Justice Card: Always Remain Impartial

justice cardThe Justice card probably brings up some pretty noble thoughts and imagery for most people during tarot readings. There’s nothing quite as righteous as the fairness and impartiality we relate to the word. If this applies to you, you’re already halfway there when it comes to understanding the Justice card’s meaning. But you still need to explore its more subtle nuances and how they apply to the life of you or the person you’re reading for.

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The image of Justice sits before a purple cloth draped between two grey pillars, which represent compassion and the limitations of the physical plane respectively. She wears a crown with a square jewel embedded in the front, signifying her organized way of thinking. In her right hand, a double-edged sword embodies impartiality, while the scales in her left tell of the importance of relying on both logic and intuition.


How the Justice card is drawn and positioned during the reading can play a surprisingly large role in how it’s interpreted. The direction it’s facing in relation to the reader can lend it a completely different meaning and significance. Here’s a breakdown of how the two positions vary.

  • Upright

The Justice card contains strong elements of truth. Remaining honest in your own words and actions will help you recognize it in the people you meet. Know what you are dealing with and rely on only the facts of the situation. The card’s focus on balance is similar in some ways to the Temperance tarot, which you can read more about here.

Working together with other people will always make things easier on everyone. Butting heads will just make your goals harder to reach. The Justice tarot brings attention to the necessity to work within the rules and inspire cooperation through fairness.

The Justice tarot also plays a huge role in our decision making process. First of all, it reminds us of the lasting effects our choices can have. The path you pick today will make itself known in both the immediate and distant future. But that doesn’t mean you can’t turn said future around with another thoughtful decision.

It also helps erase any doubts about the moments when it’s important that we make a choice, address a problem, or analyze a situation. There’s also a good chance you’re involved with the courts or other legal matters in some way. The decision needed may not even be yours to make, so be sure to look at the matter for what it is. Perhaps your part is simply to trust another person’s judgement. Whatever the circumstance, exercise your restraint and impartiality in the matter.

  • Upside Down

Representing nearly the polar opposite of the upright Justice tarot, the card laid in a reversed position may be calling you to relax and let the chips fall where they may. Don’t be so hard on yourself, always analyzing every decision and situation in such detail. Sometimes there is no right decision and we have to be open-minded about how we approach a particular choice.

The downright Justice card can appear when you’re being untruthful. Maybe you’re not owning up to your mistakes and failing to realize some hidden aspect that’s keeping you from understanding your situation. Perhaps you’re letting your judgement be clouded and lose the balance that’s so important. Pay attention to where you could be holding people in your life to an unfair standard.

Returning to the legal aspect we touched on in the last section, your case may not have turned out the way you wanted. This could leave you feeling disillusioned or questioning why things didn’t work out in your favor. Take a step back and analyze your own thoughts and actions. If you’ve made an effort to do the right thing, your only choice may be to accept things as they are and let their reasoning reveal itself with time.

Relating to Life

That’s all fine and good but knowing what the card means on a basic level doesn’t mean much if you don’t know how it relates to your life. Here are some ways the Justice tarot can help guide you through whatever situation you’re facing.

  • Work & Finances

Analyze your work life and make sure you’re not giving it an unbalanced amount of attention compared to your personal life and vice versa. You should be focused on both equally and dedicating time to each. All work and no play is just as imbalanced as if things are the other way around.

Your finances may also be due for a boost in a much needed way. This may be the time when that money you’d written off finally comes around or you manage a lucky gambling win. Just keep the lessons of the Justice tarot in mind when spending it.

  • Love

The Justice tarot card can mean two very different things regarding your love life. It all comes down to your relationship status. If you and your significant other are on the rocks or doubting how much longer you can keep it together, the final split may be coming soon. On the other hand, singles may be on the verge of getting into a long-term relationship of their own.

  • Health

Keeping with its theme of balance, the Justice tarot is trying to imprint these same practices on your health. Be aware of when you’re overindulging or even abstaining from something too much when it comes to your livelihood. If your health’s been a problem recently it’s even more important for you to seek to re-balance your lifestyle.

What Else Is There?

That about covers the basics of the Justice tarot. If you’re looking to dig deeper into this card and others, make sure to check out this great course here that will get you covered. There’s definitely plenty more to learn, like how the Justice card’s meaning changes in combination with other cards and when in your time line it pops up. For those of you who want to develop your skills as a reader into a way to make real money, this well-reviewed course is definitely a huge step in the right direction.