kinds of bacteriaBacteria are so particular in their morphological and cellular characteristics that they are placed into their own kingdom. They have similarities to other kingdoms of organisms, such as viruses, but they are truly unique. Bacteria are single celled organisms that are actually responsible for a number of lethal diseases that people are subject to, but they are also helpful in keeping people alive.

Bacteria can be a fascinating thing to learn about. If you truly want to get some information on Bacteria, you should check out the Udemy course Introduction to Biology, which teaches you about this organism and what it does in the world around us.

The Good Types of Bacteria 

People tend to easily forget that bacteria can be helpful. In fact, right now your body is filled with hundreds of thousands of bacteria. These bacteria colonize your body and prevent pathogenic or harmful elements from taking over. This is just the basic function of these bacteria, but their operations extend far beyond this.

This form of bacteria is used to prevent illnesses such as diarrhea. Today we find it fortified in our yogurt, milk, ice cream, and other dairy products. Yes, it is in fact true that your favorite yogurt and dairy treats are riddled with bacteria.

This just goes to show that what you eat has a lot more in it than you can possibly imagine. Don’t be afraid though, as a lot of these bacteria are designed to help your body not hurt. If you want a scientific opinion on what you should eat, check out the Udemy course, What to Eat? An Eater’s Guide to Health.

This form of bacteria is found in various locations within your body, such as your intestine and oral cavities. It is used to prevent the overgrowth of other small organisms, such as harmful bacteria in your body. This bacterium is also used to boost your immunity, which keeps your body protected from foreign forces.

Found in the intestine, this bacterium is used in both animals and humans as a way to help your food get broken down and digested. It also can be consumed in order to lessen the symptoms of a person experiencing constipation.

Just like many of the other forms of bacteria found on this list, these bacteria can be found in your dairy products. This is a form of bacterium that is very resistant. In fact, these bacteria can withstand temperatures of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The purpose of this bacterium is to improve how your gut functions and with its high level of resistance to extreme conditions, it helps improves your immunity as well.

Harmful Types of Bacteria

If you get sick often, you can blame bacteria for that. Along with viruses, bacteria are terrible little organisms that can cause a lot of problems your body, depending on their type. The most unfortunate thing about them is that you can’t even see it coming, but you just suddenly find out one day that you’re sick. Even worse is that bacteria varies greatly, and you will find out that there several types of doctors that specialize in one form of bacteria treatment or another.

The following bacteria are some of the worst perpetrators of causing your sickness. If you want to stay healthy more often though, there are remedies for that. The Udemy course The Perfect Health teaches you how to live a longer and healthier disease free life.

Previously there was a form of streptococcus that was good for you, but this one isn’t so helpful. Streptococcus Pyogenes is what causes those sore throats and skin infections on your body. These things can seem mild, and in most situations they are, but these infections can easily get worse. Once this form of bacteria reaches the blood stream, it can actually cause a life threatening condition.

You may recognize this form of bacteria, as it was a hot button issue in the news at one point. If you don’t recognize it, you may be able to recognize its more common name, E. Coli. This form of bacteria can cause diarrhea, but it can get worse and lead to bloody diarrhea and in extreme cases shock to your circulatory system.

Salmonella is nothing to ignore. This bacterium is the cause of typhoid fever. Unlike a lot of the bacteria we have mentioned before, this particular type has a high association with death. Once infected, the person may experience vomiting, fever, dehydration, and bloody diarrhea, and if not treated soon, the person could easily succumb to death within a short amount of time.

Also simply referred to as cholera, this bacteria is usually ingested into the body when a person eats food that hasn’t been properly cooked or made in very poor and unsanitary conditions. When cholera outbreak occurs, the bacteria can become incredibly harmful. Cholera alone is linked to the death of hundreds upon thousands of people.

The final harmful bacteria on this list are Enteritis Salmonella. It’s a common type of bacteria that is associated with the food poisoning you may receive at any given point in time in your life. It’s usually not serious, but it can quickly become a deadly type of poisoning. It can be controlled with antibiotics and support to your circulatory system, but if not dealt with you can experience dehydration, diarrhea, and shock to your circulatory system.

Staying Healthy

Bacteria should never be considered a good or bad thing. In nature, bacteria is just an organism that happens to exist – sometimes inside your body. Just like people, you will find forms of bacteria that can do your body good, and forms of bacteria that can do your body harm.

If you stay healthy and vigilant though, most harmful bacteria will be nothing to worry about. If you want to learn how to stay healthy and change your life, try the Udemy course Seeds 4 Change: A Path to Health and Healing.

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