jquerytimelineThe timeline has been incredibly popular since Facebook implemented it into their website a few years ago. It features a way for people to go through time and it highlights important events for them as well. Creating a jQuery timeline is easy, and it can have a lot of features that are similar to the timelines that you find on other websites. For example, in addition to highlighting special moments in a person’s life, you can also highlight historical events that happened at the same time. This would be a great addition to a historical or informational website.

There are also plugins you can download to help make the timeline creating process easy. You can implement one into your website with very little hassle.  Timelines have become important in the Internet today, and Facebook is a clear example of it. Check out this course Facebook Timeline Pages for Business to learn about the difference between a professionally made timeline and a casual one.

Enhancing Your JQuery Web Development Experience

JQuery can easily be expanded upon with plugins and additional programs. You aren’t limited by your browser, operating system, or any other preferences when you’re creating your web pages through jQuery, you can make whatever suits you the best.

The most beneficial thing about this JavaScript library is the plugins that can be added to it. This puts extra resources on top of large library that you are already given, and it helps make developing web pages easier, especially particular aspects of it like your timeline.

Your plugins can have a huge impact on what you develop and it can give you specific additional features in the realm of design and animation. There’s the potential to drastically change the appearance of your website using plugins and coding a unique jQuery web layout while only using a few lines of code.

Since jQuery is open source, and anyone can create plugins for the library, you won’t have to look too hard to find a plugin to help you create your web page.

Timeline with Configurator

This timeline plugin gives you the ability to show your job and academic experience, as well as other important moments in your life on a simple background. This could be a great and creative way to make a resume` and demonstrate your skills through the page you created. The biggest benefit of this plugin is that you don’t have to know any programming to create it; you can do everything with a few simple clicks of a button.

JQuery Tweet Feed Plugin

Based on the social networking site Twitter, this plugin keeps everything to a minimum, but allows you to display a twitter timeline on your website. The most impressive aspect of this plugin is that it happens live. If you want, you can just stop at one line of code and the plugin will be ready to work, but you can also configure it with more detail.

JQuery Timeline Slider

A slider is one of the most notable aspects of a modern website today. There are many popular webpages that make use of sliders in various ways, and this plugin gives you a slider that automatically runs through important events in your life. You can create your own history and decide what important moments you want to share with everyone.

This plugin relies on the jQuery library and its cross-platform so you don’t have to worry about limitations that come with creating it on a certain OS.

If you want to learn more about cross-platform plugins and how you can fully utilize jQuery, which includes expanding on the plugins you download, check out the Ajax, jQuery and JSON for Beginning Web Developers course on Udemy, which covers all of the need to know information for a web developer who is just starting out.

JQuery Responsive Timeline

This vertical timeline plugin has the potential to look very reminiscent of the Facebook timeline that has everyone’s attention. You can place cool pictures and photos on this timeline for people to view at their leisure. The key thing about this timeline though is how responsive it is. The timeline can be viewed on mobile devices and it does so while being responsive.

This plugin is specifically designed to help make creating for mobile devices easier, but you can learn how to do that through jQuery yourself. The Learning jQuery Mobile for Beginners Course provided by Udemy gives you the basics on how to create web pages that are responsive for mobile devices, and how to make them adapt to the different screens and specifications that are found on tablets and phones.

Content Timeline

This particular timeline is very powerful and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s responsive and it works best when you want to display organized content. You can break things down to a daily basis over a period of months, and it’s fully customizable. You can use pictures, videos, and navigation tools to your liking, and with the API functions that cover a wide range, you can get started quickly.

Finding a JQuery Timeline That’s Best for Your Web Page

It can be hard to find a Timeline that fits right into your website. You may want something that is simple and off to the side or a timeline that is animated and covers the entire page. You can get something like the timelines mentioned above or something more dynamic, such as the lateral on-scroll sliding with jQuery timeline that slides across the screen and gives you a moving timeline that goes at a pace that you specify.

No matter what plugin you choose for your timeline, you can always expand on it with a strong understanding of JavaScript and jQuery. If you need to learn more about the two, Check out this Udemy course Master jQuery and JavaScript.

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