jquery scrollbarJQuery is designed to make it easier to use JavaScript. It wraps many lines of Java code into methods that can be called with a single line of code. JQuery library offers the following functionalities- HTML/DOM manipulation, CSS manipulation, HTML event methods, effects and animations, AJAX and utilities. jQuery has plugins for almost any task conceivable. Today we introduce you to the jQuery scrollbar plugins. This is an intermediate tutorial on jQuery.  We assume that you have basic working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, if these terms sound like Greek and Latin, we suggest that you first go through our basic course that shows how HTML, CSS and Javascript come together to make webpages. If you’re already familiar with these, you may want to jump ahead to our jQuery course for beginners.

A scrollbar is a vertical or horizontal bar located on the far right or bottom of a window. Scrollbars enable you to move the window viewing area up, down, left or right. To scroll you need to use a mouse or keyboard. There is a wide variety of imaginative, user friendly, smooth and easily navigable scrollbars – all ready to use as jQuery plugins.  You can can choose one of the existing jQuery scroll bar plugins or create your own customized plugins. We’ll walk you through some of the best and most popular jQuery scrollbar plugins.


Nicescroll is a jQuery plugin for stylish scroll bars on desktop and smartphones. This plugin is compatible with all desktop browsers. It’s also compatible with mobile devices like Ipad, iPhone iPod, Android, Blackberry and more. Nicescroll is also compatible with all touch devices. It has a very simple installation and activation process. This plugin does not require any kind of modification to the existing code. It offers support for hardware accelerated scroll. It is compatible with jQuery UI, jQuery touch and jQuery Mobile. It boasts of a super smooth scroll with customizable speeds. It leverages the animation frame for a smoothest and CPU-saving scrolling. Nicescroll has a zoom-in feature which is simple to use and which displays the selected content in full screen mode.

Tiny Scrollbar

This is an elegant plugin that enables scrolling of content on both mobile and desktop devices. It’s a lightweight and dynamic widget. Tiny scrollbar does not require any other external libraries like jQuery UI. This plugin is easily customizable and can scroll vertically or horizontally. Fittingly its supports scrolling by wheel, thumb, track or touch. Its update function can handle asynchronous content changes. Both IOS and Android are supported. The size of the track and thumb can be set either to auto or to a fixed number. Finally, this useful plugin supports normal scrolling and mobile style invert scrolling.


This useful jQuery plugin was created by Kevin Luck. At times it is very convenient to hide the scrollbar on a website and display it only when the user needs it. jScrollPane allows you to do that easily. The scrollbar will appear when you scroll through the content and it disappears after a predefined time when you stop. The scrollbar will not be hidden if you’re hovering over the content. For instance, the real-time activity feed in Facebook.


This is a truly magical jQuery plugin.  It gives you the ability to use the scrollbar like a progress bar. You can call functions upon hitting certain scroll positions. It is possible to create an infinitely scrolling page. ScrollMagic plugin allows you to easily add a parallax effect to your website. The advantages of using ScrollMagic include event management, support for both scroll directions, convenience for responsive web design, optimized performance, mobile compatibility and more.


 jQwidgets is compatible with a wide range of touch and mobiles devices.  This plugin contains a framework that automatically detects the device type, capabilities and browser version. The framework directs the internal behavior for optimal rendering and best user experience. Among the major, desktop and mobile browser supported are Safari, Opera Mobile, Android, IE Mobile, Google Chrome, IE 7.0+ Firefox 2.0 and Opera 9.0+. These plugins are designed from scratch and share a powerful core. The framework supports widget extensions and inheritance, widget settings, internal event handling and routing, property change notifications, device and browser compatibility detection and adjustments. These widgets are small in size, modular and are built keeping performance in mind. Individual widgets can be loaded on demand to save memory. Each and every widget is optimized for optimal user experience across all platforms.

jQuery Plugin to Style Scrollbars

This plugin gives you the ability to style vertical scrollbars using both images and color. It’s cross browser compatible. In case your browser doesn’t offer jQuery support, this plugin puts the default scrollbar of a browser in place. Additionally, if you include the mouse wheel plugin to your website, then the scroll wheel of your mouse will also work.

RollBar Plugin

This plugin replaces conventional browser scrollbars and customize them to fit perfectly in all website designs. It can even create slideshows with external controls. RollBar offers other features such as response to custom jQuery events, recognize touch events on Android scale according to window size and more. It’s tailor-made for sites which have to dynamically adapt to diverse software and hardware. RollBar offers both vertical and horizontal scroll modes. It has 15 configuration options and scroll callback functions that enable you to customize your scrollbar, whichever way you want.

 You can browse through many of these plugins and evaluate which is the best one for your unique needs.  We have a course that can help you better understand JQuery UI Widgets, that you may want to check out. If you’re specifically designing for mobile websites, you may want to learn JQuery Mobile instead, with this course. Don’t forget to have fun while you’re learning!

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