jquerytexteffectsSince jQuery was released in 2006, people all over have been finding ways to make the JavaScript library even more capable when it comes to reducing the amount of code you have to write for webpages. The framework has hundreds upon hundreds of plugins to help modify the program and give you more tools at your disposal. One type of plugin that is really popular is the text effects plugin.

JQuery is free and open source, making it possible for people all over the world to easily create plugins for the program whenever they want. There are text effects plugins that come with unique fonts and others that have animations embedded into them to make the text more interactive for readers.

Check out this course JQuery UI in Depth to learn about some of the things you can do with jQuery in terms of web design and creating a user interface with your new found text effects.

JQuery Plugins

JQuery has many advantages as a JavaScript framework. Its versatility allows you to make dynamic webpages that are interactive and enjoyable. You can always do more with jQuery, and you can do it by writing less. Scripting for an entire website can be a difficult task that can take days, weeks, and depending on how difficult and intricate you want it to be months. Even when you write all of those lines of code, you still have to make sure that everything works properly, which takes even more time.

JQuery uses the JavaScript library to cut down on this, but what makes it even better are the plugins. The plugins are created by users like you, and they are designed to help make it easier for you to create certain things on your webpage. If you want a specific slider or text effects, you can probably find a plugin for it.

The plugins range in size and usability. There are those that simply help you organize content and others that allow you to fully create a mobile website.

JQuery Text Effects

Being one of the best JavaScript libraries that we have at our disposal today, there are few limitations that jQuery has. You can direct your creativity into animation and text effects that range from the simple to incredible and eye catching.

These text effects can be activated through scrolling; hovering over pages with your mouse, etc. and you can download them as plugins to easily start using them in your jQuery framework. There are several plugins to choose from, and you can easily find tutorials on how to use them to the best of their abilities.

There are countless lists out there that feature the best text effect plugins available online, and many of them feature direct links to the text effects and instructions on how you can download and utilize them for your webpage.

If you want, you can even create your own text effects. Check out this Learn Motion 5 Text Effects course, which teaches you all about creating text effects in a step by step course, where you will learn how to make certain effects that will really standout to your users.

If you would rather download text effects as a plugin, there are many that can help make your website more dynamic without being distracting or deterring people from your webpage. These are just a few plugins that people love to implement into their websites and projects.

Words Rotator Plugin

Words Rotator plugin has simple text elements effects that, such as the name suggests causes your words to rotate. You can also combine this plugin with CSS3 effects for rotation. The plugin has additional features as well. For example, you can set it so that animations stop when a person places a mouse over it and words can be rotated when being clicked on.


This plugin adds in several libraries to give you the ability to animate your text. You can make your text rotate, move across the screen, and even simulate falling down. This is a fun plugin if you want to do a lot of animating with the text on your webpage.

If you want to learn how to make projects with plugins and other aspects of jQuery, check out this course on Mastering JavaScript & jQuery to help you learn the advanced techniques needed to create compelling webpages.

Advantages of Text Effects and JQuery

It can’t be stressed enough how advantageous it is for you to learn about some of the many of the text effects plugins out there. They can help make any webpage standout and be more responsive to user input. The animations and font techniques that you use can bring more people to your webpage.

Using jQuery and its plugins to create effects for your webpage may seem like a difficult task, but it can be achieved easily with the right training. Even if you’re just a beginner in JavaScript, you can still start learning how to design webpages that fit your unique since of style. Check out the Learn JavaScript and JQuery from Scratch course to get started on using one of the greatest and most versatile frameworks available to people on the Internet today.

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