Landing Page Examples: 8 Great Landing Pages to Inspire You

Landing Page ExamplesWhether you’re trying to generate leads or make sales, having a landing page is now essential for any successful online business. From simple to stylish, these eight great landing page examples provide useful creative and commercial inspiration.

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Clean, straightforward, and simple, this landing page immediately tells users what it has to offer. The headline is eye-catching and personal, using words like “you” to get the attention of visitors.

Underneath the headline, Squarespace lists everything it offers: from websites and domains to e-commerce and mobile. It also uses a simple, eye-catching call to action button that inspired users to click and register.

Clean and simple, it’s hard to think of a landing page that could better showcase the user-friendly services that Squarespace offers. There’s even a video advertisement below the copy that shows the service to users unaware of what the company offers.


This landing page takes simple, clean design to a whole new level. Designed by the expert team at GitHub, Atom is a text editor built from the ground up for developers focused on 21st century coding technology.

It’s simple but powerful, and the landing page not only immediately shows what the software is all about – it also captures its look and feel. The email capture field looks smooth and natural, and the call to action is eye-catching yet far from flashy.

Scroll further down the landing page and you’ll notice animated images showcasing the software’s benefits for users. Since this is technical software, there’s also a slight focus on the features rather than the benefits – a focus that, in this case, is excusable.

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Wanderio is an online travel website that lets users book their entire trip – from the departure airport to the hotel to the return flight – using one application. Its landing page is straightforward, clean, and simple, just like the service it offers.

With a bright blue background and stylish cloud graphics, Wanderio’s landing page immediately puts users in a travel mood. Its data entry fields are large, easy to use, and great looking, while its call to action is a bright orange “search” button.

Designed for travelers, by travelers, it’s hard to argue that this landing page doesn’t achieve its goals. It also defaults to booking tickets for “tomorrow” – a feature that’s left out of many popular but less user-friendly online travel websites.



Designed for online businesses in need of quick and simple contract signatures, this landing page immediately tells users what it offers. RightSignature is a business-to-business application, and the landing page’s dark blue and yellow color scheme is wonderful at conveying its trustworthy, reliable values.

Unlike the other landing pages profiled in this inspiration round-up, RightSignature uses a three-column design with its data entry fields on the right hand side. Since its users naturally scan from left to right, the design is easy to follow and take action on.

Adding to its appeal is a phone number for corporate users included above the fold, a great “Try it Now” call to action that makes signing up more enticing for business users, and an eye-catching yellow button that immediately shows users where to click.

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Spotify is one of the web’s hottest companies, and its landing page is a great example of what businesses with excellent branding and public relations should use to make new users take action.

The headline is big, bold and simple: “Music for everyone.” Interestingly, there isn’t any copy explaining what the application actually does – something that apps with excellent branding and recognition can get away with.

The goal of the landing page is simple: download the Spotify application. Thanks to the bright green “download” button, all but the least interested users are sure to get the app after visiting this landing page.



37Signals is known for its clean, user-friendly software, and its landing pages seem to follow the same principles as its applications. The landing page for Basecamp – a project management application – is a great example of social proof at work.

Instead of using the headline to list the product’s benefits, 37Signals instead boasts about the number of people that have benefited from Basecamp. Due to the massive number of happy customers, the social proof headline is incredibly effective.

With a dark blue call to action standing out from the white, simple page background, it’s immediately clear what users should do once they read this landing page. To add the ultimate offer, there’s even a 60-day free trial for all new user registrations.



Most landing pages focus on encouraging users to sign up for low-investment online applications or services. Avvo, an online legal assistance website, lets users research and compare different lawyers prior to receiving legal counsel.

Since it’s selling a much more expensive service – legal assistance – Avvo is focused on building trust with its users. It uses a straightforward, trust-building white and blue colour scheme to present a reliable, trustworthy image to new users.

Instead of encouraging people to sign up immediately, Avvo’s landing page focuses on sending its users to internal pages offering assistance and advice. After they get further into the website, they’re prompted to create their own accounts.

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08 offers a very simple, very useful service: stylish, interactive charts designed for web developers and entrepreneurs. Since its service is simple, its landing page uses simple design and marketing principles to encourage new users to register.

The headline is focused and straightforward, telling users exactly what has to offer. The subheading expands further on the product’s benefits, telling users what they can expect from the software.

Finally, the call to action stands out from the background and immediately tells new users what to do. When it comes to simple, straightforward design, it’s hard to beat this basic yet highly effective landing page.

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Whether you’re going for the clean and simple look or building something a little bit more complicated, the examples about should provide excellent inspiration for your own landing page.

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