Justice Tarot: How Your Decisions Influence Your Fate

justice tarotThe divination ritual of using tarot cards to read someone’s past, present, and future has been popular for about three hundred years, and is still widely practiced, even in this day of pessimism where most people enjoy debunking rituals like this. The 78-card Tarot deck contains four different suits (wands, cups, swords, and circles), and each card has its own specific meaning which changes slightly depending on its position when spread out on the table, as well as what other cards accompany it, resulting in a nuanced, multi-tiered reading for the person being read.

Today, our discussion revolves around the Justice Card of the tarot, which is found in the Major Arcana suit. The Justice Card represents concepts of cause and effect, as well as karma, and is promising for those who have acted honestly and morally, but indicates bad luck for those who have acted immorally. If you’d like to learn more about this ritual, this article on reading Tarot with playing cards will introduce you to Tarot without having to buy a deck, and this course on the stories behind all the cards will show you the meanings behind the Tarot deck.

All About the Justice Tarot Card

Let’s begin our discussion of the Justice Card by describing its appearance. Justice always takes the form of a woman, sometimes seated, other times standing. Other aspects of the card may change, as well, such as her dress, her crown, and the pillars surrounding her, but some always remain. For instance, she is always carrying a scale in her left, intuitive, hand that is evenly balanced, to represent opposing arguments, and in her right hand, a double-edged sword, which cuts impartially both ways, and represents the finality of your decisions. Also, in all depictions of Justice, she is blindfolded, indicating objectivity, and that her decision is fair and she will be unswayed by prejudice.

Justice is ruled in the zodiac by Libra, and the card number is either 8 or 11, depending on what type of deck is being used. Its location in the Major Arcana suit indicates that Justice is part of the path to spiritual self-awareness, and that it holds a very meaningful lesson. The imagery found in these Major Arcana cards can be found spread throughout the major religions of the world, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, and Judaism among others. If you’re curious about the more ethereal parts of life, this course on how to be spiritual will help you find your inner guru.

Justice in the Past, Present, and Future Positions

As you may already know, the meaning of the Tarot card drawn for you extends far beyond its face value, and takes into account its positioning, which is either past,present, or future. Justice in the past is telling you that a major decision you made a long time ago, such as marriage, divorce, having children, etc., is responsible for your current situation. Justice says that your decision was a conscious effort on your part to sever your past, but she doesn’t say whether it was a good decision or a bad one, simply that it provided a complete break from whatever opportunities life was offering you beforehand.

In the present position, Justice indicates that an important decision is needed from you at this time in your life. Like the past position, there is no indication as to the nature of this decision, or even if it’s big or small, but simply that whatever you end up deciding on will be irreversible, and it will provide a foundation for your future endeavors.

Justice in the future position tells you that something that’s currently happening in your life will force you to make a decision sometime in the future, and it will be a big influence on your life. It’s unclear as to how significant the decision will be at the time, but down the line, it will eventually play a large part in your life.

Justice Applied to Different Aspects of Your Life 

Not only can Tarot cards offer up information on your life in general, but they can also be applied to more specific aspects of it.

  • Work: Justice wants you to to ensure that work and life are properly balanced with each other, because too much focus on one could throw the other into an imbalance. Once a balance has been struck between the two, you will then be able to thrive in both.
  • Love: The appearance of justice in the world of love indicates that you and your long-time partner are likely to part ways soon. However, for the single people who draw Justice, love may be coming their way, and if they’re clear about what you desire in a relationship, the sooner they are likely to find it.
  • Finances: If you find the Justice card, it’s a good time for games of chance, because some money is coming your way. Even if you’re not a gambler, expect an unexpected financial gain.
  • Health: Going back to the balance in your life, Justice urges you to live in the moment, practice moderation, and live sensibly and healthy. If a new health challenge has presented itself, you should think about how to add that to the scales of life and still maintain a balance.
  • Spirituality: Here, you are urged to keep your perspective on life, as well as to stay centered and grounded. Coming back to the theme of balance, Justice says to stay connected to the Earth, as well as your fellow man.

Justice Combinations

In the spread of Tarot cards, they come into contact with other cards, which influence their message, adding nuance and richness to the experience. Here are a few Justice combinations that slightly alter its meaning.

  • Justice with the Magician warns you that someone is trying to mislead your decision making, and to be careful.
  • When paired with the High Priestess, Justice urges you to ask advice from a close friend, as this will prove helpful.

Justice is just one of the many influential cards found in the world of Tarot. Like many divination rituals, their power is proportional to the belief you put into it, and many do believe in it. If you happen to be one of the believers, and would like to make money doing Tarot, this course on becoming a professional Tarot reader from scratch, and this course on mastering Tarot for profit will help get your Tarot career started.