jquery datagridTables are generally used to store and display data. For example, MS Excel, is a spreadsheet software which helps to manipulate data in various ways (you can learn more about Excel in this course). Data manipulation includes the ability to sort, arrange, edit and filter the data.

In this intermediate tutorial, we look at how a jQuery plugin can help you to access and manipulate data in your programs. We assume that you have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you’re new to the concept of jQuery, we suggest that you go through this beginners course on HTML and JavaScript first. 

What is Datagrid?

Generally, JavaScript is used to transform a normal table to a form. This is analogous to an “Excel-like” layout along with a set of features to load, manipulate and view data and is called datagrid layout. A datagrid is a set of services which gives you the capability to access, modify and transfer very large amount of geographically distributed data. As with other aspects of jQuery there’s a large range of useful and sophisticated data grid plugins. We’ll first walk you through what you should look for in a good jQuery datagrid plugin.

Features to Look for in a jQuery Datagrid Plugins

Based on these features, we’ll walk you through some of the prominent data grid plugins we’ve reviewed

GridView Plugin

GridView is a jQuery data grid plugin which offers a host of useful and innovative features. The ones that stand out are

  1. Local data- Here the plugin is loaded from local array data
  2. Xml Data- Data is loaded from a local XML data or using AJAX request.
  3.  JSON Data- Here the plugin is loaded from either a local JSON string or using Ajax request.
  4.  CSV(Character Separated Values) and TSV (Tab Separated Values)Data- The plugin is loaded with data either from a CSV data source or TSV data source.
  5. Virtual Data- Data is loaded on demand when the end-users scroll or change the current page.


This is a jQuery grid plugin which supports all browsers. You can create a virtual matrix using this plugin. It’s has easy options to configure many type of grid layouts such as flexible layouts, Pinterest like layouts, nested grid layouts and metro style layouts. You can also add in CSS3 animation effects and callback events. The customizable parameters for the datagrid include the width or height of a container and the width of a cell unit. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this grid plugin.

 Faster access to important data helps save time, effort and money. A good datagrid plugin will help you do exactly that!  This 1 hour jQuery course should help you get on your way. And if you’re working primarily on mobile platforms, you may want to focus on jQuery Mobile, like we do in this course.

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