Karmic Relationships

karmic relationshipsHave you ever had one of those relationships where you just feel like you’ve known one another for a very long time, or that your souls are connected in some way? Relationships that seem familiar to or a recurring type of relationship is often called a Karmic relationship. Everyone on our path is there to teach us a valuable lesson, either that lesson is related to a previous journey in our soul that needs to be ratified in some way, or it’s a lesson that needs to be faced in our current journey.

The Definition of Karma

Hinduism, Buddhism. action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation or/
fate; destiny. Synonyms: predestination, predetermination, lot, kismet.

A karmic relationship can be both a positive or negative experience. It may toggle between the two depending on its purpose in your life. Some people may get confused into thinking a karmic relationship is a soulmate relationship, because of the nature of its intensity. However, there is a major difference however between karmic relationships and soul mates. A soulmate is a well matched partner that walk a life path with you and be a friend or a lover. A karmic relationship often brings up something within ourselves that needs healing, forgiveness and growth. They often invoke deep or heavy emotion and mirrors of opportunity for evolution of your soul. So how do you know if someone in your life is attached to a karmic situation or past life experience? How can you identify between the intensity of a soulmate and the intensity of a karmic relationship? There are a few ways to identify whether or not you’re caught up in a karmic relationship and how to deal with it, so that it’s for the positive/benefit of your heart and soul.

Identifying Karmic Relationships

How do you know when someone in your life meets the criteria of a karmic relationship? Below are a few signs that a person may be a karmic lesson:

  • There’s an instant sense of familiarity. You have a sense of recognition even when you’ve just met one another
  • There’s intensity within the relationship. This could be positive or negative, it could also flip between both extremes
  • There’s a deep emotional, physical and spiritual connection
  • It’s difficult to leave the relationship, even when things are troublesome out of a desire to have a resolution or closure.
  • The relationship tends to trump all other relationships. It’s the dominant factor in all plans
  • You know each other’s hot spots. The karmic relationship often brings up a charge in your when certain buttons are pressed
  • The connection is usually fast, reckless and unexplainable
  • You’re able to communicate openly in a way that may take years of trust and time to gain in other relationships
  • There’s a magnetic force between the two people
  • At times the relationship has been described as intoxicating or addicting
  • You find that you do things you wouldn’t in other relationships; go outside your own moral compass, ignore your instinct, let friendships go to the wayside in lieu of the relationship, etc.
  • You feel like you’re in a series of roller-coaster rides

If you’ve been shaking your head while reading this, you- like most people, have experienced or are experiencing a karmic relationship. So why must we go through such heavy and intense experiences with another soul? Karmic relationships are certainly not a representation of how relationships as a whole should be. While there is intensity, or fighting that happens in any average relationship, a karmic one is meant to teach you something. When this type of relationship becomes overpowering, controlling, or energetically draining it’s time to move forward by acknowledging it’s negative influence in your life.

Breaking Patterns

Once you’ve identified a relationship as a karmic one how can you go on and learn the lesson or break the cycle? It can be painful to walk away from someone who you have deep love for, whether that be a friend or lover- but for both parties, you are learning hard and valuable life lessons. Here are a few ways to breakaway from negative karmic relationships:

  • Identify the drains that the Karmic relationship has created in your life, what are you losing; money, time, energy, friends, health, etc. Begin by first, emotionally stating you are reading to detach from the cycle and close the drain. Karmic relationships are emotional vampires and they will take all that you have if you give it to them.
  • Start with willingness to leave. Without willingness, the lesson after the karmic relationship can’t set in and give us clarity
  • Meditate on clearing out any binds between the two of you, either past, present or future. See the ties in your minds eye and cut them so you can be free from your entanglement.
  • Be willing to face yourself. It isn’t always the other person in the relationship making it a negative one. Both people are learning a lesson and until you can recognize where you may have contributed something in a negative way, or where you can grow in your next relationship, you won’t be able to break the karmic bond.
  • Accept change into your heart. Without accepting a karmic relationship and the lessons it’s giving you, you’ll continue having the same experience wearing different coats.

How to Identify a Soulmate

Here’s a few ways to recognize a soulmate relationship, while it’s also magnetic and intense the lean is more on the positive side of light and positivity.

  • There’s a deep connection that has a sense of ease and peace attached to it
  • Undeniable trust in one another
  • They give you a feeling of being heard and understood
  • They feel like a support system rather than a force of opposition
  • You share similar desires and interests
  • You have a solid friendship
  • Your spirit feels uplifted and encouraged
  • You don’t feel restricted, belittled, or shrunken
  • You feel like you walk alongside one another, as opposed to in-front of or behind
  • You make one another a priority but also take care of your own personal, spiritual and physical needs.

How to Deal the Next Time Around

Once you’ve cleared out all of the energy from a karmic relationship that has bogged you down and had you wrapped up, it’s time to clear the path for new energy to fill it’s place. If you don’t allow the lessons from the first (or second, or third) karmic relationship to sink in, you’ll likely end up in the same place again. Before you do that, give yourself time to learn the lesson.

  • Acknowledge similar patterns. Does this new person bring up any red flags that are similar to your last experience? Do they make you feel the same types of feelings? Do you find yourself falling into bad patterns when you’re around them?
  • Love vs. Lust: if you’re ready for a soulmate relationship, you may not experience the same lightening bolt that you experienced in the karmic relationship. Just because it’s intense doesn’t mean that it’s right, or good.
  • Communicate your needs. In karmic relationships it’s easy to feel steamrolled or incapable of communicating what your hearts desires are, because they’re entangled so deeply with someone else’s. From the beginning of a new relationship, speak your wishes and expectations up front. Otherwise it’s easy to get swept away and lose yourself.
  • Don’t let gold dust get in your eyes. Love can certainly be blind and it’s easy to go back to familiar people that remind you of your last ex, or best friend that hurt you- but remember not to glorify a part of their personality that seems fun, sexy, or intriguing when you’ve already learned the lesson from it.

At the end of the day, it’s important to keep in mind that if you don’t learn the lesson once, it will come back around and you’ll be forced to learn it again. Most importantly, always follow your inner compass and voice. Karmic relationships press all of your buttons and it’s your job to learn how to deal with those buttons, how to honor yourself, and how to take responsibility for the negative or harmful actions you may have taken as a result of your karmic relationships. Once you claim ownership over your pain, or missteps you’re able to grow and move forward with a clean slate.