Here is a course you might like about living with your pet successfully. While all furry dogs do shed, here is a list of dogs that are not as likely to shed quite so noticeably.

Even if there are low rates of shedding, however, grooming a large dog can become quite a task. Larger dogs do require longer times to strip or brush completely. Plus, because their fur does not shed, dirt and hair can get trapped, which causes painful matting. Making sure to maintain the coat of your dog will mean never having to worry about any shed fur again.

Bouvier Des Flandres

The Bouvier des Flandres is known for their protective, gentle, rational and calm nature. They need to be socialized as puppies so they don’t become aloof with people they don’t know. Here is a course that could help give you the basics when it comes to training your furry friend. Overall, however, they make excellent pets for the family. This breed has a black, long coat that requires several trimmings per year just to keep it hygienic. It can be difficult to thoroughly rinse after washing because of the coat’s thickness. This is why it is advisable to bathe this dog only when needed. If you keep the fur from getting too long around the paws and brush him weekly, you will enjoy this beautiful, active and strong dog tremendously. This dog is considered hypoallergenic due to minimal shedding, which should be great news for those who sneeze just at the sight of a dog.

Cane Corse

An Italian dog breed, the Cane Corso is highly valued as a hunter, guardian and companion in Italy and related closely to the Neapolitan Mastiff.  Their short hair does not shed very much and is available in fawn and black coat colors. This dog will need occasional bathing and a weekly brushing. While still a puppy, you will need to train this dog consistently and be a strong leader. It needs early socialization as it is naturally suspicious of strangers. Here is a course on polite puppy dog training that does the trick. As your pup grows you will find that this breed does get attached to their owners with each year that passes by, so you know you will have a friend for life in your Cane Corso.


A large, mastiff dog, from South Africa, the Boerboel is bred for guarding the home. In older times, these dogs were usually the first line of defense against hyenas, lions, and other big cats.  Easy to groom, the short coat of the Boerboel will only require a bath every month and occasional brushing. They have a straight, coarse outer coat and a soft, dense undercoat. Energetic and intelligent, they will need a daily romp in the yard to expend some of that energy. When not lazily lounging around your living room rug, you may just find this dog playing with the children.

Great Dane

A domestic, German breed, Great Danes are known for their great height and enormous bodies. One of the tallest dogs of the world the Great Dane is known to be a ‘gentle giant’ and is actually very affectionate with their owners. A giant working breed, this breed combines strength, dignity and elegance with a smoothly muscled, powerful body. They have naturally floppy ears which are sometimes cropped. You will love the low maintenance, low-shedding coat of this dog which requires minimal grooming and a weekly bath.   For people who suffer from allergies but do want a big dog, the Great Dane is perfect. For a list of other hypoallergenic dogs, you might like this article about the best hypoallergenic dogs.

Irish Water Spaniel

The biggest of the Spaniels, this dog loves swimming and has a curly-haired, waterproof coat and feet that are webbed. The breed needs a brushing each week to keep the curls from matting. Every few months, you will also need to trim their hair to shape the fur and clean it. This people-pleasing, lovable breed is easily trainable but does need daily exercise to stay healthy and happy.


This distinctive, old French breed for dogs that herd, the Beauceron is obedient, gentle, faithful and can be trained easily. Their coat can be seen in tan and black variations. Outside of France, this breed is not common but actually within the country, it is fairly well-known. While there are many herding sheep dogs in France, this one seems to be the choice preferred, most likely due to its low shedding fur which helps keep your living room in tip top shape.

Curly Coated Retriever

Sometimes called simply as ‘Curly,’ this dog breed was bred originally for upland waterfowl and bird hunting in England. This one is the tallest of all the retrievers. Plus, it is easy to distinguish due to the mass of tightly curled hair that covers the body. Both Wavy Coated and Curly Coated Retrievers were the first 2 retriever breeds recognized. This breed has all the great qualities of a retriever with the added bonus of hardly shedding. You will need to bathe and brush this dog routinely, however, as dirt does get trapped within the curls.

Doberman Pinscher

This domestic dog breed makes a great companion as it is intelligent and energetic. You may think that they are exclusively outdoor dogs but actually because they hardly shed, they make great as indoor dogs as well. Originally intended as a guard dog, they have an obedient temperament and are determined and watchful.  They have an improved disposition due to recent careful breeding and require a brushing now and then as well as a bath when they need one.

German Short-haired Pointer

Highly intelligent, the German Short-haired Pointer possesses keen scratching power and is a versatile hunter. It is an all-purpose gun dog and is proficient in every type of sport and game with the ability to trail, retrieve and point to possums, raccoons, waterfowl, grouse, deer, quail and pheasant. This low shedding breed thrives as part of a big family. This breed makes a great watchdog and is both loyal and even-tempered. Being athletic, they will need exercise constantly. German Short-haired Pointers can adapt to any living situation and hardly shed so you may not even notice how much time he spends on the couch with the kids.


These dogs are large hounds that are bred originally for hunting wild boar and deer. They are also used for tracking humans. It has an amazing sense of smell and a tenacious instinct for tracking. Used by law enforcement and police, many breeders consider this scent hound idea. Even-tempered, gentle and affectionate with human beings, Bloodhounds make excellent pets for the family. Of course, they do need supervision around smaller children. You might want to put them through this training course which teaches them twenty-five different tricks. Being quite a low-shedding dog, you may even forget that you have dog living indoors with this no-mess, no-fuss breed.


Sheepdogs such as these almost look like sheep and don’t really require getting brushed. Talk about low maintenance! The white, coarse coat of the Komondor is divided into dread locks so there really isn’t anything to brush. Infrequent trimming is something that the cords will require. The down side is that since their fur is white, these dogs will need to get a bath every day and will take quite some time to dry.

Black Russian Terrier

If you truly want a huge dog, you can bring home one of these Eurasian working dogs. Black Russians tend to need a lot of exercise and attention. They are known for their strength and intelligent and excel at competitions of obedience. They should not be left alone for too long and they love keeping busy with tasks or activities. They are also protective of the family and learn quickly. The good news is that aside from periodic trimming and brushing a few times a year, their double coat does not require a lot of maintenance.

Giant Schnauzer

Almost everyone loves a Schnauzer, even if not everyone likes the mini version. Just like its smaller counterparts, Giant Schnauzers need a monthly trimming but only require periodic stripping and brushing as long as you keep the fur short. These dogs need lots of daily exercise. They also love truly protecting their pet parents from anything they perceive to be dangerous. Giant Schnauzers are known for their loyal and intelligent personality. They have the ability to easily read their master and are considered excellent guards. Puppies of this breed need to be socialized early due to their nature of being naturally territorial. You might also want to get your four-legged friend trained using this dog training course. They are great to have around the house as they hardly shed.


Boxers are stocky dogs with short hair that have tight-fitting, smooth coats. Their colors are brindled or fawn and they have square muzzles. One of the lowest shedding dogs, all you will need to do to keep his coat in great shape is to bathe him monthly and to give a weekly brushing. Boxers are lively, friendly dogs to have around the house, making them family dogs that are quite popular. They are suspicious of strangers, making them formidable as guard dogs. While a puppy, this breed is able to mirror mood expressions, which can be fascinating. They have charming characteristics, flexible attention spans and energetic curiosity.

Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier is courageous and alert, making the perfect guardian pet. This dog’s temperament easily adapts and is friendly, making them great to have around the family. There is a special double coat for these giant British Terriers. Their coat consists of a coarse top coat that you will need to hand strip yearly and brush regularly, as well as soft fur underneath. These dogs are smart and have been used historically as rodent-hunters and police dogs. Their fur does not shed very much, making them convenient to have around your indoors.

Now that you are getting a dog, it is a good idea to equip yourself with new skills of training. Get started by taking this course on leash training tips for your pooch.

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